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 #31525  by Magdalina Eklund
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

This thread contains posts or themes involving sexual references that may be uncomfortable for some players or that may not be appropriate for all ages. If you would like to know more before reading, please PM the player who started the thread. If you feel that this thread's content exceeds what is appropriate or is otherwise offensive, please report it.
Magda was so excited! She'd barely even spoken to him before using floo powder to get them closer to her flat. She was already grabbing his hand and trying not to seem too urgent as she led them down the street, but she could barely contain her excitement! Finally she was going to get with a guy, and a handsome one too! Sure he was a little rough around the edges, but who wasn't at this point?

Stepping up to the door, she began to fiddle with her keys, taking a steadying breath. But her fingers were quivering as the thoughts pounded through her head. Would he be any good? Would she be any good? Would he stay the night? What should she cook for breakfast? Did she clean up that stain on the counter? What underwear was she even wearing!? She would have to check...she really hoped sober Magda had thought ahead just in case.

"Do you want a drink?" She asked, finally opened the door.
 #31624  by Jens Eiffel
Jens was very happy to be away from all those fools at the Inn! So much so that he barely got out a sly smirk towards Freddie before leaving with Magda. But at her offer for a drink he merely laughed and said, "No. No drink. I have had plenty."

He walked into her place, looking around, then turning back to her as she closed the door, he placed a hand on the wall beside her, and leaning in he said with a smirk... I only want you..."

Merlin, he was feeling sooo smooth tonight! This was why he liked to drink around pretty women!
 #31627  by Magdalina Eklund
No drink? Okay, no drink. She could figure out what to do next, right? With Astrid's brother, he would always just initiate it, or tell her what to do. But was this really an opportunity for free rein?

She smiled a little at his words, and then leaned in a little, a tiny gap between their lips.

"How many times do you want me?" She asked.

Okay, where had that come from!? To say she had been so nervous a moment ago...perhaps the idea of it being inevitable started to set in.
 #31876  by Jens Eiffel
How many?! Well... good question. This drunk how many times could he go was the real question but... instead he smirked and said,

“As many Times as you can handle...”

Well good job setting her expectations high! Sheesh... But no time to worry about that! He had a beautiful woman in front of him that wanted him. Could it get any better?

Jens closed the gap between their lips and began to kiss her. She felt sooo good! His body soon pressed into her, his hands running up her sides and to her chest before quickly reaching her jacket which he began to take off, all the wile still kissing her
 #31878  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda closed her eyes, inhaling sharply through her nose. He was passionate! She immediately fell right into the kiss, bringing her hands up and lacing her fingers into his hair. He was pulling at her jacket, and she was quick to help out with the removal before going to push off his own.

Merlin...as many times as she could handle? If she knew anything about her nights alone, perhaps it would be too many for him to handle.

She was perhaps a little too eager with the way her fingers pulled at his shirt. and she soon began to pull him down the corridor toward the bedroom. It had been so long, and she could barely contain her excitement, wanting nothing more than this man's hands on her.
 #31947  by Jens Eiffel
On their way to the room Jens tried to think of some impressive moves.. He pictured picking her up, pressing her back to the wall... but as he tried to lift her he realized his balance was entirely off, so he ended up throwing her down on the bed instead.

He tried to go slow. He was overly excited himself, but he definitely did not want to make a bad impression, and so he tried to focus a bit on her pleasure first before giving into sudden, desperate urges that needed to be met at once!!

When Jens had finished he rolled over onto his back, panting, a grin on his face. That... was... awesome!! And now he was exhausted! He could sleep for hours!

Wait? Should he go? Why would he stay? Would she mind if he stayed? Or did she expect him to leave after? Wasn't like they were dating. He was a stranger. He didn't have a lot of one night stands, what was the protocol? They should have done this at his hotel, then he would know for sure he was staying...

