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 #37195  by Nikau Harrison
Location: A litteral alley • Date: March 26th, 2004
Time of Day: Late at night • Weather: Crisp

The dumpster was disgusting, and his mother's charm to make things smell like lavender appeared to have a limit. It stank in here. Between rotten food and Merlin knew what else, the Chief Auror was crouching inside the bin with Akari Hemlock, watching the situation evolve in the alley right outside the container.

Their contact had not been wrong; it appeared a deal would indeed take place here, but the suspects were taking their sweet time, talking about the weather and how their families were doing rather than exchange the money for the suitcase full of poisons. Nikau would have preferred to foil the plot of terror itself rather than just the deal, but he had orders from above, and apparently that meant spending as long as was required in a dumpster.

It was uncomfortable in here, and his muscles were tense. If Hemlock was anywhere near as on edge as he was, she was probably ready to jump out and arrest the suspects.

'Not now,' he whispered to his partner.
 #37217  by Akari Hemlock
"If only the stench could distract me from the boundless boredom," the agent complained. Immobility had always been a challenge for the dynamic woman.

With dexterous agility, she made her wand twirl between her fingers. With a little flick of the lethal stick, she could make this whole operation go much faster. "But it'd take me a second," she argued as she glared at her boss.
 #37283  by Nikau Harrison
'Don't talk so loud,' Nikau chided his Auror. 'And stop fidgetting so much. You keep elbowing me in the ribs.'

Outside the bin, it didn't seem like the two suspects were anywhere closer to closing the deal. They seemed to be old friends. Who else spent so much time catching up? Nikau was confident in his source, though.

'We can't arrest them until they've actually done something illegal,' he reminded Akari. 'The suitcases need to change hands.'
 #37342  by Akari Hemlock
"Remind me to never borrow a suitcase from you," she mocked him though she understood what he meant. It was not the exchange that was illegal, but rather the content of the suitcase.

She then poked him in the ribs.