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 #30721  by Luna Lovegood
Luna lay on her stomach, propped up on her elbows with her feet swinging wistfully back and forth in the air behind her. In front of her, a charms book lay open and she read quietly with a little daydreamy smile on her face. One thing she loved was learning new charms. Her mother had as well, and even though it led to her ultimate demise, Luna thought that her mother would have wanted her to keep learning.

Her beam of light was shifting and she would soon have to move. This was the trouble of spending your time in smaller areas in the castle. Of course it was better than trying to study where the air was full of kids whispering, or worse, throwing balled up parchment at her and trying to pretend that they didn't know who did it. It was a little lonely here in a random corridor, but it was fairly quiet, and that was all that mattered. She only wished she had someone to share her space with.
 #30935  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley trekked up the winding staircase somewhere between the sixth and seventh floors, feeling thoroughly exhausted. Quidditch practice had been a rough one that day - her hair was still wet from the half-hour shower that had been required to remove mud from all crevices - and the lively group study session in the library immediately following, while enjoyable, hadn't done anything to soothe Ginny's tired bones. Her feet dragged, and her potions books were feeling particularly heavy in her bag. If she hadn't stopped on the middle of a landing to catch her breath, she certainly wouldn't have caught sight of the pair of feet dangling in midair from a small alcove beneath a window.

"Is that… Luna?" Ginny asked tentatively, approaching so that the girl came fully into view. She smiled at the glassy look of recognition that greeted her on Luna's face.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, sliding her bag off her shoulder. It landed on the ground with a loud thud. Ginny frowned. "You weren't the one Zacharias Smith was bewitching spitballs to follow around the library, were you? I hope not, but also, say yes, because I'd be happy to have an excuse to kill him."
 #31533  by Luna Lovegood
Luna looked up as she heard her name. Not many people called her just Luna. She was more often called Loony or something similar. Anything they could do to her name to make it funnier to them. It was mean, but Luna knew those people just didn't understand themselves yet, and they felt the need to make themselves look better by making others look worse.

"Hello Ginny," she greeted, sitting up a little. "I'm just reading up on my charms. It's my favorite subject right now. Reminds me of my mother when I miss her. It wasn't me though, that the spitballs were chasing. I've been up here for a bit. I enjoy the quiet and I learned a while ago to stay away from the library when certain people were in it." She smiled loosely. "Would you like to join me, or were you heading someplace else?" she asked, looking a little hopeful that Ginny might stay with her. She quite liked Ginny.

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