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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #30322  by Ginny Weasley
With a shudder and a jolt, the Hogwarts Express eased to a stop in Hogsmeade station. The steps descended, and steam hissed from beneath the train's scarlet wheels. In the midst of the fog, a head of flaming red hair emerged. Ginny Weasley gripped her trunk, grinned in spite of herself, and joined the throng of students making their way toward the carriages. Another year back at Hogwarts: there was no comparable feeling.

She'd been waylaid on the journey in, to be sure. Ginny had spent the journey with her boyfriend Dean, his best mate Seamus, and a few girlfriends in her own year. The group of them had passed the day easily -- but an intervention involving a Bat-Bogey Hex and an invitation to something called the "Slug Club" had made things interesting.

Ginny hadn't managed to extricate herself from Slughorn's companionship until the train was nearing Hogsmeade station. She'd made it back to the compartment in time to change, but seemed to have missed the rest of her friends in the crowd.

But she must have caught some sort of attention craning her neck for Dean. Almost immediately, a Slytherin shot her a stinging glare.

"Keep staring. You don't want to miss your chance to smash your nose against the pavement," Ginny snapped.

The Slytherin's hand hovered over her wand, eyes flashing.

Maybe a little harsh, especially on the first day. Ginny thought. But... subtlety is just wasted wit.
 #31034  by Rachel Boyle
"Oi!" Rachel's voice rang out as she stepped up next to her housemate. "Are you really sure you want to try it?"

She glanced sideways at Ginny, giving the slightest nod of her head to show she was standing in solidarity. Sometimes Slytherins really annoyed her.

"Do you even know what she can do? Or me?" She tilted her head to the side, her tone challenging. Dumbledore's Army last year had given a huge boost to her confidence, and she was eager to show off what she knew.
 #31420  by Rachel Boyle
Rachel had her wand out now, feeling quite daring and brave in the moment. "Or her Bat Bogey Hex," she added with a smirk. Thankfully, the Slytherin didn't seem to want to push their luck and turned away, grumbling about stupid Gryffindors. Rachel's shoulders relaxed and she let out a relieved chuckle, turning to Ginny.

"I am so glad he didn't push it. I really didn't want to deal with detention on my first day back," she said, putting her wand away and brushing hair behind her ears. "But I won't deny it, that was a rush." She let out another short giggle.
 #31507  by Ginny Weasley
Was there ever half so enjoyable a sight as a Slytherin slinking away with their tail between their legs? Ginny jammed her wand back into the pocket of her jeans and grinned broadly at Rachel. "Where's your sense of D.A. adventure?" she joked. "Thanks for backing me up. Had a good summer?"

Following the crush of the crowd, the two friends headed down the platform toward the horseless carriages that stood nearby. Steam rolled over their heads, and the air was full of shouting and laughter. Ginny felt invigorated. They were going back to Hogwarts! Rachel was right - that had been a rush.
 #31542  by Rachel Boyle
Rachel smirked. "I'm plenty adventurous," she retorted, in the same joking tone. She fell into stride with her friend, listening to the sounds around them. Gosh, she loved being at the Hogsmeade Station, heading back to the school that had changed her life. It felt amazing.

"Pretty good summer, yeah. Mam and I went for a weekend spa getaway for my birthday, that was really nice. How about you? Any highlights?" she asked, stopping next to one of the carriages.