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 #6203  by Maki
The halls of hogwarts were strange to him, the children of slytherin were annoying to him. Hed met the slytherin pack, they had given him the same inventation as Harry Potter....without the chosen one speech included of coarse. But tjey had gotten the same responce. He was going to kill Yoru, and he meant that. Sadly he didnt know hed never get the chance.

As the time ticked on and on and the common room got less and less shiro kept working. He jumped a little when a hand was placed on his shoulders.

He raised an eyebrow, that reaction wasn't normal. But it also wasn't his problem. He gave the boy his famous glare and went to speak,
"Curfew has already...past? Mr. Takayama I suggest you go to bed." The mans words hummed into the dark room. Shiro nodded and packed up the work he was working on.


That morning/shiro:

He was late, oh was he so late. Normally he wouldn't care however it was DADA and he had this strange feeling it was important. He ran through the halls, making it just in time for the clock to make him just on time.
 #6207  by Eridanus
Barty Junior

It was an awful start. Not only did Pettigrew bring bad news the day before, but Moody started climbing out of the trunk yet again, and the ingredients for the polijuice were also running low.
He grumpily threw a mouldy bread into the trunk, locked the lid, and gulped down his first dose of disguise. Then he attached the wooden replacement where, in his own body, the left leg would be. The eye replacement? At least it was useful. He could keep his eye on the real Alastor Moody while in class. That was fun.
(All right, not fun, but at least ironic. He hated the old auror with passion.)

And, perhaps being paranoid was a side effect of the disguise. There were students from two other schools, which already had the potential of messing his lord's plans up, but what was worse, Igor Karkaroff came along with the Durmstrang team. He had 1, known the young Crouch well enough, 2, already sold out several death eaters after their lord's downfall. He was the most dangerous element of the game, one Barty had to avoid without raising suspicions.
But maybe paying too much attention to Karkaroff would also distract him from another threat...? Damn, impersonating a paranoid wizard really took its toll on the deatheater's mind...
 #6211  by Eridanus
Young Barty Crouch kept staring at the new albino boy in his class (there was something unnerwing about him, apart from his appearance, he looked like he was half a vampire) then he kept catching himself staring, and averting his gaze. Even the real Moody would reprimand him for not looking for danger anywhere else.
He just made it through the lesson. What was odd with that boy?
He needed a bit of reassurance that his camouflage was intact. Absent-mindedly he took another sip from his flask, and only realized too late that he took twice as much of the Moody-flavoured polijuice as he should have. There was no problem with overdosing, per se, but if he kept drinking up his potion this fast, the reserves would run out too soon.
Reserves, he grinned. The juice he had been using since the term started was from the real auror's own shelves. Paranoid as he was, Moody not only had blank polijuice in his home, he even had a sortiment of body samples for various scenarios. There were eyelashes from a muggle photo model, tiny bits of skin from oversea outlaws, a bit-off finger of a magizoologist... There was even some feathers, with the proper reversing potions because polijuice is not for turning into animals normally. Crouch was wondering if he should leave a piece of his own father in that wicked collection.

The class he'd had class with, now moved to Potions. Crouch escorted them to the dungeon room, seemingly because he was so engaged in telling the curious kids more about the Lavalin fire beast. In fact, he just wanted to refill his stock of polijuice ingredients. With Moody's magical eye, he checked the cupboards: just like in Horace Slughorn's time, the dried and frozen materials were stored alphabetically. Going through the second shelf, he spotted boomslang. Easy enough, he thought as he opened the door.
And walked straight into a sleepy Severus Snape.
 #6215  by Maki

He watched the man while trying to translate the book, while Mahou taught in English the books were more simplified as most of the students knew only basic English. He looked up every now and then only to notice the flask.
'Tokei o nomu...' He noted looking around the class he saw the gryffindors staring, probably wondering if he was too young for this class....great.

They were soon directed out, shiro making sure to not be right behind the man. He smelled and had been staring at him. Both things un-nerved him. He watched, as mad eye talked... But did notice his hands more interested in the potions. He knew all about this topic. It bored him. Mad-eyes hands didn't. Maybe he wasn't paranoid.

