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The lights in the club were popping as people danced, Prue watching them as her cold eyes scanned the room for prey. She'd take anyone. She was hungry and she didn't care who fancied being empty of blood. Drakes words, his last words had hit her hard. Guess I really lost you...So...he had loved her. He was just scared, not that she knew what that was at the moment. She sipped her drink, as the barkeep on shift tried to talk to her. It was a new hire who seemed a little too chatty.
"your job isn't to annoy the guest." She gripped, the help shutting up as he went back to his job.

She took another sip, tapping her boots on the floor of the club. Her silk dress framing her perfect size two with ease as the lights danced on her face. She finished it and ordered another one, the guy making it as fast as he could and adding it halfway with blood to appease her. She sighed as she watched everyone having a good time, no cute men here tonight.
"Hey, what happened to all the cute guys?" She asked the barkeep who bowed his head and said she didn't know.

"Well, that's boring." She chuckled and stood up from the bar, entering the dancefloor and hitting the private area that was open to the public due to it being a party night. But it got her out of the crowd. She leaned back, taking her drink and setting it on the table as she stretched her arms out like the queen she felt like. She loved not caring.
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Lilith couldn't believe she was actually here. She was in a club. A club with loud music blaring and people behaving like muggle teens. What was she doing here?

Research, she told herself. She was doing research. That night with the vampires had affected her. And it wasn't the fight with whoever the other vampires had been. No, Lilith wasn't all that concerned over Prudence destroying another of her kind. It was seeing that witch willfully allowing Genesis to drain her blood at the club. And being annoyed that he had been interrupted. Did people really do that?

She had finally decided she was going to find out. So the blonde had gotten up the courage to go back out to a club -- not the one from before, but a more known one. She wasn't dressed like she was working at the Ministry, but she definitely didn't fit in. Her navy blue dress and black cape were nothing like the risque outfits of many clubgoers. But she had done her best. She didn't have anything like what many of these partying guests were wearing.

She hadn't seen any vampires or anything like what she wanted, and she was getting tired of being pushed around on the floor so she pushed her way past the dancers and into what seemed like some kind of private area. She moved toward a table, just wanting to catch her breath when she suddenly saw it was occupied.
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She was chatting up the guy who had come up to talk to her, getting close and flirting ...her fingers on his legs as she went up with them when she saw the girl out of the corner of her dark eyes. Her fangs went back in her mouth as she shoved the guy off, not really feeling like she wanted to give this girl the jolly of seeing her do her thing.
"Sorry honey. Another time." She smirked. She leaned back in the seat again after picking up her drink, her pale fingers lingering on the glass as it went to her lips.

She downed it and leaned forward crossing her legs, as the silk material slid across her pale legs. If this girl wanted Genesis, she was out of luck. Genesis was off with Shiro, playing house. Something that bored her at the moment. She sighed as she put the drink down.

"If you're looking for Genesis baby doll...He's busy with his new child." She said dryly. Lilith wasn't a cute boy, and she was quiet...plain. Speaking of which...she was finally out of her ministry gear.
"But it's nice to see, you figured out the Ministry get up wasn't really working for you. But I really need to take you shopping...That dress just isn't going to do it." She smirked.
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Lilith had taken a step away from the occupied table when she saw it was Prudence and a man she didn't know. The way the female vampire fobbed off the guy suggested it wasn't really anyone Prudence knew either. Lilith was still surprised how openly these vampires operated in some of the clubs. She wondered if the Ministry knew about it, but she didn't really care.

"I wasn't really looking for anyone in particular," the blonde said to Prudence, moving closer, but not sitting down. This was true. She would have preferred, in fact, not to be recognized by any of newfound acquaintances. "Just a . . . night out." She smiled insincerely.

But she did blush a bit at the comment about her dress. While it was tight, it was long and definitely not as revealing as anything she'd seen Prudence in. It stood out from the other partygoers as well. "This was the closest thing I had for this kind of outing. It's a dress from a graduation ball. I haven't worn it in a while." She sighed. "I'm not sure our tastes are the same," she said dryly. Although if Lilith didn't want to stand out in places like this, it wouldn't have hurt to have at least a few outfits for it. "I do seem to keep ending up in, um, your kind of places lately."
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When she was in the mood to make herself amused, she didn't need to know them. Plus, what they were doing was perfectly legal...as long as the person wanted it done to them. It only became illegal when the person was forced into it, not that she wouldn't do such a thing with her current mindset...but that was beyond the point. Seeing as this was owned by her Coven it was also a common thing, though where Genesis did it...she was assuming it was not. Not that she cared.

It was obvious this girl had not had a night out since the last era, going off of her dress. It was also obvious she had run into Prue on her way into a random nightclub, Prue found it ironic it was the one she worked in. As a man walked over and put another free drink on her table she waved him off- keeping the drink. She'd tuned out most of what the girl was saying as she took another sip of her drink.
"Are you saying there is something wrong with how I dress?" She said with a raised eyebrow.

Sighing she stood up, making a seat with yet another sigh.
"There are ways to get what you want. This is my way, put it with my obvious manipulative personality...It's a gold mine." She mused. "Do you not like getting what you want?" She asked with a hint of amusement.
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Even in the private area, Lilith found the noise of the club to be distracting. It was hard to imagine people coming here for fun. The blonde wasn't the kind of person that acknowledged different tastes very easily, finding it difficult to acknowledge that anyone could have an opinion different than her own. But being in places like this was starting to change her outlook.

"Wrong?" she said absently, her gaze distracted by seeing a witch even younger than herself walking by barely clothed. "No, I guess not wrong. It's just so . . . brazen." She turned back toward Prudence.

