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 #37206  by Maisie Weaver

Character Details ➢
Available Eras: Golden, Reformation
School Alumni: Slytherin '95
Employer: Salabim Dinner Theatre
Job Position: Actress
Character Sheet: Here

Search Details ➢
Romance: I feel like Maisie would have a lot of 'self-exploration' after she moved out post-Hogwarts and started attending WADA. I also don't think gender would be particularly important to her
Friendship: Maisie is a self-assured, confident young woman. Because of this I imagine people could either love her or leave her. Friends from WADA in Golden, the acting (or arts in general) world in Reformation. Also maybe flatmates in London? I assume she'd be in shared accommodation while struggling to make a living. So yeah, gimme some fun flatmates for Maisie to love but also hate.
Co-Workers: If there's anyone out there who works in the Dinner theatre or is an actor in general. I assume she would have had small jobs in cafes and such while in WADA in Golden too so could have worked with people in the past.
Rivals: Others trying to make it in the acting world based in London? Fellow females, that she goes up against for the bigger roles? In this scenario imagine Maisie is Sharpay Evans and your character is Gabriella Montez.
Mentors: Someone give her acting lesson or performing lesson or just listen to her when she has yet another breakdown over not getting THAT role.

Roleplaying Details ➢
Favourite Genres: idk fun, friendship and maybe more?
Average Post Length: 2-3 paragraphs if im feeling inspired
Average Thread Length: 2-3 pages?
How To Contact: Discord (Nik) or DM
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 #37208  by TyrellRose
Different field, same industry! I've got a possible diva mentor here in Xenia Sweeney who's just having a bit of a comeback in Reformation. She's been through it all, seen it all, and it wouldn't surprise me if she's picked up a few acting gigs in her day.

I've also got Perecles Elfick who is a younger performer enjoying the spotlight. They could possibly meet at an event? Or maybe Perecles is singing at Salabim?

Percy Weasley was a year older than her! She probably hated him because of his "I'M HEAD BOY" stuff but there's potential there lmao.
 #37210  by Ejder
I offer Dino if you want Hogwarts shennanigans! He's three years younger, and also a Gryffindor, but he gets into trouble often enough that Maisie might have heard of his stupid antics.

As for the others, well, PEEVES! But otherwise, it might be more bumping into them than anything else. Unless being at WADA means she's interacted with Can Zerdali before? He's uh, *kind* of a big deal, at least in Marauders. XD But he'd still be famous in more recent eras, I'd wager.
 #37291  by Maisie Weaver
Love the idea of Xenia kinda being some sort of mentor/idol to Maisie. Maisie would have only been a kid when the Platonics were around but I feel like she would have loved them growing up with all that female power and stuff!! Even if they only met once, Maisie would probably treasure it forever.
Perecles and Maisie could definitely be in similar circles! She'd probably be a bit envious of him considering he's younger than her and probably more successful than she is.
As for Percy, Maisie would for sure dislike him in school. Would just hate his whole demeanor but if they met again afterward she could probably try and see past that and could possibly like him.

Perhaps Dino is a bit too young for the two to be pals in schools but after school, they could possibly be pals. I can picture Dino and Maisie getting wine drunk together while trying to avoid responsibilities
 #37336  by Ottilie Bernard
Helloooo I bring you two characters

Firstly, Ottilie here! Went to WADA at the same time as Maisie in Golden currently, and was a dance student, and in Reformation is a dancer for Salabim! So they'd have met at WADA (could have also been flatmates) and then would know each other for a long time. She's a half-Veela and is trying to figure out who she is aside from that.

And then I also have Eva Corolla who is younger, she's a Pop Singer and signed with Occult Records, and is pretty successful with the teen/tween audiences.