A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Elliot giggled. "Says the guy who has traveled the world and has had /experiences/." She twirled over to her couch and plopped down on it. "Absolutely, people change. Look at that alien dude from that one cartoon, for example. He was evil but became cool."
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Vinny sat down next to her, his arm instinctively going along the back of the couch behind her head. "Okay, fair point," he replied, nodding. "So, how is it? He treating you right?" He tried to make it sound as much as possible as though he was playing the protective brother role.
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Elliot eyed his arm, before turning herself to face him. "Of course he is. He's taken me to a bunch of fancy events, too. And hasn't even judged my lack of many fancy dresses." Once again she decided to avoid recent events. At least for now.
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Vinny arched an eyebrow, trying hard not to feel jealous. After all, they had never really been in a relationship. They were just friends. Right? He gave a fake easy smile.

"And I was happy to make it off the farm, but you're the one who's going to fancy events and wearing fancy clothes," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm glad you're happy, though." He lifted his arm from the back of the couch, crossing it in front of him.
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"What can I say, I always wanted to be a princess. As well as a cow girl." Elliot giggled, tossing some hair over her shoulder in exaggeration.

"Enough about me, though. Tell me about Vinny. What crazy worldwide adventures have you been on?" She crossed her hands in her lap, ready to listen.
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Vinny laughed with her, despite himself. She deserved to be a princess, he had to admit that.

With the questions now turned on him, he shrugged. "You know, traversing around Thailand, riding elephants, eating extremely spicy food, and going deep into the jungle to see the remains of an ancient society," he said, thinking back to his time overseas. "I even got the chance to see the neighbouring countries, Cambodia and Vietnam. It was pretty amazing, I have to admit." He laughed. "But it was hot, all the time. A sticky hot, too. Not fun."
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Elliot couldn't help but think about her friend likely shirtless, and had to blink a couple times to refocus. "You should have asked the elephants to give you a shower," she giggled, "I'm sure they would have been happy to oblige. But that all sounds like so much fun. I wish I could have gone with you."
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Vinny laughed, then smiled fondly at her. "One of these days I'll take you," he promised, his hand instinctively brushing against hers. Oops. "I'm really glad you're happy, though," he added, his hand retreating as he folded his fingers together on his lap.

Time to be a bit forward again. "Did you know we had a mutual friend? Bryson Fray... well, I think you know him as Bryson Collier."
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Vinny gladly linked pinkies with her. "Promise," he said, staring into her eyes.

Then he nodded. "Yeah, he and I go way back. Remember when I spent that year in Calgary? We met then, and stayed in touch. I actually saw him recently. He has a kid and everything, it's hard to believe. He said he met you at a gala?"
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Elliot raised an eyebrow as he spoke. "Oh, cool. He's a nice guy to have kept in touch with. Reminds me of us." She smiled then nodded. "Yes, I think it was one of the first few gala's I went to. I still had no clue what to do around other people, and he helped me to relax a bit. I'm guessing you already know he comes from a farm too?"
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Vinny nodded. "Yeah, he's pretty cool. Very down to earth." He stared down at his lap. "He reminds me of you. Started on a farm, and now he's married to an heiress. He's not the most happy with his wife, though, did you know? Her family's rather pushy and he's feeling stuck." He was treading dangerous waters, now. "I hope that doesn't happen to you."
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Elliot eyed him, biting her lip. She was starting to grow more suspicious about what Bryson had told him. "The Rutherford's are actually quite sweet, all things considered. I've worked with Ad-Jared at camp, and Blair's been a great camper. I haven't met their parents yet, but I'm sure they're good too."