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Alexis Nightshade, Hogwarts School

Magical ★ Faculty • Charms Professor
It was honestly, quite hard to tell who was more excited that it was the first of December, Professor Nightshade or the students. Alexis had always been, will continue to be, the sort to simply adore this time of year. She couldn't help it. Sure there was work to be done but it didn't mean she couldn't enjoy things, and even more now that she was back at Hogwart's. There was time when she was an Auror when Christmas time was harder to get into the spirit but those days were far behind her...

After her first and, as it happened, only class of the day concluded she decided to make her way the Professor's lounge. Stopping briefly into the infirmary on the way, she had made the class work on a slightly remixed version of the Cheering Charm - which had a bit more a festive flavour, however one of the students over did and well...they were soon packed off to be put right. As it happened, they were still there but the forced smile was now starting to wear off, as did the need to keep jumping for joy. Much to the relief of the Nurse.

Finally, she reached the lounge and there she found it momentarily empty....
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