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Pēteris Plūme • Reformation

Peteris Plume, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Vy
OOC Account: Vyreia
Quills Account(s): Club713, 2nd free season character

NAME: Pēteris 'Nil' Plūme
DATE OF BIRTH: 03-Mar-1974
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era
OCCUPATION: Security Officer, Watchdogs Security

Concept: A talented security guard who has come to realise that saying nothing at all is far more intimidating than shouting over the competition
Other Eras & Jobs: N/A

Appearance: Peteris has a medium skin tone, freckles, and complete Heterochromia Iridis; because of this, his right eye is blue and left is dark brown. He stands just above the six foot mark, and has broad shoulders and a square jaw. He often keeps his hair in a short buzz cut, and often keeps his attire clean and pressed due to his frequent duties around upper class societies.
Ethnicity: Mixed Latvian
Personality: Peteris is known by his work colleagues, friends, and even clients as 'Nil'. He barely speaks, if at all, but even despite this he is fairly charismatic. He will never turn down a bet or a competition, and is likely one of the most proficient at completing dares given to him during drinking games. Somehow, he is also alluring enough to be lucky with ladies, to the point where even he is baffled; he likes to assume it's because of his appearance. He earned the name 'Nil' by being consistently stoic and professional outside of leisure time, and finds himself being requested specifically by high-end clients due to his perceptiveness.

Backstory: Peteris is very closed off about his backstory. He knew his mother was an immigrant in Latvia and his father was a native, which meant he was somewhat of a minority in the country. He'd been particularly shy during childhood, and his father insisted he was sent to Katorga for school. This wasn't a pleasant time for him; many of his possessions were reprimanded, and once again, he found himself being highly unusual compared to the majority. The bullying began to shape his personality to a point where he no longer wanted to show weakness, and eventually indulged in numbing potions for any injuries. A side affect, however, was a growing disconnect from his emotions, and even since letting the potions and past go, he hasn't entirely recovered emotionally.
Recent History: After moving to England over five years ago, Peteris joined as a warehouse worker at Cleary Co under Hugh Cleary. After Ivan established Watchdogs, Peteris was one of the first to apply for a transfer as full time security. Although he is not the most experienced in security positions, he is often used as a silent back up due to his cool nature and unreadable persona. Recently, he has been used as a personal security guard for Viola York, and is now given more and more duties to attend elite galas.
Current Goals: To get a raise

Hobbies: Drinking, gambling on thestral races, flying, dueling
Loyalties: Cleary Co, Watchdogs, his teammates
Mental Strengths: Collected, professional, analytical
Mental Weaknesses: Unreadable, emotionally disconnected, disconcerting
Magical Strengths: DADA, flying, history of magic
Magical Weaknesses: Arithmancy, potions, herbology

Strongest Childhood Memory: Being sent away to school, and hating every minute of it
Secret They'll Never Tell: The extent of trauma he suffered related to his final years of school

Played By: Vyreia
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Arsene, Vaultkeeper


Welcome to the Wizarding World, Peteris!

Your world is about to get a lot more interesting. I would seriously push that raise. You might like to begin your story in Glitz and Glamour, which takes place in London, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Peteris is being offered a job for one night that could possibly get him in good graces with his boss. The bad news? The pay is significantly lower than his normal work with Viola. Does he take the opportunity?

★ He's been getting strange requests from his charge; requests he's sure are against company policy.

Before you jump in...