Rolling onto his side to face her then, his head resting on his arm, he brushed her arm with his fingers and said,

"That was... wow... you are so sexy... The most beautiful girl ever..." His drunken words were not coming out quite as suave as he meant them to...
 #31948  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda took a laboured breath, looking up at the ceiling. As he rolled over and began stroking her arm, she looked over to him, blinking a little. Well, that was nice! Although, his words were a little slurred, she should probably take it with a grain of salt but...she liked hearing the compliments. She smiled slightly at him, her brain going back over what had just happened.

It had all gone so fast. Not that he had rushed but...her state had blurred the event, and perhaps time did fly when you had fun? She wasn't sure. She had actually been surprised he hadn't asked her to just serve him like she used to for Astrid's brother; sometimes they never even got to her enjoyment as he would be conveniently called away to a meeting before he could.

The world seemed to sway a little around her, and she pressed her palm to the bed as a method of balance.

"Ya...that was very...definitely good..." She spoke softly in return. She looked at him now; so handsome, young, charismatic, a little cheeky. She really wanted to go again, maybe so this time she could finish with him but...looking at how he panted? Maybe not. But...

She bit her lip.

"So uhm...did you want to go again?"
 #31949  by Jens Eiffel
"Woah... hold on now..." said Jens, "You have any idea how men work? this isn't a fantasy romance novel. Give me a minute..."

A minute?! He wasn't sure he could go again in an hour! Actually he knew he couldn't. He would be asleep in an hour for sure! Maybe if he had about fifteen minutes or so...

Rolling onto his back again and pulling the sheet part way up, Jens said, " I wonder what the others are doing? Probably so bored now that we are gone. Clearly we were the most interesting ones in the room. Am I right?"
 #31950  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda furrowed her brows a little. Okay, yes, she had read a lot of romance novels. So what? Was that not accurate? Hm...maybe Jens hadn't practiced going more than once in a short space of time? She didn't know. But he would be okay in a minute? Alright!

"I dunno. Florian seems like he could be fun...Freddie too actually. We are pretty fun though." She sighed, twisting onto her back and covering herself. "I really wanted to go to a night club. I love to dance...I like loud music...I like to drink. It feels easier when I don't need to talk. I always sound stupid."
 #31951  by Jens Eiffel
Jens made a scoffing sound, then said, "Florian isn't fun. I am sure he use to be fun. Back in the day. Sure he has all the stories, and pictures, and such but... he's not like any of that now. We vork at same place. Schwarzwald Market. You know what he does most of time? Sits on a chair in front of his shop smoking a pipe or sipping coffee, or he is hunched over a table examining bits of plants and such threw a magnifying glass. Also... he is never gong to let go of the love of his life. so don't think about him..." he said, as he rolled over towards her again, drapping his arm across her as he lay on his stomach. He then added in a very tired voice,

"Why are you so down on yourself. You don't sound stupid when you talk. You were the prettiest girl at the table. I noticed you right from the start. And you were the most fun. Who keeps putting you down..."

Jens closed is eyes. This bed felt so comfortable right now...
 #31952  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda scoffed.

"Thanks...but I guess I just...I used to have a twin sister. I got compared to her all the time. She was the pretty one." She shrugged a little, looking up at the ceiling and not seeming to notice Jens getting comfortable. "And Jodie is just...she's just..."

She sighed.

"She doesn't even realise how perfect she is. Intelligent, charming, beautiful, funny...maybe i should just stop comparing myself to her since we're complete opposites."
 #31953  by Jens Eiffel
His face half buried in the pillow, Jens muttered, "She was dull, withdrawn, admittedly has zero sex drive... She was nothing compared to you. Perfect for the weirdo Simon. No one else would have either one of them I'm thinking..."

He didn't get Magda at all. She compared herself to Jodie?! Jodie was pretty... and that was literally it from his point of view.
 #31956  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda looked over, and then frowned. She sighed and sank down onto the pillow. So much for 'as many rounds as you want'. She bet Jodie and Simon were having a great time together.

She stayed there for a while, but eventually slid out from his arm and padded over to get a loose t shirt, slipping it over her head. She found her coat, and pulled out an extra sprig that Freddie had made for her before she left. This one, she would have for herself by the kitchen window.