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 #573  by Vera Hadley
Location: Evelyn Winter’s House • Date: January 1st, 2002
Time of Day: 6 pm • Weather: Clear sky

They had spent Christmas at Vera’s house. The blonde had vehemently refused to let Louis celebrate his second Christmas in a house that was depleted of Christmas ornaments. The house was beautiful and modern, but not homely enough for the blonde, she was still waiting for the brunette to hang a picture of their little family she had been given for Christmas.

In their holiday negotiation, Evelyn had conceded Christmas, but had held on to New Year’s as tightly as she would have ensnared a good scoop. They had spent New Year’s Eve at an important function attended by many of the country’s influencers. It had been very interesting to see Evelyn carousing among those who invested great amounts of money in her publication. Evelyn had been mystifying, always somewhere between charming and firm, she had carried herself with pride and dignity. Vera had found her fiancé incredibly attractive. It had almost been hard to resist the impulse kiss her senselessly right then and there.

New Year’s Day was to be spent at Evelyn’s. A much quieter affair between them, Louis and… Emerson. Evelyn hadn’t said it explicitly, but Vera suspected that Evelyn was simply concerned for her best friend who had just spent her first holidays while separated.

A few minutes passed 6 the doorbell rang. Vera turned towards the kitchen where Evelyn had been cooking and announced that she would take care of the door.
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 #574  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson presented Vera with the bag that contained 6 bottles of wine. “That should be enough.” She flung the bag on Vera’s shoulder and without waiting to be invited in she stepped inside. She took a quick look around. “Welcome back, Vera. It took her long enough to get you back.” Emerson said unceremoniously even though the sentiment had been genuine.
 #576  by Emerson Toscano
“Yes well... “ Emerson shrugged. “That’s about as much as I had to tell you. I’m going to go say hi to Evelyn. And with that she made her way to the kitchen.

“Happy New Year!” She wished festively as she stepped into the room. Seeing her friend cooking wasn’t all that shocking, but seeing her taking care of a toddler as she did it was a sight that would take so getting used to.
 #660  by Evelyn Winters
Cooking for three adults and a young children on New Years day was a new way to start the impending year, but with the way Louis was happily sitting near her feet while Vera flitted in and out of the kitchen with a smile on her face, the editor-in-chief was positive there no better way. Usually Evelyn spent it drunk and surrounded by people she hated and when the clock struck midnight she was making her way home to become even more drunk. 2002 however was one year she would not allow herself go into blindly however. This was her year, her families year and hell if she wasn’t about to start it good.

Now however, two hours into her meal preparation, Evelyn held a glass of wine in one hand while she juggled a child and a spitting pan in the other. Louis had finished rolling about the tile covered floor not a few minutes ago, and with Vera disappearing to answer the door, the french woman was left to fend for herself.

Sipping from her glass and pressing Louis tighter against her with the crook her of arm, she stirred the gravy in front of her jerkily until she heard a voice from the kitchen entrance. “Emerson, oh good, come over here and stir this will you?”

Taking a step back so the woman could take over, she adjusted the squirming child and gripped her drink tighter. Why was she only allowing herself one glass of wine again?
 #661  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson chuckled as she stepped in to help her friend, but not before putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder and giving it a small squeeze. She stirred the gravy as she made faces to amuse Louis.

“Took you a few months, but you finally got her back, uh?” She gave Evelyn a knowing smile. “I knew you liked her.” She added taking advantage of the fact that Vera hadn’t yet joined them.
 #688  by Evelyn Winters
Blushing ever so slightly, Evelyn avoided Emerson’s gaze and instead pressed her forehead against Louis’ and pretended to chew on the boys cheek by nibbling at her with her lip covered teeth.

“Yes well, turns out I’m quite attached to this little family.” That was the understatement of the year but she was already far too embarrassed by Emerson’s word to admit just how happy she was to have Louis and Vera back into her life.

“But let's not dwell on my past mistakes,” Evelyn quickly continued, placing her wine glass down on the counter nearest to her so she could switch Louis from on side to the other, “Why don’t we discuss your love life instead. How is Julian? Emma, or whatever her name is.”
 #707  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson rolled her eyes. “Might want to take another sip of that wine and calm down, I just wanted to say that I’m happy for you.” She stated as she smelled the gravy. “It suits you.”

She groaned. “Julian did his best to try to ruin Christmas.” She was fairly certain she had done enough damage control to prevent the boys from noticing most of their father’s antics, but there had definitely been tensed moments. “The boys…” she shook her head thinking about how their separations affected the boys just broke her heart. “It could have been worst.” She simply said ready to change topics.

Not foolish enough to discuss Emily she smelled the gravy once more and pretended to consider which ingredient might be missing. “Maybe a bit more salt?” She mused.
 #715  by Evelyn Winters
Emerson’s son; the unintended casualties of their parents decisions. It was a sad reality but if her brunette friend continued with whatever dalliance she had struck up with this Emily than Emerson was going to have to get used to her boys being hurt. Julian was not a man who’d let something like his wife sleeping with a woman slide, he was sure to use it to his advantage.

“My god-sons are smart boys and whatever decisions Julian makes they are sure to see through them.” Reaching out, she squeezed Emerson’s elbow before lowering Louis to the ground and stepping back in to take over the stirring.

