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 #35961  by Lorelei
Lorelei was little surprise he did not float up to the top of water the way his eye widen like a dead fish would do. That was why she keep bring it up because it was rather big and merpeople actually had pets and well Lorelei went for something big that would keep away and the thing massive teeth.

"That would be one." She was stroking it and when it raise up she stroke under the chin and it made sound almost musical to a hear when she stroke it chin and the thing look down at Dino and well this was something else it extend it chin so Lorelei could touch it chin.
 #35963  by Dino O'Sullivan
'D'ya... D'ya think I could maybe touch her? Is it even a she?' Dino's shark head looked excited. 'I won't harm it, I promise. Look,' he said, putting his wand in the pocket of his swimming trunks. 'I'm not even goin' to be holdin' my wand. I don't want to harm her, I just, I've never seen one of those before.' Pure glee filled his voice.
 #35971  by Lorelei
"It actually a boy." She name him "His name is Apophis."She watch him put the wand away that is one their weapon away and well she heard wizard fight with or dual with it.He is massive that is a girl one he told that was actually smaller then him and well he had big sharp teeth.They could invisible the problem was they could not stay invisible that the problem.

"Just one little thing do not touch right there on it back .That is right there on back it caught got in net I got it out. The rope had dug into back it is still sensitivity there.You can touch."

She look back at him and he look back at him. That is the creature go through ordeal with sailor of some sortie.
 #36032  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach sorry there, Apophis,' Dino apologized. 'Named after the Egyptian god, then, are we?'

He swam closer and heeded the mermaid's advice. 'I don't mean to hurt him,' he reassured her. 'Just, I've never seen one of these before, and I don't think I'll get the chance to touch one again...'

Dino approached his webbed hand to a spot behind the serpent's head, and started to stroke it. 'Ach, aren't ya a beaut, then?'