A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32422  by William Darlington
Delicately, almost as if holding an ancient parchment, William took the file. He was not surprised to notice that her research was organized and neat. Nothing like the notes and sketches he kept in his notebooks.

His index lingered over an extensive paragraph. "They can create illusions?" He was exposing his ignorance about the various bloodlines but did not mind, surely she had not expected him to have more than the basic knowledge they were taught at Hogwarts.
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Sophie had stood back, twisting her hands together as she watched him flip through her research. "They can," she affirmed, taking a step forward and pointing at the page. "It's a trait they share with Fleur du Sang," she shuddered, thinking of Grace, "and Ramanga. That's an interesting thing we've started to notice, that the different bloodlines can share different abilities."

She didn't think any differently of him because he didn't know as much as her. Some of the research she had done had not even become public knowledge yet. "There's a lot about the different bloodlines we don't know yet, too. That's why I spend so much time here."
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Letting him look through her research seemed to make her nervous, but he did not surmise the source of her unease as insecurity. She was trusting him with her life's work, work for which she obviously harbored a lot of care.

He wanted what she had. He needed the yield of hope that came with finding a purpose and being close to her felt as though it was attainable.

"It's beautiful," he complimented as he admired her research. Realizing his choice of word might be odd given what he was complimenting, he looked up at her. "Your passion," he clarified though that made him wonder if it was odder.

It was her, he found beautiful. She embodied something he desired. He cleared his throat. Moved his hand ever so slightly so it brushed against hers. "Thank you, for showing me," he smiled.
 #32652  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie glanced at him, her fingers twitching ever so slightly at his touch. "Thank you," she echoed. Not too many people had ever called her work beautiful. Most times, she passed her reports off and just launched straight into the next one without waiting for feedback. Nothing had ever been given back to her, so she figured it was acceptable.

"I don't normally share my work with people from outside the Ministry," she said, almost shyly. What was happening to her? Usually she wasn't this shy. Quiet and thoughtful, yes, but not shy.
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"The Bureau is not that far off the Ministry," he reprised his Texan accent, though her proximity seemed to make it falter slightly. He chuckled an unspoken apology for his bad joke and quickly discarded the unnecessary cover.

William tilted his body toward her. He did not discard her research, but his attention had clearly shifted towards the researcher. As gently as he had handled her work, he took a strand of her hair between his fingers. He leaned closer to her and unless she protested he felt very much inclined to kiss her.
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He stared at her and couldn't help but see beyond her. She was a beautiful woman, one with whom he had enjoyed a lovely evening, but she was more than that. She was passion, effort and purpose; everything he was so desperate to find.

He kissed her, not innocently like an inquiry, but with certainty. He was not forceful or brash, but rather confident. One of his hand cupped her cheek, while the other gently rested on her hip. She was comforting like a path guiding a journey.
 #32809  by Sophie Crawford
Suddenly, she was being kissed, and Sophie tensed for a moment before slowly relaxing. It had been a while since she had been kissed, and he was confident yet soft. Gentle, almost. Certain, but gentle. She wasn't quite sure what to do with her hands, but she settled for lightly placing one on his upper arm while her other hand went to his cheek.

She didn't notice when her eyelids fluttered shut, instead focusing on how it felt to kiss someone. When it broke, she let out a soft breath, opening her eyes to look at him.

"I..." she breathed out, eyes searching his. "You just..." she wasn't able to put together a complete sentence.
 #32838  by William Darlington
Looking into her eyes, he placed a strand of hair behind her ear. "I just what?" He asked with a grin that couldn't quite hide his pride and mischief.

He had not expected his evening to take such a lovely turn. "I wish I had met you earlier. I am set to return to America tomorrow," he told her as his grin dimmed.
 #32926  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie swallowed, the events of the evening catching up with her. In one evening she had gone further out of her comfort zone than she had since her ex.

Her heart sank into her stomach, however, at the news that he was leaving. "Oh," she said simply, wrapping her arms around herself. "I see." Immediately her walls were up and she was safely behind them, watching him with careful eyes. "It was... very nice to meet you, then."
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An awkward silence fell over the pair as Sophie took it all in. His hand on hers felt hot, uncomfortable, yet strangely right. She met his gaze, and finally gave the slightest nod of her head.

"I'd like that," she said, her fingers twitching against his. "I'd like it a lot." The tiniest smile crossed her lips. "Do you... do you leave early? Do you need me to walk you out?"
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"In the morning, but hum..." He wasn't sure what he had intended to suggest. That he could walk her home though he had no idea if that was feasible? That they could spend the night together, but not in that way?

"If you wish our night to end, then I suppose you could walk me out," he finally threw the quaffle back on her side of the field.
 #32962  by Sophie Crawford
Her free hand played with the ends of her hair as she watched him and her cheeks felt warm. "It's late, and I have to be at work in the morning," Sophie explained, half-heartedly. "But..." she pulled away from him, taking a piece of parchment from her desk and a quill. Quickly, she scribbled her address. "Here." She handed it to him.
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William took the piece of parchment an slid it inside his jacket pocket. "Thank you," he leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"I had a lovely time," he said one last time before he stepped away. He took her in one last time, attempted to remember how she had made him feel, but already, even as he was just a few steps away, he felt as though his newfound hope was fading.

At least, he would be able to write to her.