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Sorcery Scouts
Europe|North America β˜… V|E|M|G|R|L β˜… Vault Original

Welcome to Sorcery Scouts! One of the oldest scouting organizations in the world and the premier scouting organisation for children of magical ability or magical parentage. With the motto "Magic, Might, and Modesty", participation in a local Sorcery Scouts troop is sure to enhance learning, growing, and enjoyment for children and teenagers across the globe. Unlike many non-magical organizations, Sorcery Scouts does not prohibit membership based on gender identity or blood status. Additionally, children suffering from lycanthropy, fledgling metamorphmagi, and others with unique magical abilities are all welcome.


Sorcery Scouts expands across multiple countries, but the main headquarters is in Manitoba, Canada, with an office located just outside of Camp Wandsworth. Through a partnership with the camp, Scouts are able to interact with one another and take part in camp activities, assisting them in building their badge collection with others.

Recently, Sorcery Scouts has begun to identify regional representatives across the globe, including: Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Spain, and Sweden. However, representatives are encouraged to spread the word of the scouting to various other countries by hosting events, attending shows, and offering activities for the local children. Sorcery Scouts is recommended by many schools due to their priorities of helpfulness, determination, aspect of learning, and opportunities for real life experience. Not only that, but it's a great way to practice magic!

Even with the official international branches, anyone can become a troop leader anywhere in the world. Simply order a starter guide, register, and set up a place to start some wonderful memories in.

Age Groups & Badges
The troop age levels and badges are created and monitored by the full time organisational staff and part-time troop leaders. All children are able to join providing that they come from a wizarding background or have already been identified as having magical abilities: prospective scouts must know about magic prior to joining.

Children and teenagers of any age may join at any time, even if they have not previously participated in scouting, and will be sorted into a troop according to their age:

Level I: Kneazle Scouts - Ages 6-8
Level 2: Pixie Scouts - Ages 9-11
Level 3: Gryffon Scouts - Ages 12-13
Level 4: Unicorn Scouts - Ages 14-15
Level 5: Phoenix Scouts - Ages 16-17

Currently, scouts can earn the following badges:

Kneazle Scouts: Astronomy, Herbology, & Magical Etiquette
Pixie Scouts: Astronomy, Herbology, Magical Etiquette, & Potions
Gryffon Scouts: Astronomy, Herbology, Household Spells, Magical Etiquette, Mending Spells, & Potions
Unicorn Scouts: Astronomy, Herbology, Household Spells, Magical Etiquette, Mending Spells, & Potions
Phoenix Scouts: Astronomy, Healing Spells, Herbology, Household Spells, Magical Etiquette, Mending Spells, & Potions

Badge earning information will be expanded on during the Fall 2019 season.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Challenge director, event coodinator, scout representative, part-time troop leader

Sorcery Scouts is an original business created by the Vault713 staff. Anyone is welcome to play characters working and attending this location, and are welcome to help expand this business' features. To suggest ideas or ask questions about this business, please PM one of the Admins.