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 #31421  by Viola York
It had been over a week since Viola had seen Gavin; their schedules simply hadn't aligned, and Merlin, did Viola feel it. It was getting into dangerous territory now. She dreaded leaving his side, started to actually enjoy his company rather than just his bed. 'Business trips' were becoming more and more common where she would stay the night with Gavin at either his home or a hotel somewhere unsuspected. But she began to ache for his arms around her, the tone of his voice, the knowledge that he was always only a few metres away.

Since her wedding night, she had been cheating on Aidan profusely, having not even slept with her own husband yet. Her mind was far too distracted with Gavin, and she was starting to fear the worst for herself. When she was set to marry him she wouldn't even dream of admitting any sort of love...But now that he was completely off the table as a lifelong partner...her chest ached.

Looking down, Viola looked down into the shopping bags. She'd recently returned from a trip after lumbering Aidan with Dorian yet again; apparently they'd gone to the park or something. Reaching into the bag, Viola pulled out the lacy material and held it against herself, moving to the mirror in the bedroom to get another look. She was sure Nil had enjoyed the sheer amount of time she spent looking at the various style!

She could never tell. His face gave nothing away, and the moment he'd returned her home, he made himself sparce.

Viola couldn't wait to show Gavin these new pieces! But it was then that she heard the jostle of the door, and Viola bolted, running back to the bags and shoving the lace inside, snatching the handles up and rushing to shove them in her wardrobe. She didn't want Aidan to see them...if he did, maybe he would get some ideas...
 #31462  by Gavin Iver
"Did you get those for me?" said a voice by the door.

But it wasn't the moody, sulky voice of Aidan. Far from it! It was the low, sultry voice of Gavin, who stood leaning against the door frame, arms casually crossed as he looked over Viola and glanced at what she was doing.

The entire arrangement had been going marvelously well! He had been angry and heart sick when Viola had wed... but when she ran off that very night to make violet love to him well... he had begun to see the bright side of things. He did not get her fortune, but... he had been attracted to her from the very beginning. Had he not proposed (before finding out about her fortune) that she become his mistress? And now ironically, through the twists of fate... she had become exactly that. Of course traditionally a mistress was single. Did that make him the mistress? Ah well... semantics. It was all the same. And honestly all the sneaking about only seemed to keep the spark alive! The fact that they could not constantly be together, meant they could not tire of one another, get on each others nerves, and all the other unpleasantness that came with marriage. It was the perfect arrangement!
 #31466  by Viola York
Viola jumped at the voice. That wasn't Aidan. She twisted, and saw none other than Gavin. Her heart immediately jolted in her chest, and she dropped the bags to stride over to him. Without a word, she swung her arms around him and kissed him passionately, evidently having missed him.

Upon pulling back, she smirked.

"Maybe." She teased, fingers playing with the collar of his shirt. "What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you was busy all week...you didn't rearrange anything just for me did you?"

But her expression showed that she was not concerned if he had done that; she would actually be very flattered if he'd done so.
 #31468  by Gavin Iver
"I might have..." said Gavin, his fingers running through the hair framing her face. He kissed her again, then said, "It's hard being away from you for long. I feel distracted all day. Nothing satisfies me."

He kissed her once more on the forehead, then said, "How have you been? How was your week with out me? Your husband still as irritating as ever? You don't think he suspects, do you?"
 #31469  by Viola York
Viola loved the feeling of his hands on her, and she curled her fingers at the fabric of his shirt.

"I've missed you so much. It's been torture." She spoke breathlessly, kissing once more before pressing her face against his chest in an embrace. "Merlin you smell good."

She pulled back slightly.

"He doesn't suspect a thing. Dumb as a door nail. But...you really shouldn't be here. What if her comes back?"
 #31475  by Gavin Iver
"He won't," said Gavin with a confident smile. "I have a servant that is very good at finding things out. Apparently he has a very full day. He is going to the park, then after to meet with Hera York... it will be quite a wile. We have hours."

Letting go of Viola he strolled further into the room, looking around as he said, "Besides, it add a certain element of fun, does it not? I already took his bride on her wedding night. Might as well take her in her own home..."

Tuning to her then he took a seat on the edge of the bed and said, "Why not model some of your new things for me?"
 #31476  by Viola York
Viola blinked.

"With Hera? Why is he with Hera?" She couldn't help but ask. She glanced behind her, back at the door in curiosity before turning toward Gavin again.

She pursed her lips. What on Earth did Aidan think he was doing with Hera? That didn't sit right at all. But then she looked back to Gavin, perched on her bed, looking at her expectantly. Why did she even care what Aidan was doing? It wasn't like she was jealous! After all, she had the gorgeous Gavin Iver to keep her company.

But then...she didn't want Hera spending time with what was hers.

"Whatever. Doesn't matter."

She nodded to him, and then picked up the bag, making her way to the bathroom so she could surprise him more. Eventually, after a few minutes, she did come out wearing a wine-coloured lacy set, matched with a suspender belt and garters. It nipped in at the waist, emphasising her hourglass figure, even more so as she leaned provocatively against the door frame.

