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Stories taking place in countries such as China, North Korea, India, and Indonesia as well as Australia and New Zealand.
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 #37162  by Yi Ling Mao
It was a typical night in China, the docks full of business as in this part of town business never truly ended. Not all of them were illegal, only a couple with the few illegal shops hidden in the mix. Men passed by screaming what deals they had has the man in white slacks and a silk button up shirt made his way through the crowds ignoring those humans that bumped into him.

Unlike the most, he wasn't here to shop...He had official business with one of the few black market stands. Jiang was worried about his imports and with great reason, the last ship had been taken and ravaged, causing great distress to his lord and as he got closer it was obvious the man didn't know who he was...nor was he Chinese, one of Jiangs follow out of country business ties.
"My good sir, I had a shipment due last week...but it seems my goods haven't come in?" He said politely as he stood at the little shop setup the man had. Leave it to Jiang to work with those less obvious,

His boss was smart. This man looked like nothing, but was running a small empire of a business under the governments nose.