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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: Chicago • Date: January 2002

Too furious to apparate, Elyse had flooed back to her town house in Chicago. How dare the party try to intervene in her personal life? And more insulting was the fact that they had done so through the intermediary of one of the party's donator. They hadn't even sent someone from the party!

The congresswoman stepped out of her immaculate fireplace, shrugged off her cloak and left it in a pool on the floor. She went straight into her home office, not because she needed to work, but because it was the closest liquor cabinet. She grabbed the first bottle she could put her hand on and filled a glass.

How dare they?!



"Fuck!" She yelled before she flung the glass at the wall using her full strength.
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Viktoria heard the floo go from where she sat in the dining room of Elyse's house surrounded by swatches and color palettes. She had taken a long weekend, choosing to spend her weekend in Chicago with her lover and a day to herself before heading home after dinner. The two woman still tried to see as much of each other as possible, but it was rare now days to spend a more than twenty-four hours with each other at one time so the German was making the most of it.

Elyse had arrived home earlier than expected though, so she was ready to give her a little bit of time before taking over her night, but when the sound of glass hitting the wall and smashing sounded from the blondes office, Viktoria was immediately up and out of her chair headed towards the commotion. Taking a step into the room, she looked at her obviously very upset girlfriend and then the pieces of glass scattered near the door, to the now torn wallpaper and back to Elyse, "Elyse? What is wrong?"
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Having totally forgotten that Viktoria would be waiting for her, the congresswoman cursed once more when she heard footsteps heading towards her.

Furious for having been foolish enough to let someone witness her such a state Elyse considered the intruder with anger taking over her features before she answered the woman's question. "Nothing of concern to you!" She spat the answer as if her lover had been the source of her anguish.

She clenched her jaw, her hands framing her head in a second of head splitting frustration before her fisted hands fell back to her side. She closed her eyes. She deserved this, she truly did, she had made her bed and now she had to lay in it all alone unable to discuss it with the one person who truly was concerned with the problem before her. Why had she thought it a good idea to try to plan their coming out without discussing it with Viktoria first? Was she suddenly turning into her ex-husband? The partner who would always value their own aspirations more than Viktoria's? No... She had done this to protect Viktoria from the tedious process it would be.

Without another word she started picking the glass and putting in in a nearby bin. "I'll be out in a few minutes." She explained dismissively.
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Going rigid at Elyse’s words, Viktoria stared wide eyed at her girlfriend, her mouth opening before she thought better of it and snapped it closed quickly. Something had obviously upset the blonde, but Viktoria was not about to let her get away with taking it out on her.

She was already crouching down next to the congresswoman when she dismissed her verbally, the words glancing off her back like she hadn’t even heard them, “Elyse, you’re upset but please don’t ruin our last day together. Just tell me what’s the matter.”
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Elyse let Viktoria's words sit with her as she quickly picked up the pieces of glass. Viktoria was right, it would be foolish to tarnish the little time they spent together, but Elyse just couldn't let the anger go. The more she kept quiet to more it festered.

Had she been too quick to convince herself that she had kept Viktoria out of it to protect her? There had been other motives. Quietly, but quite voraciously Elyse had started to aspire for greater political power. A coming out well done could have given her exposure that she could have used to boost her image, making her one of the prominent figures of the party.

Still frustrated and tensed she threw the pieces of glass she had picked up in the bin. "I would rather not discuss it." She finally spoke before she waved her wand to clean up the remainder of the mess.
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Oh, so apparently Elyse was going to play difficult, well if that was the case than Viktoria wasn't going to push the issue. If Elyse wanted to act like a child and suddenly start bottling her emotions like they hadn't promised not to, the designer would let her do so alone.

"Well, if that's the case, I think I'll head home. I don't want to spend my last day off in silence while you quietly stew over something." Standing, Viktoria wiped her hands on her pants and left the room.
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Elyse didn't hold her back or call after her, she didn't mention how angry it made her to see her walk away. Instead she headed towards her bedroom and started undressing so she could put something more suited for a work out, if Viktoria was leaving then she would need to channel her anger into something other than a fight.

She ignored the brunette who was quickly putting things into the small travel bag she had brought. They both had a lot of their belongings in each other's homes, making it easy for them to go from one home to the other, but there was always a few odd things they had to bring; a report from work, a special set of lingerie...

She walked into her large closet to change, using the moment of privacy to let her emotions settle; anger quickly turning to a overwhelming sense of disappointment in herself. She had made a mistake and soon enough it would all come to a head. What if the party chose to leak the news? She had to warn Viktoria.

She walked back into the room, looked at the bed they had shared the night before and then at the woman who had unjustly received the brunt of her anger. "The party knows about us and they're pressuring me to keep it quiet."
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Viktoria was waving a wand about the room slowly, letting her travel bag pack it self as she mentally ticked off everything she had brought with her when Elyse entered the bedroom and then disappeared into her closet. It was only a few moments before the blonde reappeared however and her words had the designer jerking in her meticulous movements, "What?" She asked, dropping her hand which caused a pair of sweat pants to land near her feet.

"Who? Ava?" Viktoria turned to stare at her lover with nothing but fire in her eyes.
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Wearing fitted Capri pants and a shirt that clung to her toned turso the congresswoman walked towards the bed. “Ava knows,” she confirmed in a sigh as she sat on the edge of the bed. The Minority Leader hadn’t said as much, but thinking back on the woman’s insistence that she take a meeting with Flavia Arcuri, Elyse knew that the knowledge had reached the vicious woman's ears.

Staring straight in front of her, her mind too busy to focus on her lover, Elyse tried to make sense of everything she knew. “As you know, I’ve been dodging a meeting with Flavia Arcuri for a few weeks now.” The blonde simply refused to play with that side of politics, donors’ interests were not given more importance than any other person in her constituency. “Ava made it clear that I was to accept the meeting.” As much as Elyse pushed back against the leader; there were moments were she had to comply with the party’s demands. “It’s Arcuri who let me know how damaging my relationship would be for the party.” She finally said, her voice betraying how humiliated she was to have been submitted to such a treatment by her own political allies.
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"A Financial Analyst for Gringotts, her family has been a longtime benefactor for the party." For the benefit of this conversation that was all Viktoria needed to know about the Arcuri's money.

"I think we both know we will have to make our relationship public at a certain point, I've been looking at different possibilities for some time now." She groaned as she thought of how complicated the situation had become. "I didn't want the part involved." Fuckin'cloakers they certainly wore they name well.
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"But why didn't you discuss it with me first, because Elyse, when we agreed to do this the right way, I thought that meant talking to each other about these types of things." The designer whispered as she subconsciously shifted away from the blonde.

"This should be something we talk about together, not something you decided for yourself and then bring to me."
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"I would not have decided without talking to you!" She repeated defensively. She would have come up with a solid plan and then brought it to Viktoria. Not that it made much of a difference.

Elyse let out a long sigh, her head falling onto her hands, strands of short blonde hair poking out between her fingers. Viktoria was right of course she was, but her being so quick to point out Elyse's faults felt like a sort of betrayal.

She knew better than to let those feelings fester. She had been in Viktoria's shoes too many times to refuse to recognize her faults. "You're right. I should have known better."