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 #34378  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Off the coast of Monu Island • Date: December 1st, 2003
Time of Day: Midday • Weather: Beautiful

All the days here in Fiji were absolutely lovely. Not a cloud in sight, and a sky so blue it was unbearable to look at. Between his work, trying not to flirt with a coworker and doing all the sports he could do, Dino hadn't had much time to be lazy. Today was no exception.

He was on a Wizarding Expedition Society boat, and although he was supposed to track a pod of spinner dolphins, it seemed they were able to avoid detection somehow. In the meantime, Dino had grabbed a line, tied a fly to it, and sat down on a chair, Firewhiskey in hand, hoping for a huge green mahi mahi to come bite. That was probably not the most professional way to go about his day, but they were stuck on the boat until they found the dolphins, was anyone really going to complain? Plus, it was only him, the captain, and Luella. Judging by the drink she was also holding, she wasn't going to be the one to tattle on him.
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It was days like today that made Lulu really reflect and feel amazed about how she managed to get here. She had gone from being a - what she assumed to be - a Muggle child who had weird, unexplainable things happen every now and again, to being a student at Hogwarts learning how to hone her magical powers, to being prosecuted for not having Magical parents, to now being able to learn and research magical creatures and plants and have this be her job.

And on top of that, she could travel the world. Something she would never have been able to do or afford without magic.

Somehow she was in Fiji, on a boat, waiting for dolphins to appear, cracking open a cold can of cider.

"Not bad, huh," Lulu said, a faint smile on her face as she leant on the railing of the boat, looking out into the water.
 #34411  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino took a swig of the Firewhiskey and grimaced, then turned to his colleague with a huge smile on his face.

'Aye, it's bleedin' fantastic,' he agreed, looking out at the vast expanses of blue in front of him. Blue sky, blue sea... 'D'ya ever stop and think, sometimes, ach, this is our lives?' And what a great life it was, too!
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'Ach, me neither,' Dino replied, setting the bottle between his feet and the fishing line between his legs.

'Ya know, when I was a wain, I used to want to be a stuntsman in movies, or do rodeo. I'd say I've done rather grand for myself.' He stretched himself and crossed his arms behind his head. 'What did ya want to be, when ya were wee?'
 #34861  by Luella Green
"I wanted to be a vet," Lulu said, remembering how she would constantly be going into the forest near her house and capturing bugs and small creatures to look after, and she had fed milk to baby hedgehogs and nursed an injured bird back to health once.

"Did you want to be in movies, like Muggle movies?" Lulu grinned at the mention of something that reminded her of her early childhood, before she moved to Hogwarts and movies were no longer a thing.
 #35133  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, ya did end up somewhere near that,' Dino replied, after taking a swig of his bottle. 'Just the animals have more teeth, spit more fire, and are generally more likely to kill ya, but isn't it all the more excitin'?'

The young man grinned, and drank some more. 'Aye, what other movies are there? Yer not too far from my age, so maybe ya remember, but Rambo, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Die Hard, Terminator, Robocop, James Bond... Those are all my childhood, and I swear to ya, I thought that would be me one day. I can still do the, ya know, the thing where yer crouchin', and then roll over yer shoulder to grab a gun, or somethin'. Always thought it would come in dead handy, so I always practiced.'
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"I guess I did, actually, at least the working with animals never changed," Luella smiled, thinking back on her childhood dreams now, from before she knew about magic. She imagined herself prescribing medicine for a dog or a cat, and now she was studying creatures like unicorns and thestrals.

She sipped her drink, listening to Dino talk about Muggle movies. It always made her happy when she didn't have to hide or explain that side of her.

"I used to watch some of them! I liked Indiana Jones, and Star Wars, kind of! Did you have Muggle family?" Lulu had come across so many Witches and Wizards that grew up with no Muggle technology whatsoever, so it was nice to connect with someone over it.
 #36347  by Dino O'Sullivan
'It's not bitin'!' Dino complained, gesturing towards the ocean in front of him. These waters were banjaxed, or something. At the very least, if this expedition yielded nothing for the evening meal, Dino could say the ocean was wick.

