A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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 #31411  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery learned that she understood what she was getting herself into. He wasn't really that keen on being a seeker though he believed he would be fairly good at it.
"My brother has the professional player role taken in our family. But I guess I wouldn't mind following in his footsteps... but who knows," he shrugged. He had few other ideas that were far more likely to turn into something in the future.
"It seems you have the fire to be a good player... so don't give up just yet," he tried to be a bit supportive.
 #31442  by Olivia Stone
"Fire! That's exactly what you need." She grinned brightly, placing her hands on her hips as though posing to be sculptured as a monument.

But after a moment, she pursed her lips and hummed.

"Well...maybe that's a career choice but...I also kind of want to be an investigative journalist for The Daily Prophet. See, there's a reporter there that's always been nice to me and sort of inspired me. He was nice to my foster mum too; looked after us when times got hard but...now I never see him. I keep wanting to write to him but...ever since he and Yulia stopped talking, it feels awkward." She sighed.
 #31443  by Avery Falstolfe
"There is nothing wrong to have more than one plan for the future. Well, seems quite reasonable actually since plans can easily fail, unfortunately," he was speaking from experience here since the tryouts for the team was just one of few other plans that... didn't go as intended.
"I think I would make a mean auror... but who knows what will happen," there were few years left at school and much can change in the meantime.
 #31444  by Olivia Stone
Olivia nodded.

"Aurors are cool. I don't think I would be very good but...maybe you can fight the bad guys and I can write about it?" She laughed a little, and then began to fidget at little with her tie.

"Would you say you're good at solving mysteries then? You could figure out if there was something weird going on?"
 #31446  by Avery Falstolfe
"Mysteries? Nah... probably not. I suppose I would be one of those who gets called once the mystery is solved and you just need someone to blast the door open and fight some dark wizard," he waved his hand in some sort of imaginary wand movement.
"Fortunately, there is still a lot of time to think about what I would like to do one day," if he would to choose now he probably couldn't.
 #31448  by Olivia Stone
Olivia gave a small smile, but it soon began to fade a little.

"Oh...yeah..." She pursed her lips slightly. "Well, maybe I could do the mystery solving but..."

She sighed.

"Okay, uhm...Basically, Yulia isn't replying to any of my letters. She always replies. I know that she got sort of mixed up in some scary stuff so I'm kind of worried about if she's okay or not. I was maybe hoping to find someone to help me find out why she's suddenly ignoring. I'm hoping she isn't ignoring me, but at the same time...I don't want it to be because she's in trouble. I've been trying to find someone good with mysteries." She glanced around, but then looked at Avery.

"Sorry, that was inconsiderate of me. I shouldn't be going off on one like that..."
 #31467  by Avery Falstolfe
It was a nice talk and it went fairly well, or at least Avery thought so before Olivia started talking about this "Yulia" person. She probably mentioned her just a moment ago and if he listened correctly it was her foster mom?
Well, be it as it was he had absolutely no idea how to react to this.
"Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help you... " he also had some family issues but he really didn't like to talk about it. Especially with people he's just met.
 #31470  by Olivia Stone
Olivia scrunched her nose, then folded her arms.

"Yeah...seems like nobody does..." She pursed her lips, looking away as she watched other people riding their brooms. "I'll just have to figure it out on my own then."
 #31483  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery felt a little bad for not helping her but... he didn't know how he could.
"But if you need to talk about things I can be here to listen... perhaps it will lead to something," he offered not quite sure why. After all, he just met this person.
"Uh... didn't we come here to fly?" he asked because it seemed that they kind of forgot about that.
 #31486  by Olivia Stone
"Huh?" She replied, furrowing her brows for a moment. Apparently, she really had forgotten why she was here; even with the broom still in her hand! "Oh!"

She grinned, a little coyly after now realising she had completely removed the idea of flying from her knowledge.

"Yes, yeah, we did. Uhm..." She glanced around. "Do you wanna find a more quiet spot or do you wanna join a group somewhere? That is...if you event wanted to fly with me, of course."
 #31513  by Avery Falstolfe
"I think some quiet spot would be perfect. Not that I don't appreciate the presence of all my housemates but... well the sky is big enough for all of us," well it was a bit of an over-exaggeration yes but flying with so many people around was annoying. It took the freedom from flying and that was the best part of it.
"Of course I want to fly with you, it's hard to find someone with the fire!" he laughed.
 #31526  by Olivia Stone
Olivia grinned.

"Alright! Cool, let's go." She gestured, deciding to lead the way and march towards a more secluded spot. She enjoyed a lot of the hustle and bustle; she got a lot of her energy from being around people. But sometimes it really could be nice to hang out with one person at a time.

Stepping up to a large tree, Olivia shielded her eyes from the sun, squinting.

"I wonder what it's like at the top. Well...I mean we could fly up there - it's a shame. Before I knew I was a witch, I used to climb trees all the time. Now...there sorta isn't a point if I can just fly."
 #31621  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery followed Olivia without a word. He wasn't quite sure why did they walk when they could fly but whatever. Perhaps it wasn't worth it on such a short distance. And then they reached a big tree.
"I was raised in a wizard family so I always knew I was a wizard. But I have no idea why should flying prevent you from climbing trees. When you learn to apparate will that prevent you from walking?" he asked.
 #31628  by Olivia Stone
Olivia pursed her lips and then looked to him.

"I like you. You say smart things. Maybe I should climb trees still...even if I kinda forgot all my techniques." She smirked, and then looked over to him. "You've never climbed a tree before?"
 #31634  by Avery Falstolfe
"I never said I haven't. Though once it was because my broom got stuck in the branches after a small flying mishap... and once I got charged by a wild boar and I got to the top of a tree so fast I might have accidentally apparate there," he laughed. It was a long time ago and getting down was more of a problem than getting up.
"I am not pretending I am an expert though," he did prefer flying over climbing trees.