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Re: [London] To Continue The Story

Magdalina Eklund, Watchdogs Security

Magical ★ Security Officer
"Maybe that's what I want." Magda snapped back,and then leaned forward on the table toward Jodie.

"Wow, you sure are all-knowing for such a prude. How about you start living your own life instead of trying to guide mine - a start would be to actually be yourself." She bit back.

And with that, she took Jens' hand. "C'mon. Let's go." She muttered, wanting to pull him away.

Played By: Vyreia
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Re: [London] To Continue The Story

Jens Eiffel, Schwarzwald Market

Magical ★ Security
Jens stared back and forth between the two women, having no clue as to what they were saying but... well maybe he had a slight clue with the way they glanced at him. Jodie was likely warning Magda against taking a strange man home and Magda was telling her to mind her own business.

Wow, was this what it felt like to others when he talked back and forth to Florian in German? A bit annoying... but as he saw he had come out the winner he happily stood with Magda and said, "My pleasure." smiling in an overly friendly way at Jodie then he said, "Hope to see you around..."

he then quickly picked up Magda's jacket and held it up to help her into it, sending sly smiles in Jodie's direction.

Played By: Aidan
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Re: [London] To Continue The Story

Jodie Watts, Occult Records

Metamorphmagus Magical ★ Jazz Singer
Jodie watched as Magda allowed herself to be led out, and a flicker of anxiousness reared its head within her. How could she let Magda do this? She should have never invited Jens back; he had clearly only one intention from the start. Simon's words knocked her out of the brief thoughts, and she looked back to him. She was about to refuse, but then bit her lip.

They never spent any time together outside of work or a group anymore. They'd actually started to build a sort of friendship, especially after the boat trip...but since the beach? Not so much. But she had also had a lot of time to think.

So she looked back to him and nodded. She stood, pulling on her jacket, smiling at the others before leaning down to Danica to whisper in her ear.

"Ask for Robin at the bar; she will escort you to somewhere safe to travel home and won't blow your cover. Trust me. Do not leave to go anywhere else with these people..."

Played By: Vyreia
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Re: [London] To Continue The Story

Freddie Crookes, Drifter

Magical ★
Freddie watched the exchange, and then smirked as two pairs of people left. He was already suspecting he would hear all the gory details from Jens at a later date; that's what blokes did after all. Brag. Nahla was off the table as she was usually hinting that it would never much as he sort of wanted it to. So, he looked to Danica.

"You want to 'ave some real fun. now? Ever been to an underground club?"

Played By: Vyreia
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