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 #35964  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
Was this the end of their friendship? Their friendship that they had built over the course of so many years? Rian hoped not, but he also wondered if things could ever be the same again. Would they avoid each other in the corridors in the Ministry? Would they avoid social situations where the other was present just to save themselves the awkwardness? That was the last thing Rian wanted but it was just hard to know what the future would hold.

"Don't apologise." Rian said in reply, reaching his hand across the table, gently placing his on Nikau's before quickly removing it and placing his own hands under the table. The Irishman stared down at the table before looking back up at his friend.

"Is that what you want?" Rian asked, unsure if he wanted Nikau to say yes or no.