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 #31422  by TyrellRose
So I'm trying to get my character Alun Reese into the Order of the Phoenix in Golden Era (after the death of his wife)! To do that, I need five threads showing Alun either supporting the Order or opposing the Death Eaters/You-Know-You.

I've already completed one thread, but I'm looking for four more - so I'm wondering if anyone else is looking to have a character join the Order and wants to buddy up on threads with me!

Another option would be characters looking to join the Death Eaters, since we can have threads where they're opposing each other!

Feel free to message me or post here if you have a character you'd like to have join either faction!
 #31428  by Vyreia

I have Cecile Delaurier in Golden Era who likely would be trying to join, and if not her, Griffin Reid would likely wanna get in on it. They're both the sort of people that wanna do good for the world, so maybe one of them can team up with Alun or help him along the way.
 #31631  by Vyreia
TyrellRose wrote: 12 Oct 2019, 21:48 That's awesome! I'd be happy to thread with either (or both ;)) of them! Perhaps we could start maybe with the aftermath of a Death Eater attack and maybe Alun and Cecile both happened to be nearby?
That sounds great to me (insert that Road to El Dorado gif of "both?" "both?" "Both.") So yes, both is good :joy: And yeah that sounds good to me! Would be cool to have a few other people on the scene as well if they wanted to join?