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 #35262  by Nikau Harrison
Location: Auror Headquarters • Date: January 25, 2004
Time of Day: Early morning • Weather: Grey

Nikau entered the bullpen seemingly a lot more tense than usual. He didn't like wearing suits. They were so constrictive, felt like he was wearing a straightjacket. His stiff appearance and unusual apparel had earned him a few raised eyebrows and a couple of smirks, but he wasn't going to be the one to bring it up.

There was work to do, and new missions to hand out. 'Briefing in the staff room in two minutes,' he announced as he got to his office to drop off his briefcase.
 #35514  by Bellamy Dubois
Bellamy had only stumbled into work ten minutes before the chief Auror. He was cradling his flask of filter coffee and sleepily shifting the contents of his desk when Nikau strode in. Immediately he noticed a subtle change in the air but decided not to ask any questions. He was still considered a fresh face around here, and his thick accent did not help with coalescing with his co-workers.

Why is he wearing a muggle suit? Bellamy thought to himself as he stood up to follow the others into the staff room. He wondered what this meeting would be about.
 #35852  by Akari Hemlock
Boots atop her desk, Akari had been reading her partner's latest report. "Accurate, but sorely missing in the prose department," she critiqued as she flicked her wand to send the parchment back to his desk.

Despite a few of her colleagues straightening their backs when the Chief walked in, Akari remained comfortably seated. "Handsome," she commented with a smirk when she noticed the man's suit.
 #35884  by Nikau Harrison
'Shut up,' Nikau told Akari as he walked into his office. He grinned despite himself as he dropped his briefcase off, and returned to the door, leaning into the frame with his arms crossed. That was not a very comfortable position to be in. 'I know,' he mouthed to the Auror gleefully, gesturing to himself. It really was torture to wear, but when he glanced at his reflection in the morning, he knew it was worth it.

'Dubois, wake up,' Nikau barked, though not in an unfriendly manner. 'If you fall asleep like Malone did at the last briefing, I will make you spend your day with tiny pillows instead of fingers. It's not illegal.'
 #35910  by Bellamy Dubois
Nikau's address did not phase the much younger Auror who made a point to yawn even louder and take a dramatic swig from his coffee. "Oui, monsieur!" Bellamy chipped back as he directed Akari a cheeky grin. Obviously being new did not dampen the hurricane that was Bellamy's own ego.

The junior Auror yawned again. Another coffee run was due soon. "So what is this costume for, cheri"
 #35942  by Akari Hemlock
"It's already gone to his head," she whispered loudly to her nearby colleagues.

Akari got up from her desk and started walking towards the staff room. She ruffled Harrison's hair as she passed him. "Come on greenhorn wouldn't want to be late would we?" She teased despite the fact that they were a few seconds away from the staff room.
 #35960  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau crossed his arms at Dubois' attitude, not exceedingly impressed by the yawning. 'That's none of your business.' He felt his cheeks grow hot, but knew he wasn't blushing. That was good. Didn't need the subordinates to pry that much. And besides, this one might not know, but he was fairly certain most of the others did. Wasn't the first time he'd worn a suit at work for this exact reason.

'We'll have less cheek and more yes Mr Harrison, straight away, Mr Harrison,' he informed them in his usual manner. The atmosphere he'd created in the Bureau was informal and relaxed, and he didn't want it to get stuffy, but he did require respect. He stared at the pair until Hemlock got up.

'Greenhorn?' Nikau scoffed, then winced as she ruffled his hair. 'Damnit, Hemlock, that took me ages to do! Into the staff room, now, before I decide your assignement today is organizing next month's bring your child to work day.'
 #36138  by Natasha Porter
Tasha strolled in, fresh from the break room with a steaming travel mug of coffee that she was still securing the lid to. She was dressed sharply, as she typically was, a pair of black dress slacks, her badge displayed just off the front of her hip from a belt holster, a white button-down blouse, and a matching black blazer. She set down her cup, pulled out a notebook and pen and took a seat near the front of the staff room.

She let out a wolf whistle as her boss strolled in. “Looking sharp, Harrison.”
 #36225  by Bellamy Dubois
It was already common knowledge that Bellamy didn't do well with authority. The British Ministry of Magic Auror headquarters made no exception to this. Nor was his current boss who Bellamy admittedly enjoyed irritating.

"Oui, Monsieur Harrison. Straight away, Monsieur Harrison" Bellamy bleated back at the chief Auror, fixing Nikau a pouty expression while he ambled after his co-workers into the staff room and took a seat near the back.
 #36297  by Akari Hemlock
She had always called the recruits greenhorns as their devilish horns were still green and developing. Granted they tended to develop quicker under her tutelage, but she tortured them with the epithet for as long as she could.

"As a recruit of the 'beautiful people club,' you get a little hazing," she explained as she walked past her superior.
 #36416  by Nikau Harrison
'That!' Nikau said, pointing to Porter as she walked on by. 'That's the attitude we want to see. Everyone should be more like Porter today,' he said. Everyone should follow her lead and pay him compliments. Fine, maybe that might be awkward, but surely those were better than Dubois' incessant yawning.

With a wave of his wand Nikau cast a spell to make an invisible force push him in the rear, towards the staff room. 'That exactly. Finaly, we're getting there!' The man clapped his hand once, ushering his flock into the staff room. He tsked as Hemlock passed him by. 'I'll let you know I'm not new to the beautiful people club, I was always in it.'

He let the last stragglers in the room, and then closed the door, after which he walked to the front, and sat on a table.

'Alright, people. Good morning. Today there's a lot to be done, so I'll allow one question about me and my suit that I can feel some of you are just dying to ask, and then we will move on, and not talk about it anymore. We have new developments and new cases, and I need your full focus.'
 #36496  by Senna Stafford
"Dude, what's with the suit?"

Senna Stafford took it upon herself to be that one question that was permitted, and she chose to address it in her usual blunt, snarky way. She was sat to the side of the room, and had been silent up until now, simply nursing her fresh cup of coffee, as there was very little productivity to come from Stafford until she had her morning coffee.

Though as much as Stafford was sat there with a smirk on her face, the sparkle in her eyes that did mean respect for her boss could not be denied.
 #36622  by Bellamy Dubois
"Is it a date, monseiur??" Bellamy yelled out teasingly from the back of the room. He wouldn't let the opportunity to question Nikau's garment of choice slip. He couldn't be scolded for asking, especially since Nikau offered to answer whatever was burning in everyone's mind.

The junior Auror leaned back in his chair and offered the Chief Auror his most dazzling smile. "You know you always have my full focus, monseiur."
 #36654  by Natasha Porter
Tasha nodded in agreement with her boss as she finished her first sip of coffee, "I think everyone should be more like Porter every day," she smirked. "Anyone want to guess how many cases I closed this past week?"

She looked over at Senna and her smirk only widened; she always liked her snark. After Bellamy called out she turned in her chair sideways to see both her boss at the front of the room and her fellow aurors in the audience. "What guy is going to dress up for a date before the work day has even started? One bad case out in the field and he's covered in sweat or worse. I think he just decided that he wanted to look almost as good as me."
 #36704  by Akari Hemlock
Akari rolled her eyes. Had Stafford really just wasted their one question? "Really?" She mouthed towards her colleague. While some may have been pleased by the snark, Akari would have appreciated something with a little more bite.

"Let's all move on from Harrisson's newly acquired fashion tastes and focus on Porter instead." She put her head into her hands as if impatient to hear about her colleague's exploits. "Please tell us about the zillion cases you closed this week," she mimicked a fangirl's excited cadence. Now, this might get under Harrison's skin. The man's ego might take a hit once the attention was taken from him.