These countries are experiencing a period of economic downturn, but an upswing in social norms particularly for women whom have a number of recently acquired rights.
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[London] Tea and Gossip

Madeline Grace Montgomery, Aristocrat

Magical ★
Madeline smiled down at her small piece of fancy parchment stationery. It was delicate and smelled of her linen closet- fresh and clean and floral. She wrote in equally delicate cursive in lavender ink, dotting all of her I's and crossing all of her T's before signing her name at the bottom and resisting the urge to give in to the romance that she felt in her heart- something that she didn't think she'd feel again after so long.

She folded the paper and carefully slid it into a matching parchment envelope, tucking the flap in for the safekeeping of the letter. She felt light and sunny, like a sunflower or a daisy under a clear blue sky on a warm day. How could another person make her feel this way? It didn't matter. She enjoyed it.

Picking up the china tea cup, she sipped just a little before addressing the envelope to Eddie Turner.

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Played By: Peyton