He returned his thoughts to the conversation at hand, and beamed at his colleague. 'Ach, that Harrison Ford,' Dino nodded with a sly grin. It wasn't until he'd been much older that he'd realised how much those movies had impacted him, and not only in his desire to be an adventurer of some sort. 'Not quite as such, no, but the blood's muddled, ya know? It's just in Derry magical folk are still close to the Muggle world. It's like, ya stick to yer folk on yer side of the fence, really, whether they're magical or not. Ya've got Muggle blood, though, ya, haven't ya? Not so many magical folk watch movies, I've found. Can't tell a wizard to use the force, ya know.'
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"At least you're doing kind of the same thing, working for who we work for, with all the travel and adventure and stuff," Lulu said, leaning over the railing of the boat. "Even though this is more holiday than adventure, as there's not a lot going on in these waters." She chuckled. Sometimes work days like this weren't too bad at all.

"Yeah I am, I'm basically all Muggle," Lulu shrugged, still feeling a bit weird that she could openly discuss this now. The war had definitely affected her, and still continued to affect her to this day. "No idea where my magic came from, maybe my dad's side somewhere down the line, since we don't know anything about them."
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'Ach, aye,' Dino agreed, pursing his lips. 'I'm yer regular sea world Indiana Jones. D'ya think I'd look good with a fedora? Spakin' of which...' He waved his wand and produced his hat from his equipment bag. It was a well worn cap in the colours of the Derry City Football Club, and it appeared to have been well-loved. Dino shoved it on his head. 'Wouldn't want more sunburn than I need.'

He took a swig of his drink. 'Aye, the dolphins aren't really showin' up today. I think this is the first day where I can actually sit down.' He tugged at the line. Still not biting. 'Ya don't know yer da, then?' That wasn't too unusual. Plenty of folks didn't. 'We're lucky we understand the Muggle world, ya know? I see all these wizards tryin' to blend in and failin', it's like my nan tryin' to work out how email works, only my nan is is her seventies. I'm proper scundered for them.'
 #36471  by Luella Green
"No, I never knew him," Lulu said, sipping her drink and looking straight out into the water. Her mind had thought of every possibility about who he was and where he might be, but the truth was that she really didn't know, and she was mostly too scared to find out. Even now that she was an adult, she chose to keep him as an idea of a person, not a real person.

"It's only been me and my mum, ever since I was born. And yeah, she's no good with technology either, and I used to have to teach her when I was back home from Hogwarts," Lulu smiled. "But yeah it's so useful understanding both. Loads of people in my year at school didn't even know what a phone was!"
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Dino nodded as he listened, busying himself with the fishing rod. Why in the hell wasn't it working? There were fish in the ocean, weren't there? This wasn't some kind of black hole where the fish went to disappear, was it? Then why was nothing biting? It was completely unfair!

'I think the water is banjaxed here,' he stated matter-of-factedly. 'Imagine not bein' able to use the internet to look up a place ya've never apparated to! Are ya supposed to not splinch yerself?' Dino shook his head, uncomprehending. 'How can people not see that mixin' the two worlds is what gets the best results? And besides, if yer goin' to only date wizards, that reduces yer datin' pool dramatically. Well, for me at least.'
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"Yeah," Lulu agreed, remembering the time she splinched herself when she was learning to apparate. Very, very painful. Never again.

"So many things would work so much better if the two worlds were more combined, and yeah, that too," she laughed. Dating Muggles would widen the options, yes, but would they truly understand?

"Have you dated Muggles before, then? Don't you have to sneak around loads?"

Lulu's mum knew she was a Witch, obviously, but she had ended up distancing from most of her old Muggle school friends as they weren't allowed to know the truth about her. Stupid International Statute of Secrecy.
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Dino nodded enthusiastically as Luella agreed with him, but shook his head at her question.

'I've never dated Muggle lads, no, but then I've never really dated at all, ya know?' DIno got around, that was for sure, but it was never more than a night or two. He wasn't really interested in developing intimacy with anyone. All he wanted was to have fun. 'I don't do complications. How about ya? Date any Muggles?'