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 #30285  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine had her hands stuffed into her robe's deep pockets, scarf wrapped tightly around her neck and mouth, and her hood drooping over the front of her face. Of course, it was typical for it to rain. But that didn't mean that she didn't want to deny it before seeing it herself. She finally got away from the hassle of the new term; everyone was settling n and unpacking - but all Jasmine wanted to do was be outside and lay in the grass, make daisy chains, and enjoy the fresh air.

But instead? She stood in the doorway out onto the grounds, pursing her lips under the thick woollen fabric of her scarf. Was it worth it just to pick a few flowers? She thought so but...what if it got dark quick and she got lost? Or it started to storm and she got scared? Or what if she got wet for no reason and there weren't any flowers to pick?

"Why rain? Why does it have to rain?" She muttered, wishing she knew weather spells at that moment.
 #30340  by Luna Lovegood
Luna had put her personal items away, though she knew that there would be sneaky kids lurking around to try and play a prank on her at any moment- or not really on her but, on her things. One of their favorite games seemed to be hiding Luna's shoes and letting her find them. She didn't mind. It gave her a chance to explore the castle, and corridors that might have gone un-wandered if it wasn't for their game.

As she meandered through the hall, she noticed a girl looking longingly outside. She too felt that longing desire to be outside, even though it was raining. "Often, I remember that rain is a good thing, because without it, we wouldn't have the green to enjoy," she said, thoughtfully.
 #30361  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine flinched a little at the other voice, but looked over at the other girl. Pursing her lips, she thought about the words silently before giving a little hum.

"Yeah...I guess." She thought harder. "Do you think the plants know they will be beautiful? Do you think you know the rain is there to help, or do you think they are sad too?"
 #30362  by Timothy Maxwell
Going back after a few weeks of relatively normal life was strange but also strangely alluring. Especially since the ping toad was no longer here. Perhaps this year they will be allowed to use their wands to do actual magic in the lessons.
Unfortunately, all the hassle and talking overwhelmed him quickly and he needed some fresh air. It didn't matter that it was raining. Unfortunately, the way out was blocked by two girls.
"Uhm... hello there," he greeted them.
 #30375  by Luna Lovegood
Luna tilted her head to the side and thought for a moment. "Every flower I've ever known has always wanted to grow up to be beautiful. They all have grown up to be lovely too. I think they love the rain because it's what ultimately transforms them from just a stem into a beautiful budding flower," she said, remembering her chats with the potted flowers near her front door over the summer.

Her memory was interrupted and she turned slightly to see a boy standing there. "Oh, hello. Have you come to talk about flowers as well?" she pondered, a small smile on her face.
 #30379  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jas looked up for a moment, and then eventually nodded. "That makes a lot of sense." She spoke in agreement. It was nice to know someone saw the world like she did, even if it was just for a moment.

Seeing the boy, she too looked over to him, blinking. "You're not planning to go out in the rain, are you? You'll catch a cold...or slip, or ruin your trousers, or lose your wand in the dark..." She warned cautiously. Though it was really just a method to voice her own worries.
 #30382  by Timothy Maxwell
As it seemed he interrupted them talking about flowers. Well, he didn't care that much about flowers so it wasn't a conversation he was terribly interested in unless they were talking about using them for potions.
"Can't say I have... I just needed to escape all that..." he made a wild gesture with his arm "... noise."
"And yeah, I thought I might clear my head in the rain a little. I am willing to risk the cold, I am fairly sure that some elder kids can fix my trousers with a spell and I can solve the darkness with a simple Lumos..." he countered her argument for... some reason.
 #30694  by Luna Lovegood
Luna was thoughtful as the newcomer motioned back to the "noise." That was something she understood all too well. "Sometimes I like to play music in my head. It makes all of the jumbled talking so much easier to bear. Although, the music can get rather loud also, so you have to be careful with that," she replied, trying to be helpful.

She admired all of his solutions to the problems though. He was a very smart boy, even if he was willing to get wet when it was chilly outside.
 #30725  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine pursed her lips, tucking her chin eve further into her scarf as the mere thought of going outside.

"I guess those are good ideas..." She muttered to herself. She knew of Timothy, and also knew that he was indeed quite practically minded. Where as she? She was a little to cautious.

"The sound of the rain is nice." She commented, realising that she actually wasn't that great at making conversation. "I wish we could do lessons like this with just a few students instead of a whole room...it gets too loud. The Great Hall is too big...even the library is loud..."
 #30834  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim looked at the elder girl. He definitely saw her before... she was hard to miss but he didn't know her. He liked her solution, but he knew as well that it wasn't one for him.
"I don't think I could to that... I might try though. I don't do well in crowded areas," he admitted.
Tim knew Jasmin, she was in the same year as he was and also a Hufflepuff so they had lessons together.
"Yeah... I think that might be nice. This castle can get overwhelming on regular basis so some peace and quiet would be nice." he smiled in agreement.
 #31534  by Luna Lovegood
Luna watched the two younger students. She thought they might make good friends, just by listening to their tiny conversation. But that wasn't for her to decide. It would be up to fate for that one.

"I don't like crowds. Someone is always throwing something at me. I've found corridors in abandoned hallways to be lovely for when I'd like a bit of quiet. I do most of my studying up there. Finding a beam of sunlight is the best when it's so cold. Though, I do recommend at some point, trying out dancing in the rain," she said, nodding to the outside. "I'm going to find myself some pudding. It was lovely talking to you both."

And with that, she dismissed herself, wafting down the hallway.

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 #31562  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine blinked at Luna, a little unsure what to say. She seemed to spout the nicest of things, but the more she thought about it...the more they didn't sound so pleasant. Dancing in the rain? Abandoned corridors? Sounded a little spooky, if she was honest. She almost asked why people would throw stuff at the girl, but before she could utter a word, the girl was gone. Pressing her face back into her scarf, Jas looked over to Timothy.

"I don't think I want to dance in the rain...not without an umbrella or shielding spell, I don't think. I can already feel a cold starting. She sniffed dramatically. "My brother would probably do something like that. Would likely jump in the lake if he could..."
 #31620  by Timothy Maxwell
Seems like all of them were a bit... unhappy about big crowds. That was probably the reason why they've met at this place - away from all that commotion. And even though the elder girl left Tim didn't seem he was planning to do the same. Instead, he chuckled a bit when Jasmin mentioned her brother.
"I instantly like the guy," not that Tim would jump in the lake but mostly because he never gave it a thought.
 #31629  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine mumbled something a little incoherent into the wool of her scarf.

"Yeah, everybody likes Ben. He's always been popular...I'm kind of jealous but I also know why. He's really nice and fun..." She trailed off, shoving her pockets deeper into the coat as she stared outside.

"Do you have any siblings?"
 #31630  by Jasmine Buckthorn
Jasmine mumbled something a little incoherent into the wool of her scarf.

"Yeah, everybody likes Ben. He's always been popular...I'm kind of jealous but I also know why. He's really nice and fun..." She trailed off, shoving her pockets deeper into the coat as she stared outside.

"Do you have any siblings?"