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Stories taking place in countries such as China, North Korea, India, and Indonesia as well as Australia and New Zealand.
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 #37228  by Set-mena
Location: A pub in Hokkaido • Date: March 26

Seth Moustafa was enjoying his little diversion to Japan. The people were interesting, the language was fascinating, and he definitely enjoyed the times that he got to dip over to that part of the world.

He already knew the places around town that were welcoming to vampires and had made his way to one such location. Annette was enjoying some pampering back at the luxury hotel (only the best for his girl, of course), and Seth was eager for a night out on the town.

When he arrived, it took him a moment to sort out his yen before paying for a drink. Then he settled at the bar, laughing with a couple of the other patrons and making use of his limited knowledge of the language. All in all, a good time.
 #37232  by Zhao Cong
"Refugee.." He muttered playing with a yen coin, he'd needed to get out of that house of the Yakuza before he ended up killing half of the people in it. The couple were younger vampires, he could tell by the light hearted human topics they were laughing about. It was when another voice joined them he looked over.

Set-mena....a vampire he'd met in China a few years back...guess he was now making Japan his temporary home?
"You know Me me...if you are leaving your girl to find fresh blood a vampire pub really isn't where your going to find it..." He hummed in his usual teasing tone.

He could have tried to dodge him...like he had that first night but at this point he knew that was pointless.
 #37242  by Set-mena
Seth looked up at the familiar voice, smirking when he realized who it was.

"If it isn't Zhao Cong," he said, lifting his glass. "And what makes you think I left my girl? She's getting some much needed pampering. Good thing, too, now that you're here," he added, his tone light and airy. It wasn't jealousy, of course. There wasn't a living soul that could come between him and his girl. He wouldn't pass up the opportunity for the joke, though.

"So, what have you been up to, kiddo?" He loved teasing the other about being technically younger than him, even if Seth had the younger appearance.
 #37243  by Zhao Cong
He smirked, of coarse he was spoiling her. When he was fighting for Jiangs misdoings this man was finding his soul mate, not that he was jealous...his love was unreachable, torn from him all those years due to honor and status within the ranks. It was what it was, and he'd long accepted that.
"Lucky girl, as usual." He simply said.

He scoffed a in his 'im so wounded' joking tone. Even though he was younger both men were grandfathers in society terms. The human society...and even some vampire circles who hadn't reached their age groups yet.
"Just keeping myself from killing half of the men in my new masters house." He smirked. "Humans, thinking their so grand." He shrugged. "And what brings you to the land of the rising sun? The wifes idea?" He teased.
 #37254  by Set-mena
He let out a bark of laughter, shifting on his seat. "You know it," he said, smirking and sipping his drink. "She deserves the world and I give it to her."

Seth nodded along, grateful as he always was that he answered to no one. He marched to the beat of his own drum, and no one could tell him what to do. Especially not humans. "That's why I keep telling you, my friend. Leave your master behind and do your own thing." He punctuated it with a flick of his free hand. Then, a shrug. "A joint decision, really. We've been here once or twice before," he said, laughing. "But you know me, I'll never say no to her. And you? Anyone new?"
 #37255  by Zhao Cong
He smirked,
"Well with how you talk about her...if you didn't I would be correcting you even guiding you how to treat her." He shot back with a goofy grin plastered on his face.
"You know, your partner is like a water lily, perfect and to be handled with great care." He hummed going back to his old Chinese roots for a second.

Sighing he grinned,
"You know...if I could I would...but I am pretty sure your aware of Master Jiang and his dislike of defects." He mused. "If it were just him I'd be fine...but he has that annoying army of men and all which makes it..." He sighed, "You get the point." He finished. Glad to change topics he smiled,
"So... Hokkaido is your jam then?...did I say that right?" He paused. "New world lingo really isn't my strength..." If his traditional Chinese hair said anything...he didn't like to update a lot.

Taking his drink he shrugged,
"You mean tall brooding and handsome? He's still boring and strict with the whole title and honor thing...." Not that Zhao wasn't a man of honor...he just knew how to live once in awhile.
"I met him recently actually...my young master and I ran a crossed him in China. You know...I think he likes me, he even took out his own men to help me. Hes just to prideful to say anything."