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 #37258  by Zhao Cong
Smiling fondly at the the gift for a moment he turned his attention to the hallway ignoring the inn's very cautious owner. With Jiang being quite known in the area any vampire who walked through those doors probably had the same treatment, their only ticket probably being the injured man they brought with them.

It was the man halfway down the hall however who gave him the same look whom he was weary about.
"Kawazaki." He said, pausing his steps.

"Everything alright?"
 #37259  by Hiro Kawazaki
It was known fact that he wasn't a fan of vampires other than Yoru...even so he'd given Zhao a chance and only ended up regretting it as the man invited one of his friends into the image. Now he was mad, they could have taken a few vampires on the side of the mountain. They hadn't needed the other vampires help in the least...yet there he had been.

By the time Zhao had shown his lovely little face back up...he was almost red in the face.
"No, it isn't. Want to explain why one of your buddies showed up? Why he's probably now heading to Jiangs office to report not only our location but the fact were down a man? And the chances of him reporting you - if your being honest-" His temper only rising as he was stopped by the vampire he was lecturing.
 #37260  by Zhao Cong
He should have expected this, the trust already being weak...but it didn't help his mood any less to hear Kawazaki lecturing him about something even he had no control over. He had no idea that Yi Ling would appear at the end of the mountain and he'd be damned if he let himself get hanged for it. Even more so, everything the young ko-bun was saying was inaccurate. He knew Yi Ling well enough to know that he wasn't two faced. If he had wanted to act as an enemy he would have outright attacked them, men in tow.
"Yi Ling is a man of honesty. He wouldn't have come here to spy, if he had come here to take care of the problem...the problem being us he would have simply attacked. If he was here to spy, he wouldn't have showed himself." He explained.

"You need not worry about Yi Ling, but I must warn you...those mens death will be blamed on us to keep his innocents." He said moving to walk past. "Knowing him...he'll say he was somewhere else." A hand instantly stopping him.
 #37261  by Hiro Kawazaki
His hand instantly shot out and gripped onto the other man's arm with a force he was shocked he even had. Eye brimming with distrust he looked directly into the vampires eyes.
"No one can be seen as a person of honesty during a war, Zhao. You don't know what a person will do who is not on the same side as you." He warned.

"We don't care about taking blame, in fact we would have rather taken them out ourselves anyway. That's not the problem here." He hissed. "Your friend is with the enemy and thus not your friend. If you want our trust you need to learn that."
 #37262  by Zhao Cong
He laughed,
"I am so glad a human in their late 30's thinks they know people!" He said as dramatically as possible pulling his arm away.
"Kawazaki, you don't know the first thing about friends and loyalty. You've lived in your little yakuza bubble...and me? I've traveled the world and seen many people, met many people and befriended many people. I think I know a little more than you." He put the robe over his shoulders.

"Yi Ling has gotten me out of many touchy situations, never once deceived me in our 500 plus years. Think before you speak." He knew he was pushing it...he really did but he wasn't about to let Yi Ling get badmouthed.

"I am on your side, and believe it or not I think he is too."
 #37263  by Hiro Kawazaki
He growled, watching the vampires back.
"Since you want to speak out of turn to someone of much higher rank than a butler...please tell me your reasoning to thinking that one of Jiang's higher ranking officers is on our side."
 #37264  by Zhao Cong
He was two seconds away from teaching the man his place in this world, his hands turning into fists before relaxing.
"Because he risked a lot by helping you idiots out of the shadow mountain!" He shot back.

"You don't know Jiang, his army? Is precious to him, killing one of our own is a capital offense." Sighing he ran his hand through his hair.
"And he just did that to keep your selfish little butts safe." He continued walking.
 #37265  by Hiro Kawazaki
His face calmed, understanding crossing his features.
"So why is he still working for him? Why not escape with you?" He asked, honestly wanting to know. If this man wasn't an enemy, good. That meant they were safe in this inn, but that didn't explain what Zhao was saying in his defense.
 #37266  by Zhao Cong
He stopped again the tone of the other man calming down by at least ten levels allowing him to calm down for the moment.
"Because he's always been a man of title and honor, as am I...but...he's never been able to break from it even an inch. Always following orders, rules...always doing what is expected of him. That habit to hard to break." He explained, turning.
"And then there is Jiang, who is known for killing defectors and anyone who doesn't follow his ways. I took a risk by leaving, Yi Ling knows the risk and is unwilling to face it." He finished.

"He really was here to help, you can trust me on that...for what my trust is worth."
 #37267  by Hiro Kawazaki
He listened, giving the vampire his full and honest attention as he explained the other vampires personality. He was no different, loving a man who would never love him back. Following orders and focusing on rank and duty even though his husband, his boss would never see any of them as human - at least not in the sense of bonding.
"I'm sorry." He said, the words oddly not having a bad taste in his mouth.

"I'm just...-" He didn't have to finish that as the vampire piped up.
 #37268  by Zhao Cong
"Paranoid! As you should be with a 600 year old vampire hunting you and not to mention his army!" He turned his arms on the air to the sides of him.
"I get it, trust me...but trust me when I say all my years of living have taught me one thing: Not everyone is out to get you." He paused, "Only 99% of them, your little Iver included." He raised an eyebrow. "You want to attack Yi Ling when a snake is right under your nose..."
 #37269  by Hiro Kawazaki
He raised both eyebrows, the vampire looking like he was going nuts... opening his mouth he went to speak only to close it as the pale man finished.
"What do you know about her?" He demanded. "I thought you were only in China?"
 #37270  by Zhao Cong
"Oh, not much...but I know enough. I know her husbands work...I know about where Mr Takayama is sending Jiangs taken army members..." He listed what little he did know. "Don't think we dont track where our numbers go?" He asked amused.

"Look, I could care less what you do with your captors but I will say watch out working with her. She's small now...a fight club here...her husbands family running a small business there...Well not so small but trust me when I say 600 years makes much bigger profits..." He sighed, "Look my point is this, as soon as your not useful? She'll send you to the dogs if I'm right about her character."

"One Chinese general who means no harm? That alarms you? That's funny." He glared, "Let me make it more clear....take the apology and put it where the sun doesn't shine." He left into his own private room without another word.
 #37271  by Shinji Ishikawa
He was wide eyed as he watched the vampires door shut, Hiro looking just as stunned. Slowly he went from his stunned state to livid the blond hurling himself across the hall with speed he wasn't sure he even had.
'That vampire has crossed one to many lines talking Kawazaki...!' His thoughts cut off with an arm barring him from the vampires solo room.

Hiro had calmed down and was now looking tense, if not a bit worried and was there...an apologetic look mixed in there?
"Kawazaki, if you don't lower your hand right now-"
 #37272  by Hiro Kawazaki
He grit his teeth, wanting to let Ishikawa into that room but knowing that one: Ishikawa was no match for a vampire of that age alone...and he wasn't about to test the man further and two: Towards the end he had been wrong to continue baiting said vampire and third: The vampire wasn't wrong...Mrs Iver was doing them a great service, with payment needed...something needed in their world but as soon as the damns dried up just like them she could possibly no longer be an ally...but an enemy.
"I will not." He said as a fact. "You Ishikawa are third in command thus should take this arm as a warning to back off. I outrank you." He shut his eyes, taking in a deep breath.

He laughed,
"And he's not wrong...at least not about our allies." He shook his head, calming down further. "If what he said is true about Jiang, we do owe that vampire our lives...maybe its best to remain humble, at least until we know otherwise." He reasoned.