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Location: Blessed Isis Temple • Date: Nov 30

He wasn't supposed to be here. Set-mena had wandered deeper into the temple, solely out of boredom. He had managed to avoid the priestesses, somehow, and now was wandering through the corridor, looking for something interesting to do.

As he wandered, he thought he heard something in the distance. His curiosity now piqued, he moved closer, thankful for his skills in moving silently.
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After a long day of studying, Anat was ready for some alone time to do her own thing. She managed to find a nook off in a quiet section of the temple. Initially, she had just wanted to sit by the window and watch the world go by. However, as the time went by, she began humming and then began singing a song that her mother used to sing to her.
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Set-mena remained soft on his feet as he moved closer. It sounded like someone was singing. It wasn't something he heard often, and as he crept closer, he wondered who it was.

Finally, he reached the little nook, and was surprised to see one of the students. He stood by for a moment, listening to her sing. Her voice was beautiful, he had to admit, and he gave a small smile, leaning against the wall.
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Anat lost track of all time as she sang in the nook. For all she knew, it could have become morning.

She was, however, mildly aware of her surroundings, and soon began to sense the presence of someone nearby. She softened her voice and began to turn around.

“Can I help you?” She asked when she spotted the guard.
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He almost backed away when he saw her turning. But Set-mena was braver than that. He stayed, his dark eyes watching her.

"You were singing," he said. It wasn't a question. "You have a beautiful voice," he added, folding his arms in front of himself. "What song was that?"
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Anat nodded slowly. “I was. And you were spying.” She leaned back onto the windowsill, giving a small smile in response to his compliment. “I... do not actually know,” a small chuckled escaped her. “My mother is the only one I’ve ever heard sing it and she never told me.”
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Set-mena regarded her with a long, amused expression, taking a step closer and letting his arms fall to his sides, brushing along the stone wall beside him. "Guilty as charged," he admitted, chuckling. "It is not often that one hears singing in these halls," he offered as an explanation. A weak explanation, but an explanation nonetheless.

He was now standing quite close to her, and he offered an arched eyebrow. "A shame. It would be nice to learn the song," he commented, turning away and looking out the window at the oasis outside. "I don't believe we've officially met. I am Set-mena." He didn't mention that he was only a temple guard, of course.
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Anat eyed him suspiciously, nodding slowly. “I suppose you have a point there.”

She noticed how close they were to each, however did not attempt to increase the distance. “I could teach you the lyrics and melody, if you’d like?” She turned her head to look out the window, and to continue watching him. “I am Anat. It’s nice to meet you, even as a spy.”
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He smirked. "You're willing to teach a spy a song?" he teased, careful not to stand too close so as not to touch her. As much as he didn't care for rules, he was always careful with the women in public... at least until he got to know them more.

"So. Anat. How long have you been studying here?" He crossed his arms in front of him.
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Anat shrugged. “Even a spy needs some musical knowledge, right?”

“I’ve been here a couple of years now.” She thought back to how excited her family was when she had been accepted to the temple. “How about yourself?”
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Set-mena laughed. "A spy could sing as a distraction," he joked, although he sobered when she asked how long he had been at the temple.

"A few years," he parroted her, thinking back to his own family. They had been more than happy to send him off to the temple. "I've been training all my life." His hand dropped to the hilt of his khopesh. Once again, he avoided mentioning that he was merely a temple guard.

Just then, he heard voices coming down the hall. Set-mena blanched. "I can't be seen here," he said, pressing himself against the wall.
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Anat nodded in interest. “Maybe I really should be more wary of you, being a well-trained spy and all.” She chuckled, eyeing his weapon.

She tilted her head as he seemed to panic a bit. “Why can’t...” She decided mid-sentence not to question him. “I can create a distraction if you need one?”
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He was glad she didn't question him. Instead, he nodded. "That would be greatly appreciated," he said, still pressed against the wall. As the voices drew nearer, he grimaced. "That sounds like the chief guard, too." He definitely wouldn't get off lightly if he was discovered this far into the temple, far from his own quarters and his post.
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Anat gave another nod. “It was nice meeting you, Set-mena. I do hope we see each other again soon. Preferably at the same time?” She then offered a polite smile before disappearing around the corner. When she met up with the guard, she alerted him of the suspicious shadow she saw outside the window and began leading him towards the exit.
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Set-mena smirked. "You'll never know when I might be watching," he said in an exaggerated tone. As soon as he heard her talking to the chief guard, he slipped out and down the hall. He certainly did hope he came across the little songbird again.