Louis moved quickly away from them with a screech, unimpressed with having been put down and the blonde boy looked around for his mother to pick him back up.

 #716  by Vera Hadley
Having arranged Emerson’s bottles into Evelyn’s little wine cellar the blonde made her way back to the kitchen just in time to catch her son and put him on her hip. She kissed the side of his head.

Aware that Emerson’s Christmas had likely been complex affair considering the fact that she seemed to be going through marital problems the blonde thought it would be unwise to inquire about the woman’s holidays. The safest option was probably to let Evelyn drive the conversation.

She simply stood close to the counter, swaying from one side to the other while she played with the back of Louis’s hair.
 #717  by Emerson Toscano
For a moment they remained silent, Emerson’s thoughts easily drifted towards Emily. What was the blonde doing now? Was she thinking about Emerson? When would they manage to see each other next? Soon hopefully.

Eventually her eyes drifted to the blonde in the room. Her repetitive movements dulled Emerson into a strange reassuring feeling. She was among friends. Spending time with Evelyn’s little happy family was reminder that her own family would eventually go back to their former sense of peace.

They were just going through a rough patch. She was looking at Vera’s hand lovingly stroking her son’s hair. when she noticed something. A familiar ring. Something she had felt between her own fingers whenever she had held her best friend’s hand. Except… Why was it around the blonde’s finger? She tilted her head and frowned, turning to look at Evelyn’s hand.

Her eyes widened, her mouth opened wide, she let the wooden spoon fall in the gravy and pointed towards Vera’s finger. “What is that doing there instead of there?” She asked her finger shifting to Evelyn’s finger.
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Smiling at her blonde lover as she entered the room and scooped up her child, Evelyn happily turned back to where she stood hip to hip with Emerson. Juggling a few pots, a hot oven and a pan was a simple task when paired with a room full of loved ones. Or so she thought…

Scrambling for the spoon Emerson dropped, the French woman let out a hiss at the near disaster her friend caused. “Merde!” She cursed, her fingers now covered in a sticky brown substance.

She didn’t get any further with her anger at her friends slip up however because Evelyn finally understood what Emerson was waving at.


“Didn’t I tell you?” the woman started, sneaking a glance at Vera and then quickly turning back to her meal, “Vera and I are getting married or we’re engaged at least.” She shrugged,”I thought I’d just make sure our next break up was less easier because Merlin knows this woman will soon come to realization that I’m not worth the trouble.”

Winking at Vera she turned to see Emerson’s reaction. make the next break up more difficult because Merlin knows this woman is bound to come to the realization I’m not worth the hassle.”

Evelyn winked at Vera before turning back to Emerson and the stove
 #882  by Emerson Toscano
“You did not.” She assured vehemently. Too shocked to even consider faking an appropriate response her eyes simply bounced from Vera to Evelyn.

“Yes that’s exactly what engagements are for.” Emerson snarked back fully aware that her friend had been doing irony more than anything.

Evelyn was engaged. Engaged to get married. Yes it was quick. Yes Emerson kind of felt betrayed that her blessing had not been requested. But most of all what seemed to concern her was the fact that she knew the engagement was meaningful. It was quick, but not hasty. Evelyn loved Vera and more importantly she loved the blonde’s son. Evelyn wasn’t only engaged, she had a family now.

A family. The one thing Emerson had just lost, her best friend was gaining. Emerson closed her eyes for a second.

“You are worth the trouble.” Emerson assured before she opened her eyes again. “Vera is very lucky to have realized that.” She said with a small smile that was interrupted by the lump in her throat. She still managed to walk across the counter to give Vera a hug.
 #883  by Vera Hadley
Vera’s eyes widened as Emerson realized that they were engaged. It felt like watching a collision in slow motion, but instead of bracing for impact she gave Evelyn a reproachful look. Shouldn’t she have told her best friend about their engagement?

“I don’t intend on letting her break up again.” The blonde assured with a frown. Evelyn’s self deprecating remarks clearly touched a sore spot, the blonde wasn’t quite ready to make light of their brief separation nor did she intend to go through anything like it ever again.

Surprised to feel Emerson’s arms around her the blonde reciprocated the hug as well as one could while carrying a one year old. She thanked Emerson for her congratulations, but she knew she was missing something. While the brunette’s words were congratulating there were undertones that the blonde just wasn’t perceptive enough to understand.

She watched carefully as Emerson walked towards Evelyn to give her congratulations.
 #886  by Evelyn Winters
Remaining still in front of the stove as Vera and Emerson spoke, Evelyn let the bubbling mixture keep her attention until she felt her friend return back to her side.

Switching off the hot plate, she wiped her hands on the dish towel slung over her shoulder and then turned to regard the two other woman in her kitchen.

Her joke had obviously rubbed Vera and wrong way and whatever Emerson was feeling right now, the French woman could feel it coming off her in waves. Her friend and fiancé -two of the most important people in her life- both looking to her for reassurance and Evelyn found she could give none. No words would right her wrongs, they would simply have to trust that she was doing the right thing finally.

“Who’s hungry?” She asked, reaching for her wine glass as she made a final decision. No longer would Evelyn force herself to choice between them.