"Oh, I definitely like to get what I want," she said. "Are you saying dressing like that helps?"
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She smirked as the girl mentioned her style was brazen and did notice the women walk by that was even wearing less than her...much less Lilith. There was an art to this, She did it classy- in her mind. She'd show a little belly, cleavage even a lot of leg. But never...never would she show as much as that girl who just walked by. The boy's needed something to undress.
"It might be brazen, but living stuck in a ministry suit...Is way too uptight darling." She said simply.

She nodded,
"Partly- You need to know how to...use people's personalities to get what you want as well. " She said honestly. Normally she wouldn't just come outright and say that. She'd be slicker. But she right now didn't care. She also didn't do that with family, maybe friends at the moment but normally not even them. Random people who had what she wanted? Fair play no matter what her mindset was.
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The blonde couldn't really argue with anything Prudence said. She didn't put a lot of effort into how she dressed and she never thought much of what other people might be noticing or not noticing. She sort of assumed everyone found her dress neat and her over all appearance attractive, but she never made much of an effort into making sure that was true.

She sighed. "I try to wear comfortable things to the Ministry," she said. "And I just keep wearing them when I'm not there. The truth is that I miss the uniforms at school. That was just so much easier. No thought required at all."

She was much more interested in what Prudence said next. "I would love to be able to, um, convince other people to do what I want." She purposefully didn't say "make" (which for her meant the imperius curse) or "manipulate". But the truth was that she was interested in the latter. And what she had seen, vampire Prudence seemed to be good at it.
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She rose an eyebrow, looking at the girl as if she had three heads. The girl didn't care about how she looked? This girl was sounding like her brother...now she knew why they got along so well.
"You and Mark...Need some help." She simply said. "One needs to care about how they present themselves." She sighed.

She leaned forward with a smirk on her face, putting her hands in one another as the silk fell forwards a little bit on her lets.
"I can teach you...if you give me a good reason, or bribe me." She said, seeing that's how Shiro even got her to accept helping the girl on this sad mission to help find this girls sister.
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The blonde absently smiled back. She wasn't too sure that they would have the same definitions of what it meant to care about appearance. Still, it was possible she could learn something from Prudence.

"I'm not going to bribe you," Lilith said, suppressing a small giggle. "But I wouldn't mind hearing your opinions. Options are always good. And I don't know a lot about this kind of dress. And I'm sure you would be an excellent teacher." Lilith was trying to "bribe" Prudence with a bit of flattery. She wasn't all that invested in whether the other girl helped her or not, but she was enjoying the quieter conversation here than roaming the louder parts of the club.
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She leaned back, smirk replaced with an annoyed look as the woman seemed like she was wanting to play the dancing game. Oh no, this was a very poor attempt. She smirked, her mind switching from girl who didn't get her way to a 'plaything'. She would create a mini her, together they could terrorize the town. It would at least give her amusement if nothing else. No one else was playing with her.

She stood up, circling around her. Looking her over,
"That hair needs some highlights, a little light brown would be perfect...that dress...don't get me started." She took her hands with her perfectly manicured ones.
"These need fixed, though not the worst I've seen." She said. "those heels are need updated, but they're not totally hoffiying. " She stood back. "What size are you?" She asked.
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Lilith listened to Prudence's critique. She was a bit stunned at the criticism of her hair. Didn't everyone prefer blondes? That was always her impression. But before she could argue back, the vampire had moved on to other things, talking about her dress (which she couldn't really argue about) or her shoes (again, no real defense).

"Oh, size," Lilith had to think for a second. "Four, I think. Yes, I think I'm a four. It's the height that is sometimes a problem. I'm too tall for some things." Her mother had always procured Lilith's clothes when she was at Hogwarts and then magically altered them. Lilith wasn't as good at those housekeeping type of spells so had been buying what few things she did buy off the rack.
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She blinked, looking at her for a second as her mind worked in overdrive. She was a perfect size two...which was too small for Lilith. She pondered how this could work, she had some clothes in the breakroom...clothes she really didn't care about. They were last season but still pretty ok looking for the public. Next season they would not an option to her...so why not pass them down rather than tossing them? Thing is they were still too small- 'Wait a minute...' She thought to reach for her wand when she remembered...oh right. This sucked.
"I have some clothes, they'll need to be magically resized...but- follow me. I'll also teach you the spell to color your hair, it's a must." She said motioning to the door that led to the break room.
"Shiro actually taught me one of them...Did you know he recently decided to his albinoism? He used spells to change his eye and hair color." She had been shocked about that...and about the fact Shiro was able to tell her a fashion spell. Obviously, she'd gotten Mark to do it for her when she wanted it done.
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Lilith followed behind Prudence, still a bit in a daze at all the advice. She wanted to learn a bit more about making her appearance into an assets, but she also didn't want to go too far too fast. She was pretty sure she wasn't going to be all that comfortable with every recommendation.

"I can try to magically resize clothes," she said. "Household spells aren't really my forte. If you want clothes completely disintegrated or to burst into flames, I'm quite good at that," she giggled half-heartedly.

"I guess he changed his appearance so he did't stand out so much?" she asked. "He was very distinctive looking. Not very covert I guess."
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Burning her clothes...would not do, they would work till next season which meant they still had at least a little value in them...Yeah, that was not going to work. She sighed and directed Lilith to her mini closet.
"Choose what you might like. I'll be back." She said heading to the door before pausing. "I think he's quite cute, myself...but he's smoking hot now." Another thing Prue would not openly admit seeing as Shiro was one to fear. She'd think it obviously but knowing Shiro she normally wouldn't be saying it.

Walking in Mark's office where he was working she pulled him out, his glasses about coming off. He knew the spells and how to do them. He could pull it off. she ignored his gruntled comments as they went.