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 #31532  by Caterina Rothwell
Location: Caterina's Home • Date: Fall

Caterina was shifting things around on the dining table ignoring Diana's glare as she entered and exited the room with cutlery and silver dishes. Her secretary was setting up the table as she usually did when Caterina hosted but this time around, Caterina had apparently decided she need to go behind the redhead and change every thing. If the woman wasn't so in-control of her herself, she probably would have snapped at her boss to leave. She didn't however, recognizing that tonight's dinner had her on edge, and she wisely choose to remain silent. Caterina certainly appreciated Diana's decision to let her do her thing even if the woman hadn't been able to complete rid herself of her disapproval. The woman's glare was incredibly obvious.

It was when the doorbell rang that Caterina jumped and then looked for the sitting room where her guest sat. Without even looking at Diana she called out, "Harriet, would you mind?" She asked, which caused Diana to slam down a silver platter in outrage. Having Harriet as a guest this past week had greatly displeased Diana and apparently having the guest answer the door was the last straw.

"Really?" Caterina asked Diana, her simply scowled of her in response. "Oh stop. You're my secretary, not my maid. You don't always have to open the door."

Diana pursed her lips but her features softened ever so slightly at Caterina's word. Diana was her friend, as well as her secretary, and while the woman did live with her, and make sure her house was presentable, that was all Cat had ever asked of her. She didn't want a made. Never had, and even though Diana seemed upset about not having such responsibilities, she knew the woman was actually relieved.
 #31553  by Harriet Doran
To anyone who would ask, not that anyone had, Harriet would explain that she had been tricked into staying at her friend's house. The first night the arrangement had been convenient, Harriet had drunk, it had been late and her host had been so very convincing. The following evening, it had been the bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, the notion that she had been followed all day, watched by someone in the shadows. Sleeping at Caterina's had been somewhat reassuring, even if the woman had declined and rebuked Harry's advances. It was now easy for Harriet, to convince herself that she was staying just to fulfill some pent up desire.

"I do not mind," she had answered when it had been requested that she open the door. "My lady," she had greeted with a little bow as she had opened the door for Lady Blythe. She offered to take the woman's cloak. "How have you been, My Lady?"
 #31597  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Madeline had been informed that Caterina had a guest staying for a few days, but she had failed to mention that it was Harriet Doran who was occupying one of her three guest bedrooms. Seeing her on the opposite side of the threshold had her momentarily taken a back, and she blinked at the blonde as she bowed and ushered her in. Thursday's conversation coming back to her in a rush of words and confessions.

"Don't lie me to Madeline,"

"Fine, yes! I find her...desirable. Are you happy now?"


"O--oh," She stuttered, not moving as she peered at the blonde. "Is Diana sick?" She asked, wondering why Caterina's secretary wasn't opening the door. Then, realizing she was being very rude, she blushed, "I'm sorry, forgive me, I was just not expecting to see you...here."
 #31651  by Harriet Doran
Madeline's surprise made their host's plan all too obvious. It seemed Caterina had yet to abandon her little matchmaking scheme.

"Diana is quite well," Harriet reassured with an amused smile. With all the stress and tension in her life, her friend's antics were nothing more than a distraction. "I hope you don't mind, I know your time together is precious, I wouldn't want to intrude."
 #31658  by Lady Madeline Blythe
"Oh, good," She said in response to response to Diana being well. The redhead had been sick only a handful of times in all the years she had known Cat, and every single time, her friend had seemed to forget how to function without the woman at her side.

Realizing she was still standing on the doorstep, she started forward and began to awkwardly shrug out of her coat. Her arm got stuck, and her face burned as she avoided eye contact with the blonde, "You are Caterina's...guest," She said with a grunt, finally yanking her arm free. "You couldn't possibly intrude." Madeline attempted a kind smile as she opened the door she had seen Diana open many times, and hung her coat up.
 #31664  by Harriet Doran
Realizing the woman would not let her help with her cloak, Harriet took a step back.

"Guest yes," she confirmed with the same uncertainty Madeline had used when she had said the word.

"I suppose we will have the apéritif, in the drawing-room," she guessed as she guided Madeline towards said room. "My lady, you did not answer my question earlier. How have you been?"
 #31669  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Following along after Harriet even though she had made this trek from the front door to the drawing room enough times to do it with her eyes closed, Madeline stared at the blonde curls falling down Harriet's back, and the way the red dress she wore clung to each and every curve on her body. She managed to divert her gaze when the entered the room, and she immediately made a beeline for her usual settee.

