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 #11379  by Louis Hadley
Location: WADA Dance Studio • Date: April 2022

"Oh I would love to come, but I have a dinner with my family," Louis explained.

As soon as Lidia had called the end of rehearsal the young girl had approached the piano to ask him if he would go out with her the following Saturday. Louis wasn't sure if it was one of those flirtatious moments Lidia claimed to witness from the girls every now and then, but he was certainly glad to have an excuse to refuse the girl's invitation.

He and Lidia had been seeing each other for the past two months. Of course, it was a very limited version of seeing each other as they were not to be seen in public nor had the woman been inclined to let him do anything to her other than kissing her, but nevertheless the young man was completely devoted to her. What had once been obliviousness regarding young women's interest had now turned into complete blindness due to lack of interest.

"Yes, maybe next time. I'll see you tomorrow." He said as the obviously disappointed young woman left the studio. Finally alone with Lidia, he stood from behind the piano. "It wasn't bad. I think we should able to do the full sequence by next week."
 #11420  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Watch Louis Hadley navigate her rather open and risque dancer was quite the education. Before she and Louis had embarked on their affair, the situations her young lover found himself in were quite hilarious but now that humor had increased tenfold. Knowing that she was the reason as to why Louis was turning down offers left, right and center was particularly gratifying. The boy tried his damn hardest to remain polite while letting them down gently so that no ones feelings were hurt, and he also seemed be worried about what she herself would think. Lidia had yet to tell him that she wasn't worried about because it had become something akin to a tradition; How long would it take for Louis Hadley to talk his way out of yet another sexual proposition. Today it had taken under five minutes, his best yet.

Lidia had watched today's attempt from her messy studio desk with one leg raised so that it rested between her desk and chest and the other tucked neatly beneath herself. Papers littered the surface in front of her, not that that was anything new, and a muggle pencil kept her hair twisted into a tight bun. She watched Louis interact with one of her dancers from the corner of her eye, but once the girl disappeared, Lidia turned her head to gaze at him openly.

"Dinner with you family, hmm?" She teased, not even bothering to acknowledge his observation of today's practice.
 #11423  by Louis Hadley
"Well yes, my mothers are welcoming the Duke of someplace or other." The young man fiddled with the top button of his robes. "And after we have late rehearsals." He smiled confidently, something he seemed to be able to do more and more when talking with Lidia.

Late rehearsal had quickly become his usual excuse for leaving after dinner and coming home late. He used it so often that eventually his mothers had stopped asking. "Perhaps soon we could even have overnight rehearsal." He made sure the studio's door was closed before he made his way to her side of the desk.
 #11426  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Pretending to think on it for a moment, Lidia tapped her fingers against her knee as she leaned against her leg heavily, her mouth twisting into a semi purse of the lips.

"Won't your mothers worry when you aren't there to join them for breakfast," She asked, her gaze moving from Louis to her desk as she feigned disinterest.
 #11427  by Louis Hadley
"Not if I warn them of my absence," Louis answered as his hands rested on her shoulders. He could easily pretend that he was spending the night at a friend's. He started massaging her shoulders.

Crouching so his head would be next to hers he whispered. "Let me spend the night with you."
 #11473  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Lidia nodded her head slowly in understanding, “Ah,” she sounded as she reached for a piece of paper. She peered at it as Louis placed his hands on her shoulders and spoke softly into her ear.

As per usual, Lidia was very tempted to say yes and invite the boy back to her home but as with the last few months, the blonde Ballet Master found something was holding her back. She had enjoyed every single kiss they had shared and whenever they parted ways, she was always left craving more but taking the next step seemed like an impossible feat. Jude said it was because she was afraid the boy was going to “rock her world” but that wasn’t it at all. It had been fifteen years since she’d last been with someone sexually and it had been her gay husband. It had been a drunken mistake in both their parts but Sasha had come out of it and she could never regret it. Never.

So why was she so nervous to sleep with Louis? Lack of experience, plain and simple. What would the boy do when he found out how horrible she was in bed? The Ukraine born woman exuded confidence in every other aspect of her life so what would happen when she fell flat in this area? She didn’t know but she had a few horrible, horrible ideas.

Instead of telling Louis all this however, Lidia chuckled forcefully as she pushed the anxiety that broke out back down, deep inside herself, “Is that a question or a demand?”
 #11492  by Louis Hadley
"A special request." He replied as his lips brushed against her neck. Despite being a young man with vivid-young-man-needs Louis had been nothing, but patient regarding Lidia's limits. He was growing frustrated and was a bit more insistent than he had been, but judging by her playful rebuttals he had yet to cross a line she had set.

"Please?" He added charmingly.
 #11506  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Breathing in through her nose, Lidia lowered her leg slowly and sucked in her bottom lip. How was she to turn down Louis today? He had been nothing but charming and sweet all day and now he was setting her skin on fire.

"Soon," Lidia whispered before clearing her throat and trying again, but louder, "Soon Louis, I promise. I just don't want to...rush into anything."
 #11512  by Louis Hadley
"Rush?" He had to chuckle here. It might have been symptomatic of all the stories he heard from young men his age, each one of them eager to talk about the latest women they had bedded, but Louis knew Lidia was holding him to some glacial pace.

He kissed her cheek. How much longer could he wait? He went to lean on her desk, right next to her. "Are you hungry? We could go for a bite." It wasn't an unreasonable demand, they worked together on a project, it would hardly be a scandal if they were seen in public together.
 #11544  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Hearing Louis chuckle in response to her request, Lidia refused to let the boys eagerness nor his subtle disappointment effect her. If Lidia wasn't ready, than the boy would just have to deal with it. She just hoped she wouldn't have to make him wait forever, for both their sakes.

"I am hungry actually," She responded, her gaze flicking upwards as the aspiring writer took a seat on the edge of her desk. "But I just want to finish going over these forms. Give me a few minutes, and then we can find somewhere to eat."
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The young man nodded. He gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze before he made his way back to the piano. He started playing a piece on which he had been working for the past week. A piece that reminded of spring and winter, a piece about him and his lover.
 #11615  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Fifteen minutes later, after Louis had played a song she didn't recognize and then three she did, Lidia set down her pen and then stood. She stretched out her back, then her shoulders before disappearing into the office she hardly ever used, preferring to be in the same room as her students at all times. She slipped out of her black ballet slippers, and into her beige Mary Janes, then grabbed her knit shawl that she wrapped around her shoulders.

"Are you ready?" She asked Louis as she came to stand next to him at the piano.
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"I am." He answered despite playing the last few notes of the song he had been playing. Once the song was done he took his side bag and placed it carefully on his shoulder. His fingers drumming against the bag strap he looked at Lidia. "Do you have a preference?" They had never really gone out in public since Lidia's husband had given them his stamp of approval. While Louis knew it wouldn't look like anything more than a shared meal between colleagues he couldn't help, but feel slightly nervous.