A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Astrid composed herself. So what if her last meeting for arrangements to get more people on side hadn't gone as planned? She would get Magda back eventually...and she would do it without having to use Nathan as bait. She would snatch her back if it was the last thing she did!

But there was someone else she wanted control of first. After taking a breath, she entered into the room, lifting her chin.

"Making yourself at home, are you?"
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Hunter turned in his wheeled chair, spinning rather flamboyantly, a paintbrush and palette in hand.

"Ahhh! Mistress Iver! What a pleasant surprise." He tilted his head, trying to look past her. "What, no husband? No executioner? No hounds to threaten me? Wow...anybody would think a friendship was forming between us!" He offered a crooked smile, clearly enjoying opposing her formality.
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Astrid pursed her lips, humming in response.

"Yes...yes, friendship, of course." She muttered to herself, clearly not putting any weight on the words. She lifted her hand, sliding her finger over the face of a stag's scull perched on the wall. "Somehow you have swindled a nice set up here...a prisoner with a throne, ornaments, and recreational activities."

She glanced over at him, lifting a brow as she saw the many other canvases that he had painted on.

"Does this perhaps suggest you are somehow doing favours for someone and are easily bought? Or is someone trying to gain your approval?"
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Hunter smirked, shaking his head slightly before looking down at his palette. He began to meld one colour to the other, forming a vibrant purple.

"Neither, Mistress. Simply known for my benevolent nature and kind spirit; I am well missed in the community." He chuckled. "I may have handed the keys to the lock over, but I am the one who cast the iron bars of the cell. I created the Kingdom as it is today, and although I am not so present, I have influenced the members to the point of following my wishes even from beyond the grave. Rogan simply says 'It's what he would have wanted', and they love me too much to argue otherwise."

He glanced up, then shrugged.

"As for the possessions? Mr Iver has been quite generous after I agreed to take on his jobs."
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Hunter had started a brush stroke across the canvas, but at Astrid's words, he halted. The bristles pressed against the painting, splaying out the colour from the previously precise line of paint. He flicked his eyes up at her.

"Oh? And what's the price of that? Surely not generosity from your cold, black heart, I presume."
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Astrid sucked at her teeth for a moment before striding forward, taking a seat right in Hunter's throne. The action itself caused the Vampire to narrow his eyes in irritation, but Astrid didn't seem to notice...or pretended not to. She brought out her silver cigarette case, something she had previously given Nathan to use, but clearly she had taken it back. Without much hesitation, she lit up a cigarette, took a drag, and looked back to Wesley.

"I want you to serve me, and only me."
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Wesley lifted his brows, but then began to chuckle, shaking his head.

"Not enough money in the world, Mistress. What more can you offer; a fancier bed? A permanent chambermaid? A frequent supply of alcohol? It's all rudimentary at this point; stuff and things for no purpose. A good attempt, Mrs Iver, but not quite tickling my fancy."

And with that, he brought out a tissue in an attempt to fix his previous error.
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As soon as she uttered the words, his eyes snapped to her in blazing confusion. He let the words sink in, and slowly placed down the tissue and brush, turning more to face her.

"My freedom in a cell?" He asked, eyes set on her.
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Astrid sat back, crossing one leg over the other, blowing out smoke.

"I mean freedom, Hunter. No cell, no collar, no restraints. You vow yourself to me, and I will change your entire state of being. You see, I am about to come into a new property, a business development project; and with it? A lot more enemies will be made. People will begin to notice the development of Lunstrom activity in the UK rather than just Sweden, and they may become threatened by this. I need someone onside who is always willing to deal with any...problems. Someone I can rely on, someone who has been in the game long enough not to make any stupid mistakes..."

She leaned forward, looking him in the face.

"That, and I want you out of Nathan's clutches. Not so long ago, he staged a coop against me, even so far as using my own employees. He used the imperious on my most loyal follower. It's one of the more deplorable things he has ever done to me, and now? I will show him exactly who he married. He likes to believe that the Ivers have their fingers in all the pies, that they are so powerful, that he has built his empire alone. He's wrong. I am Astrid Lundstrom, and if you serve me exclusively, you will never see a locked door again."
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Hunter stared at her a moment, lifting his chin.

"The business is one thing...Mr Iver is another. You want to use me to get even on your husband, to take away his favourite toy." He shrugged. "I can't falter your ambition. But I must warn you; we used to be business partners. It will definitely cost a lot if you expect me to voluntarily stand in his way at any time..."
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Another drag.

"I'm not particularly asking you to stand in his way...I just want to ensure you never stand in mine. I want to remove you as an option to him...but by choice. I want you to align yourself with me by your own accord, not by some stupid room or collar. As beautiful as that harness is, as wonderful as it is to see a creature such as you bound and broken, it will not create the affect I want. What will truly harm him is knowing that I have you without force, that you agree with me, that I am simply the better player in this game."

"I would still require you to remain undercover, without direct control of the kingdom. You will remain a silent partner. I will set up suitable accommodation for you in Sweden, offer you opportunities you would otherwise miss here - on the condition that you show firm partnership with me when asked, that you come to my aid immediately, and that you ask my permission before carrying out his orders."
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Hunter stared at her, and then looked away, thinking very carefully. He hummed a moment, and then glanced back.

"I assume you will be doing the same with The Kingdom? Taking direct control?"