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 #7783  by Jaime Reyes
Location: Constellation Plaza • Date: June 20, 2002

Jaime had arrived early to the mall. He and his boyfriend had agreed to meet just before supper a date. Despite them having been in a relationship for a few months shy of a year, tonight was going to be their first official date. The only times the two had ever hung out alone, they had just been lounging around the house, usually Jaime's. And according to his (extensive) knowledge of shows and books, that usually wasn't considered an actual date. After dinner they were, hopefully, going to see the new movie in the theatre. He had come early to pick up a small gift to celebrate their first date.

Once he had found what he had been looking for and bought it, Jaime made his way to the food court to sit and wait for his date to arrive.
 #7784  by Zeke Warren
Zeke had a skip to his step as he walked into the mall. It had been a long time coming, and he was greatly looking forward to this date. Even though he felt like he already knew Jaime so well, it was nice that they were going out together. He had only ever been on one other date before, but that had been with a girl, and at this point he didn't count that.

As he approached the food court, he looked out for the familiar face. Zeke had tried to ensure they had come to the mall on a day when he was positive his uncle wouldn't be there, and was certain he wouldn't run into anyone he knew. His sisters were all at different activities, his dad was at a conference, and his mother was visiting her sister. His uncle was out of town, and Anthony had closed the shop early. Benji was at college. Everything would be okay.

"Hey there," he said cheerfully, almost going in to hug Jaime before awkwardly hesitating. They hadn't spent much time together in public, and he wasn't sure how they should be acting.
 #7900  by Jaime Reyes
Once his eyes spotted the familiar face of Zeke, his eyes lit up. He stood up from the chair than he had been seated in, so that the other boy would be able to spot him easier. He had hopes that no one would try to take his table while he wasn't seated. Considering the recent purchase was still on the table, he figured he would be safe. That, and the food court wasn't too busy yet.

When the other stopped before giving him a hug, he had to do his best to hide his disappointment. Thoughts of how this was a new development to their relationship that brought new social expectations filled his mind to help him brighten up again. Plus, maybe hugging wasn't a thing that was done on first dates.
 #7905  by Zeke Warren
After all his people watching, Zeke was getting pretty good at reading people. He noticed almost immediately that Jaime was disappointed, and tried to think of ways to fix it. After a moment's thought, he had it. Zeke reached out, taking Jaime's hand and squeezing it. "Hi," he repeated, glancing down at the table where the small package lay. "What's that?" he asked, curious.
 #7909  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime flashed a smile and squeezed the other's hand in return. "Heya, how are you?" When asked about the bag on the table, Jaime looked over his shoulder at it. "Oh that? It's just a little something I picked up for you. Partly because this is our first date, and partly because we are nearing a year of knowing each other." He grabbed the bag and handed it to Zeke. "You can open it now, if you want."
 #7916  by Zeke Warren
Zeke was sure he was wearing the same goofy grin his sister said he was wearing every time he happened to be thinking about Jaime. He had tried a number of explanations, but was sure nothing had worked. It didn't matter, though, if Jaime saw the grin. Jaime was allowed to see the grin. "I'm great, you?" he said, linking their fingers together before looking back at the bag. His jaw dropped and he felt the back of his neck grow warm. "J... you didn't have to... I didn't get anything for you, and..." he stammered off, letting go of his boyfriend's hand and taking the bag, reaching in and pulling out whatever was inside.
 #8444  by Jaime Reyes
Seeing Zeke have the most adorable grin on his face filled Jaime back up with all the joy he had had minutes ago. "I'm awesome. In all the ways." He smirked, then turned his body a bit so that he could face both his boyfriend and the table with the bag. "Hey, it was nothing really. I just like buying gifts and figured you may need a shiny new pen to write with at work. Besides, if you really want to make it up to me, I like popcorn. With lots of salt."
 #8449  by Zeke Warren
Zeke beamed as he pulled out the pen. "You're a dork," he said, looking at him in adoration. "An adorable, awesome dork," he said, throwing caution to the wind and reaching out, pulling the other boy in for a hug. "Thank you so much," he breathed, pulling away and putting the pen back in the gift bag. "So. Dinner?" Now he was slipping back into his normal awkward state.
 #8455  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime watched the other boy open the gift with a twinkle in his eyes. Everything his boyfriend did filled him with warmth. "I got to make a living somehow, and being a dork is what I'm best at." He winked, wrapping his arms around the other. Before the two pulled apart, he gave the other a small kiss on the cheek, hoping it wouldn't throw him off too much. "Dinner, yes." He looked around the food court. "I vote for... My favourite burger place."
 #8990  by Zeke Warren
Zeke felt a warm, fuzzy feeling spread throughout him at the kiss on his cheek. He smiled, following Jaime's gaze around the wide open space. "Like I didn't see that coming," he teased, taking hold of his boyfriend's hand again and starting to walk towards said burger place. "Have you eaten anywhere else since you arrived in Chicago?" he asked, laughing. When they reached the place, he stood in line. "Though you're not wrong, this place is pretty amazing."
 #9567  by Jaime Reyes
Lacing his fingers with the other boy's, Jaime playfully bumped into him. "I'm guessing you're not counting home-cooked meals. I have though. You, me and Luc went to that one place before we kidnapped you, remember?" He looked up at the menu once they were in line. "You can choose what I order though, if you want to see me eat something else from this fabulous establishment." He stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend.
 #9574  by Zeke Warren
Zeke grinned, thinking back on the memory of being kidnapped from his home and dragged out to the Chinese restaurant with Jaime and his overly bright and sunny best friend. "Okay, okay, I concede. You're right," he said, bumping him right back in the shoulder.

"I get to choose what you order, hm?" He stared up at the menu, thinking. When it was their turn to order, he made sure to order Jaime's absolute favourite burger, as well as a veggie burger. Zeke arched his eyebrow at Jaime, barely able to contain his smirk.
 #9626  by Jaime Reyes
There were a couple items on the menu that, admittedly, scared Jaime a bit. It came as a bit of a surprise to him when Zeke ordered pretty normal items, as a result. He raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend. "What you up to, Z?" He tilted his head. Maybe he was going to ask for super hot sauce, or combine both burgers, or... something.
 #9681  by Zeke Warren
Zeke merely gave a small smirk in response. He knew Jaime loved eating beef burgers, so he had ordered the veggie burger especially for him. Then again, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to hold out much beyond simply setting the burger in front of him. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said, taking the tray with their food and walking back to the table. "I'm hardly the scheming type, you know that."

When they sat, he picked up Jaime's favourite burger, then put it back down before picking up the veggie burger and setting it in front of his boyfriend. "There you go!"
 #9690  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime nodded. "True, you're too sweet to be evil. That's part of why I like you so much." As they walked back to the table, he had a small skip to his step, ready to enjoy some tasty burgers.

He eyed the veggie burger when it was placed in front of him. "How did you know I always wanted to try a burger with no meat in it? Did my sisters tell you? I told them that in private." He stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend before picking up the veggie burger and sniffing it. "Mmm."