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 #31473  by Magdalina Eklund
"Javla Helvete...I wish I had that much unfinished business." Magda whispered, internally picturing what it would be like to fight so hard against a man only to have it turn into hot, steamy sex! She briefly glanced at Jens, wondering if he would be willing to indulge in play fighting. But she soon turned her thoughts away as Simon spoke.

"Fuck the game, I just wanna get drunk." She retorted, and then leaned forward, taking a shot and downing it. Merlin, that was good. "Actually, wait!"

She brought Simon here to help Jodie, right? Well, her drunk self clearly knew how to help!

"Simon! I dare you to kiss Jodie!"
 #31474  by Jodie Watts
Jodie gaped at Magda. What was she doing!? She blushed furiously.

And yet...after so much alcohol and Pixie Sprig, when she now looked up at Simon, her appearance was as it was briefly on the boat. Dark doe eyes, long curly black hair, deeper skin tone. She was simply too drunk to focus on the appearance, and she was unaware of the lifted brows from Freddie and Nahla at the change.
 #31479  by Simon Cleary
But unfortunately... Simon did not read Magda's words as being helpful to her friend. And so after looking at her a moment in silence he said, "Haven't you seen her blush enough this evening for your entertainment?"

But before more could be said the door of the Inn opened and in walked Marcus Reef...
 #31482  by Jodie Watts
And indeed, Jodie felt extremely shy. She'd spoken a big game earlier, wanting to make sure Jens didn't get the upper hand in the situation, but now she had to follow through!? And right after Simon was trying to protect her honour. She swallowed thickly, taking a large breath, looking up at the ceiling. Was she really going to allow herself to be made a fool of like this?


With that, she looked Jens in the face, scanning his features, and then smiled a little. All too soon, her skin paled drastically, hair shortened, jaw sharpened. When she stood up, she appeared as none other than Jens himself!

"Oi!" She spoke, lowering her voice somewhat. "You! You-" She continued, pointing at him. "I love you, man. You are just - wow! Somethin' else. A whole lotta man."
 #31508  by Marcus Reef
Marcus stopped in his tracks and looked to the group, or more specifically to the man standing. His brows shot up. What the devil...? He had no idea who that even was! But he saw Magda, Simon... Huh, Florian Dahl randomly.... It was some sort of joke?

"Uhm... thank you?" he said, quirking a brow, then grinning he said, "sorry but... you'll always be like a brother to me man."

Just then the same young man jumped to his feet! Turning around and waving his hands as he said, "No, no... it's not like this! It was a dare." turning to Jodie Jens said, "Ok, haha... very funny. You can change back now."
 #31510  by Simon Cleary
Simon simply looked back at Jodie in surprise. that... was pretty quick thinking on her part. Or had she always planned it? Funny how she became so alive and bold at times! He liked it.

Only... she only did when she was not herself...
 #31511  by Jodie Watts
Jodie looked over at everyone. Everyone, aside Jens, seemed to find it funny. She couldn't help but smile slightly; it felt good to make people laugh and not be the centre of attention for a bad reason. But...she was stood here as a man nothing like herself. She took a breath, changing back into her usual form.

One day she would come into the inn, truly, as herself. One day...

But for now, she looked back over to Marcus. "Sorry, Reef! We can still be siblings if you want." She smirked before seating herself.
 #31516  by Jodie Watts
"Magda." She spoke up, though glanced off to the others before quickly switching to Swedish.

"Are you sure you should be doing this? You don't even know him - he could be anything. You really want to risk something like that?"
 #31517  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda looked to Jens, and then back to Jodie.

"Er, ya." She gave Jodie a furrowed look, also switching to Swedish, the fluency evident. "Have you seen him? He's handsome, and funny, and charismatic, and-"

"-A bully." Jodie interrupted.

Magda frowned, shaking her head.

"Why can't you just be happy for me? Just because you're perfectly happy not putting out doesn't mean I am, and besides! You're really one to talk with your crush! How is he more dangerous than Simon. At least Jens isn't a fucking creep."
 #31518  by Jodie Watts
Jodie grit her teeth, and then looked to Jens for a few seconds before looking back.

"He will use you, Magda. I'm only trying to warn you. He suggested your place so he can leave easily in the morning."
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