"I have been well, and please, Harriet, call me Madeline. Only those who don't know me...personally need call me by my title." Madeline ran her hands down the front of her dress and then she clasped them tightly in her lap. "And you? Have you been well also?" She asked just as the auburn haired owner of the house she currently sat in entered. The English woman smiled prettily but shyly across at her.
 #31671  by Harriet Doran
Though she did not protest, she knew she would not stop using Madeline's title. She served them both a glass and took a seat in front of Madeline.

"I have been," she lied with a pleasant smile. She crossed her legs and linked her hands above her knee. "I have to ask you, after years in the city, do you feel like you got used to the vicious winters?" As a woman from the south, Harry felt strongly opposed to the cold season.
 #31672  by Caterina Rothwell
Dismissing Diana with a chuckle that only served to enrage of her more after she had just snapped at Caterina to stop micromanaging. Cat switched the silver platter with the silver salad bowl and then nodded in satisfaction. That was much better. Picking up a knife that she noticed was slightly smudged, she looked around before lifting her skirt and quickly giving it a quick rub. Stopping, she lifted and twisted it in the light that shone through the window and then nodded again, putting it back exactly where she had taken it from.

Moving out of the dining room, she headed for the sitting room and then slowed as she neared the open arch way. She immediately caught the eye of Madeline and matched her own shy smile with a bright and open one of her own. She nodded her greeting and then moved to the small bar to the right of the entrance way. She immediately poured three glasses with two fingers worth of gin.

She passed Harriet one as she moved through the center of the room to take up a seat next to Madeline who accepted her glass and a kiss to the cheek with only a hint of a blush.

"Her first winter was harsh, wasn't it Madeline?" She said, turning to Madeline for confirmation.
 #31673  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Not taking her eyes off Caterina until she had taken a seat next to her. Her cheek burned as she looked to Harriet, and she did her best to hide it behind her glass of gin. She barely took a sip before lowering it to rest on her knee, the fumes burned her nose nearly as much as the linger kiss.

"It was." She agreed with a slight nod. "Though, the winters back home are much more wet, and much harder to shake. Here at least the cold comes with a beautiful view." Madeline looked at Harriet for a moment before clearing her throat and diverting her gaze.

She looked her fingers curled around the crystal glass in her lap and murmured quietly, "You neglected to tell me Harriet was your guest, Caterina."
 #31783  by Caterina Rothwell
Cat raised her brow and did her best to look surprised, “Did I?” She responded and then she quirked her lip in a charmingly way she knew would disarm her neighbour. “Silly me.” She felt Madeline shift next to her and she leaned against her gently. Her pinky finger rubbed the thigh next to her own discreetly.

“Harriet has been here since...Tuesday?” Cat said looking to the blonde for confirmation. “Yes. Two days. We’ve been having lots of fun and the only thing missing was you.” She smiled at Madeline mischievously

“Isn’t that right, Harry?”
 #31788  by Harriet Doran
Harry marveled at the extent of her host's charm. Her effect on Lady Blythe was apparent despite Madeline's vain attempts to disguise her reactions. Challenged in a field in which she loved to excel, Harriet stepped up.

"Indeed," she confirmed with a cheeky grin. Her eyes lingered on a slight piece of skin revealed at the hem of Caterina's dress. Clearly their host's charm was working on her as well as it was working on Madeline. "Caterina has been a delightful host, but I cannot quite seem to get on her good graces as well as you do, Lady Blythe."
 #31863  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Shifting uneasily, Madeline looked at Caterina and then at Harriet, and felt heat begin the flare beneath her dress. Pulling at her collar, she swallowed and let out weak chuckle, unsure what exactly was transpiring right now. Caterina and Harriet seemed to be making vague gestures to something she couldn't quite comprehend. It was like they had some sort of inside joking between them and Madeline couldn't even begin to understand what was happening.

"Ah, well, Caterina and I have known each other for many years, and ah, we...well," Blushing she looked down at her hands, "I am sure you will learn in time, how one can, as you said, 'Get on her good graces.'"
 #31866  by Harriet Doran
"I thought I had but seems it was only a fleeting moment," she gave their host a cheeky grin before she continued. "Perhaps I should ask for your advice," she teased with a charming smile as her gaze rested on the English woman. "Or I should let you keep your secret," she relinquished happy to see the woman's cheeks become a darker shade of red.
 #31899  by Caterina Rothwell
Looking across at Harriet, Caterina raked her gaze up the woman's figure and then smirked as she shifted even more closer to Madeline, her right arm lifting to stretch across the back of their seat.

"Perhaps you just needed some...help," She purred, fingers moving to play with the hair at the base of Madeline's skull.