He had just gotten done getting ready for his students when he walked into hos potions room. Only to run into mad-eye, the man talking about the Lavalin fire beast.
"Don't you have your own...classroom, Mr. Moody?" He sneered. He wanted DADA, everyone knew that. If the man wanted to switch topics he was all for it. If not? His classroom wasn't the place to teach.

He saw the kids behind him. All seemed to be interested other than one.
"If you cant keep them interested in your classroom I do not think mine is going to fix your problem. And that vile would be of no use in your class?" He said his eyes on the albino while pointing out Moody wasn't slick.

The.nerve. if he wasn't a 'student' snape would have been flown into his collections instead of having them taken from. He said nothing, his face just as blank as it was before the comment was said.

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 #6220  by Eridanus
That was just brilliant, Barty growled to himself. Just what ELSE was he supposed to bear with? His lord had BETTER reward him for all he has to endure here. Perhaps it would get easier after a while.... And he definitely should ask for Pettigrew to get the potion ingredients by owl mail, stealing from Snape seemed more dangerous than he had initially thought. The man was only away from his den when he was chasing Gryffindor sleepwalkers on the corridors. Maybe, there was an idea... Not Potter, but somebody else whose trust he didn't need, could be used to lure him away?

He marched back to his own classroom, lost in thoughts. Snape was a known occlumens, and quite a good one. It would be hard to put him under Imperius. But Barty was running out of other options far too quickly...
 #6230  by Maki

The kids watched the man say nothing, at least outwardly. They didn't know the thoughts in his head or what he was planning. Neither did Snape whos sneer turned into a smirk as the man gumbled under his breath and scurried out. The file was placed back.

Then reality set in on the fact the man had just....left the kids? Shiro thought that odd. Very odd. Until he looked at the clock in snales room. It was time for potions. Great.

"Well sit down, would you?!" He snapped. This would be a long lesson for him indeed..he went up to the front and told them which Chapter to take out.

No dismissal? That was weird, normally a teacher offcially ends the case vocally instead of dragging them to the next class ti puck up a potion and huffing as he left?Now he knew he wasnt him being paranoid...he just had no proof. He couldn't be 100% sure yet. But he knew something wasn't right.
 #6232  by Eridanus
The fake Alastor Moody spent the rest of the day trying to leave a very Moody impression while the real one had been locked away with only the mouldy bread for company. In what little light he had in the travel trunk (and with the only eye he had left) he cleared most of the greenish stuff off the product, and tried to convince himself to eat.
He had to eat, he had to keep himself together. He had to fight. One day he would climb out of here, he told himself. By giving up, he would only facilitate his unknown captor's (and, consequently, Voldemort's) work, and that, he was unwilling to do. He would not break, he decided.

One oddity about the Imperius he had never believed until he'd experienced on himself: he had no idea who was keeping him imcarcerated. For almost a week he had believed it's the vicious murderer Sirius Black, but never had he heard that familiar, dry, barking-like laughter. It was a much weaker voice, a more sinister one, not the sound of Voldemort's second-in-command. But he had a horribly strong will, suppressing the old auror's own determination like heavy rain takes out a feeble candle light. He was unable to shield his own mind from him, and what's worse, he couldn't even hope for help on the outside. His latest student, a metamorphmagus girl, was away on her own Auror business. The others wouldn't lok for him, because he had always been a loner. To everybody else, the impostor was good enough. It hurt how easily the criminal had replaced him.

Meanwhile the other Alastor Moody had finished his lessons for the day and took a broom ride to Hogsmeade for a security check-up. (Only, he didn't need to worry about deatheaters tracking him, rather, about aurors and a really vicious Sirius Black. Wormtail had warned him that the white sheep of the Black family was an animagus. ) While he was there, he grabbed an owl order catalogue, and, to keep up his disguise, had immediately ordered the newest model dark detectors the company had on hand.

