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 #30711  by Nate Dexter

My Name or Nickname:Nik
OOC Account:Nik
Quills Account(s): Free Season Character

NAME: Nathaniel William Dexter
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 October 1978
EMPLOYER: 7th Year Hogwarts Student


Concept: A final year Hogwarts student waiting for the day he can finally be free of his past
Other Eras & Jobs:
Reformation - Bar Tender, Blood Moon Inn

Appearance: Looking at Nate you might think he comes from quite a well off family. He looks to dress well and keep himself looking good whether thats with a good haircut or keeping fit through boxing. Nate knows that life is all about appearances and making the most out of a tough situation. He has brown hair and a brown, short beard. His eyes are blueand he has an ear piercing in both ears.
Ethnicity: English
Personality: Mostly a reserved young man, Nate spends most of his time in the shadows watching the world go by. He's a great reader of people but holds an inherent distrust of people that clearly stems from his relationship with his uncle. Most people in his house and year will say that he's a bit strange but generally seems like an OK guy. Those that get to actually know him will know that's he's loyal to the bone. There's nothing he won't do for the very few people in his life that he truly and deeply cares about. If he doesn't like you though, he'll be a lot more vocal about it and can come across as rude or standoffish. In recent months he has tried to be nicer, tried to open himself up. But quickly realises that it's a bad idea before retreating into his shell once more.

Backstory: Nate grew up with the ideal childhood. Born to two muggle parents, Joshua and Elizabeth Dexter, the family grew up happily in a small town outside of Newcastle. With both sets of grandparents dying before Nate was born, the family consisted solely of himself, his parents and his father's brother who they never saw too much of.

It was when Nate was around six years old that his magical abilities started to show themselves much to his parents' surprise. Doors slamming shut by themselves, toys being cleaned up much too quickly for a child. The family kept it under wraps, not really knowing what was happening with their son.

Just before Nate’s seventh birthday, he was spending the night at his uncle's house. His parents were having a much deserved night out on their own. In the middle of the night, Nate woke up crying due to a nightmare. He cried for an hour to his uncle about wanting his parents until his uncle eventually gave in and rang them to come to collect their son. On their way to collect Nate, the couple ended up in a severe car crash that killed them both instantly. That, sadly, marked the end of Nate’s happy childhood.

From there, a young Nate cried every day for a month for his parents. He just couldn’t grasp why they weren’t around to bring him to school or to go to football practice...in fact, why wasn’t he going to football practice at all? It was at this time that Nate moved in with his uncle, Patrick Dexter, and things started to go downhill.

In the following years, Nate’s magical abilities started to become more and more noticeable but uncontrollable as Nate and Patrick had no idea what was happening. Nate would often be locked in his room for hours on end just to make sure ‘darkness’ as Patrick liked to call it, was contained. Nate did not have a happy home life with his uncle who drank too much and cared too little for his nephew. Nate, a once extremely hardworking boy in school, became withdrawn and excluded, preferring his own company than those of his classmates.

Eventually, it was explained to Nate about his magical abilities and the young boy finally had a chance to get away from his horrid uncle (for 10 months of the year at least anyway). Little eleven-year-old Nate left on his first day for Hogwarts with a plan in his head to return as little as was physically possible to his uncle's house ever again.

Recent History: School has been..fine for Nate. Since starting Hogwarts he has a few select friends but still mainly keeps to himself. He attends classes and gets by with better grades than many with minimal effort. He hasn’t been back to Newcastle to see his uncle since he was fifteen. Every summer since he has spent sleeping in different ‘friends’ houses, mainly partying with people much older than him simply for a couch to sleep on.
Current Goals: Finish school and try and find some path in life. He knows leaving Hogwarts will be a shock to the system and doesn’t want to imagine the emptiness that will come post-graduation.

Hobbies: Reading, Partying, Boxing
Loyalties: Himself - He doesn’t need anyone else
Mental Strengths: Intelligent, Honest, Loyal
Mental Weaknesses: Reserved, Untrusting
Magical Strengths: Potions
Magical Weaknesses: Transfiguration

Strongest Childhood Memory: His uncle telling him his parents died
Secret They'll Never Tell: He believes the world would be better off without his uncle
 #30716  by TyrellRose

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Nate!

Hopefully this Ravenclaw finds some peace, especially with graduation coming up. You might like to begin your story in An Unfortunate Invitation, which takes place in Hogwarts, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ You find a strange room in Hogwarts that seems perfectly set up for boxing... is this too good to be true?

★ There's a potential job opportunity for young potioneers after graduation at Bunica's Basket Apothecary - are you willing to travel for the job interview?

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