A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30744  by Hunter Nox
Hunter slowly began to stand, and then lifted his chin, clearly accepting the offer.
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Astrid swallowed thickly, but tried to hide the slight hesitation. She had not expected it to be so easy. She took a final drag and then stubbed out the cigarette on the throne-like chair. She steadily made her way over, bringing her wand out, pointing the tip at the collar and looking at it intently.

It was now or never.
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"You know, Mistress...once you do this, there is no going back. You must be in a very desperate position if you are so willing to do this; I could easily kill you the moment you release me. You understand that, right? All of this is worth the risk?" He lifted a brow at her.
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Astrid bit her lip.

"I have always enjoyed seeing this collar on you; it reminds me of how weak and vulnerable creatures like you can be. It enhances my ability to believe that I am a brutal force in this world, and that I am capable of far more than most. But with this collar...I have removed your automatism. You are merely a pet, a tool...to have a creature like you wilfully serve me will shake men to their bone marrow. But before I can do that...I must make perhaps a big mistake in order to ensure you understand how serious I am."

Astrid lifted her wand, taking a deep, laboured breath. And with a flick of the wand, the collar unlatched and feel to the ground with a thud.

"I am certain Nathan will be notified that it has been removed."
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In one swift action, Hunter swung his hand at her as though about to hit her right in the jaw. He saw her flinch, unsure what to do. But he stopped just shy of contact, his eyes glancing around, barely registering the fact that her wand was pointed right at him.

"You really did come alone to do this..." He looked back to her, lowering his arm. "I don't know what your are naive or brave...perhaps both."
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Astrid grit her teeth.

"Tactical is the word you're looking for. Now come, before anyone realises, let's get you to your new hideout." She nodded to him, picking up the collar and stuffing it away in her bag before leading the way to the door.

Having him at the new club would definitely be an asset...