On his way back, he took a few extra turns.
Just as he suspected, there was at least one dementor in the forest. Even on the broom, he could feel the icy cold creeping up his spine, he had to struggle to sit straight. Either it was two or three of the beasts, or it was closer than Barty thought.
He had to avoid the creatures. Not only because he could never handle their presence, but also because the real Mad-Eye could.
On his hurry back to the castle, who else would he run into, if not ---
 #6233  by Maki

Hevhad been making his rounds...making sure each and every child was asleep along with the other house professors. They had just finished, Snape finishing last and being the last to head to his private rooms when he ran into MadEye. This man was making himself a problem to Mr. Snape and this time Snape was going to make a point of Making it known.
"In a hurry Mr. Moody?" He sneered.
 #6243  by Maki
Funny... Severus had not seen one gryffindor out tonight. But they had slipped out before, he nodded curtly.
"Very well. All the students seem to be in, I suggest you get to your private rooms like the rest of us. Class comes early." He said curtly.

It was the speed that caught Severus off guard. Mad eye wasn't one to be trying to get put of tje forest at that speed? He shook his head and entered his private rooms.
 #6245  by Eridanus
Now that his excuse of patrolling was accepted, the fake Moody walked back to his room with his magical eye alert for rulebreakers for real. It wouldn't look good if there was a Gryffindor running around, would it? He'd be the first to be questioned.
And just as he placed the wooden leg and the magical eye on the nightstand (oh, the pleasure of having two own eyes! Two legs!!! ) he spotted motion through the window. Opening it, he found the most suspicious sight. The albino boy, one he'd suspect of anything, and one very easy to spot and identify even in the pale moonlight, was trotting by the lake, towards the Forbidden Forest. From the looks of him, he was alone, and he quite seemed to know where he was headed to.

It would be best if he just got forever lost, Barty mused. He pointed his wand (his own wand, not Moody's) at the boy, focusing on the spell and at his aim. The kid was looking back time to time, but he never looked up at the seventh floor room windows... He won't have time to correct the mistake, Bartemius decided. Then he cast his favorite transfiguration spell.
 #6246  by Maki
Someone....was obviously onto him. His cursed inwardly as he ran full speed on....four legs. Yes. Shiro Takayama was on four.bloody.legs. he used his now smaller body to hide in the grass as he almost flew to the heading towards the coldness once again.

He stopped in His tracks, noting that the dementor was a lot bigger in this form. He sent a memory. mad eye drinking in class, mad eye picking up the vile in class and last but not least....him getting turned into a bloody ferret. he was fuming.

Part of him didn't care if he earned his mahou white robes for an unforgivable curse.
 #6247  by Eridanus
Madeye, the dementor took in a breath. No way. Mad-eye Moody would never get intoxicated willingly, he's far too untrusting to let his guards drop. There was something very wrong....
The dementor glided closer, not caring about the discomfort he was causing to the younger wizard. He bent down and picked up the boy from the ground - his body felt smaller, furrier, and it was all imprinted with the magic of the stolen prisoner. The dementor didn't know exactly what sort of spell was used (not an Unforgiveable, those he would recognize) but taking magic out of something or someone was quite within his capabilities.
He took one deep breath, swallowing the magic from around the wizard. Then he placed the now shivering human back on the grass.
You might be expetiencing a lack of your magic, he explained casually. It will be back in a few hours. I will stay nearby.

He had never used this sort of power, but he'd heard from other dementors who did: it was natural that for a while, the wizard's mark in the tisue of magic would be gone. At the moment, he couldn't even feel his emotions, although they surely were there.
But he did feel the magic and the emotions of the target, the wizard now running down the castle stairs, worried that the ferret had seen too much and somehow will be able to contact the staff eventually.

Barty Crouch Junior, now in his own form with only a hasty disillusionment charm on him, sprinted to the field where the transfiguration had hit the young Slytherin. He was expecting to see a white ferret, maybe confused and agressive, but unable to do more harm than try and bite the wizard.
Instead, he found an albino boy who had lost his magic temporarily.
 #6248  by Maki
Shivering, cold...all things that were a blast from the past. Those cold nights on the floor, this was nothing. At least he was human, but without magic he was also a very open target. Who had done it...had it been mad eye? was mad eye an imposter.

He nodded to the dementor,
thank you. he sent back, hand already on his knife. Not for the dementor but he also sensed something coming.
"Expecting to find something else?" He asked.
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