"Thoughts?" She lifted a brow at him.
 #31481  by Gavin Iver
Gavin look a long time, looking her over carefully with smoldering eyes. But finally he stood, and walking over to her he said,

"I think... You look divine."

He scooped her up into her arms, spun around with her, then laying her on the bed he hovered over her, one knee already on the bed beside her as he said with lust in his eyes, "It makes me want to do things to you..."

He leaned down and kissed her chest between her breasts, then said, ".... all night long..."
 #31484  by Viola York
Viola gasped as he swept her up in his arms. He had always been able to take her off guard like that. She moved to wrap her legs around him, arching her back slightly as he kissed her. She immediately pressed her fingers into his hair.

"Merlin...I've missed you." She gasped, biting her lip after as she allowed herself to sink into the idea of having him there and then. "I wish I really could have you all night..."
 #31487  by Gavin Iver
"We will make the most of it then..." he said, running his fingers gently up her thigh. Sitting up then he pulled his shirt off, dropping it beside the bed, his eyes always on her as he said,

"You know that you are entirely mine, don't you? Soon every thought, of any many you were with in the past will be as dust."

Leaning back into her, bringing his hand to her breasts, he said, "You and I were meant to be. You can not deny that from he most you set eyes on me you felt it..."

And then he began to kiss her, lightly at first, then with growing intensity as his hands wandered where they pleased, working delicately to arose her more and more until-

The sound of voices could be hear right outside the door. A servant talking to... Aidan?! and then a hand jangling at the knob.

Faster then seemed humanly possibly, Gavin rolled off the bed, grabbed his shirt, and slid under it, vanishing from sight!
 #31488  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan opened the door to the bedroom and stepped in, a weary expression on his face... only to behold his wife dressed in stunning lingerie, stretched out on the bed before him!

His brows shot up at once as he looked at her, almost knocked silent before saying in a breathless voice,

"You... you look beautiful Viola!" He looked her over again, his face almost blushing. It had been a long time since he had seen her so, especially as they lived almost as acquaintances that barely tolerated each other.

Stepping towards her then, almost in a trance, he said, "You did this... for me?"

It was the only logical explanation as to why she had laid herself out like a beautifully present for him to find! What a wonderful surprise!
 #31489  by Viola York
Gavin certainly knew exactly what he was doing; or maybe he just knew her body so well by now. He was one of the few men to have ever heard her let out gasping whimpers rather than overly exaggerated moans like she did during any other experience. He got to hear the real her...in fact, one of the other few men was Simon Cleary.

She was really starting to get into it, closing her eyes and letting herself relax under him - all until there was Aidan's voice. Her eyes snapped open, and she was far slower at reacting than Gavin. Before she'd realised, he was off the bed and now unseen. Meanwhile Viola was still sprawled out, breathless, pupils dilated, and aroused...

As she looked up to Aidan, it became very evident how it looked to him. What else would he possibly think, and with the state she was in she wasn't surprised that he thought she was lusting for him! But as the reality began to settle in her mind, she took a smooth breath and lifted her chin, training her eyes from looking down at where Gavin had gone to.

"No shit, Idiot." She commented brashly. Slowly she began to sit up, looking up at him. "Well?"
 #31493  by Aidan Rogan
Wow! This was it! Finally! Nathan had been right. She would come around in time!

Aidan smiled, then slid his jacket off, tossing it over a chair. He walked over to the side of the bed, already feeling quite aroused at the sight of her.

Climbing part way on he leaned forward and kissed her, then said with a knowing smirk, "Did you arrange this with Hera? She wasn't really coming down with a cold, was she?"

Yes, that was why Aidan was home so early. Hera had send him a quick owl informing him that she seemed to be coming down with a cold and she did not want to pass it on to Dorian. But it all made sense now to Aidan. viola had planned out the entire surprise...
 #31494  by Viola York
Viola kissed back but...his mouth did not seem to feel as good as Gavin's. Though, Aidan likely wouldn't be able to tell her dissatisfaction. But then he mentioned that name again, and she pulled back, furrowing her brow.

"You was going to meet Hera?"

She already knew from Gavin but...now she could express a little more, right? She frowned at Aidan, shaking her head slightly.

"No? I thought you was just going to the park; if you took much longer I was going to send Nil after you." She looked him in the eyes. "Why was you going to see Hera?"
 #31495  by Aidan Rogan
Pulling back slightly, Aidan looked at her in surprise, then said, "I hang out with her all the time. You know this. Some times she comes here, some times I go there. She has been helping me with Gavin from the start. I go to her for advice, and to just chat about stuff and have some tea. I don't know why you are acting surprised..."

Or he did... Viola was so wrapped up in her own little world all the time she didn't seem to be paying attention to anything he did or said any more.

"But let's not talk about Hera..." he said, moving in on her again, his hand brushing up her leg.