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 #32143  by Algernon Stagg
NAME: Algernon Percival Stagg
DATE OF BIRTH: 25-May-1865
BIRTH COUNTRY: London, England
EMPLOYER: Magical Hobbyist Magazine, History Columnist

PRIMARY ERA: Victorian Era

Concept: A Squib who feels he has to prove he is just as worthy of praise and attention, even if he does have to pretend he's magical under his pen name
Other Eras & Jobs: N/A

Appearance: Algie is somewhat an average build, though does have lanky limbs in comparison to other men. He attempts to keep up to the latest fashion trends, though despite the bearded trend Prince Albert had set, Algernon has not quite been able to grow a beard, so has settled for a mustache. He wears thin metal-rimmed glasses and tried to keep his appearance neat to the best of his abilities.
Ethnicity: White British
Personality: Algie is a worrier. He gets anxious over medial details, and tends to fidget if nervous. But despite that, he is very passionate about history and the great discoveries that were written about before he was born. Once he finally gets into the rhythm of talking, he is hard to shut up, and has big - ambitious - plans for the future.

Recent History: Recently, Algernon has been setting up an expedition to Egypt and the Middle East in order to be just as successful as his four brothers. But, due to his lack of magic, he needs a team to go with him...and the funding for it. It's going to be difficult, but he has already developed a 15 step plan to get there, and a 32 step plan to carry out the explorations. Of course, that may all come tumbling down.
Current Goals: To prove himself worthy as a renowned historian.

Hobbies: Reading, smoking his pipe, taxidermy, fern collecting
Loyalties: Academics, great philosophers and historians, his mother
Mental Strengths: Intelligent, focused, enthusiastic, passionate
Mental Weaknesses: Soft spoken, self-conscious, compares himself to other, anxious