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 #37200  by Elaine Howell
"I just... I couldn't figure out how to-" Elaine held up a hand, silencing the junior healer. She wasn't usually so ruthless with the less-experienced healers, but the sheer incompetence of the lad she was dealing with today, in addition to receiving a letter from her daughter's school about her behaviour, had put her in a very bad mood.

She snatched the chart from the junior healer and glanced down it. Realising she was being rather unprofessional, Elaine took a deep breath and stepped into the room. "Hello, sir. I'm Healer Howell. Can I get your name?" She wasn't convinced the junior healer had even got the right name, at this point.
 #37203  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau had been waiting for a long time in the waiting room with his arm bandaged, long enough for him to start bleeding through the clean cloth all over again. He'd vanished the blood from the floor, but he'd left his wound alone. He was not a Healer, he left that to the professionals. Several people in the Auror department were fairly competent when it came to healing spells, but they were not there right now, were they?

Being an Auror brought its fair share of danger and risk of injury, and the Chief Auror didn't mind. As long as the appropriate people were able to patch him up, everything was fine and dandy.

Looking up at the Healer who had just entered the room, Nikau gave her a perfunctory polite smile. 'Harrison. Nikau. Not Niko, please. Your other guy kept calling me Niko.'
 #37277  by Elaine Howell
After throwing one last scathing glance over her shoulder to the other healer, Elaine turned her full attention back to her patient. "Nikau," she confirmed, nodding. "Healer Lyle, I hope you're taking note of bedside manner?" she asked the junior healer.

Elaine took a step closer. "I'm just going to take a look. Are you able to straighten your arm for me?" Elaine could tell that it was deep, but Nikau was lucky - he hadn't hit any major arteries and the blood flow was steady, rather than pumping. "Can you tell me what happened?" It was important that Elaine understood what had caused the injury, for lots of reasons, but one rather serious one being safeguarding.
 #37285  by Nikau Harrison
'Bugger,' Nikau mumbled, but straightened his arm nonetheless. He winced as he did so. 'I can move it, it's not broken, but it bleeds heaps.' As if to show how right he was in his assessment, the movement of his arm immediately turned his bandage a deep burgundy colour.

Through his wincing, Nikau shrugged. Aurors often got into painful predicaments that, to many people, made their profession unappealing, but to them, were just the risks of, well, everyday. 'I was fighting off a suspect, trying to apprehend him, but he had an accomplice, and that guy just... threw a knife at me. We got them both, of course, but we waited to take the knife out until my colleague could make a proper tourniquet,' he explained.
 #37345  by Elaine Howell
Elaine threw a look towards the junior healer, who seemed to be swaying on his feet at the sight of the deep burgundy colour spreading across the bandage. Elaine rolled her eyes. "Healer Lyle, if you are unable to stay on your feet, I would rather you leave." Nodding his head, and turning a slightly darker shade of green, the junior healer scurried from the room. "I don't have time for incompetence today," she told the patient, perhaps a little unprofessionally.

Ah, an Auror. That made sense. There was a steady stream of aurors through the hospital on a day-to-day basis, and it didn't shock her that Nikau was one. Elaine's assessment of the arm made her think that Nikau would've been better off leaving the knife in. He'd already lost quite a lot of blood. Elaine stepped back. "So - here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to just do a quick scan of your arm and check there's no internal damage first, and if not, then I'm going to stitch your arm up and give you a blood replenishing potion. I'd like to monitor you for a little while, just to ensure everything's okay and the potion doesn't have any side-effects. Sound okay?"