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 #30256  by Felix Speyer
Location: The Leaky Cauldron • Date: Automn 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Overcast

“And then, and then, she just, she just left,” Felix spoke though she was not sure anyone was listening.

Their latest argument had been particularly taxing. It seemed neither of them was willing to alter their stance making it impossible to find a resolution. Perhaps they had broken up, Felix was still trying to figure it out.

“I guess I should talk to my friends about this, but talking to a stranger at the pub just felt like the kind of tragic I needed tonight.” Felix took the glass of beer sitting before her and took a sip.
 #30259  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie arched an eyebrow high, taking a sip from the drink she had ordered. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to head to the pub after work, despite the long and tenuous day she had had. It seemed everyone in the department needed her expertise, and she had stacks of paperwork nearly touching the ceiling in her cubicle that she hadn't even touched yet. Although she wasn't really one for drinking, she had figured maybe it would be nice to get out for once.

That was before she had found herself sitting next to someone who had been rambling on and on about... something. Sophie had tuned her out after a while, instead focusing on the liquid inside her drink. When the other woman paused, though, even the self-proclaimed asocial woman realized she was due for a response.

"Er..." she started, trying to remember what she had heard the other say just before that. It had been something about... someone. "That all sounds... rather disappointing," she said, taking a sip of her drink to hide the fact that she had not been listening one bit. At least she had the grace to sort of feel bad about it. Only sort of, though.

"Sometimes talking to a stranger can help," she added, proud that she had at least caught that much.
 #30268  by Felix Speyer
"It is disappointing," Felix nodded with emphasis. Her discourse had been framed by anger and sadness, but her pub companion was right. Disappointment seemed to be the true culprit.

"I actually do that for a living," Felix commented with a slight chuckle. Listeners felt like they knew her, they often acted as though they were her old friends, but they were no such thing. "I'm a radio host," she explained. "And oh! I don't think I've mentioned this yet," Felix paused for dramatic effect. "We work together!" Underwhelmed by her companion's response she added. "She and I! The person with whom I may have broken up! We co-host a radio show."
 #30312  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie blinked. The woman seemed to be rather open about her personal life. Was this really how people were? Rambling on and on to complete strangers? She really needed to keep to herself more. Maybe cancelling on girls' nights was a good idea after all.

Unfortunately, now she was actually paying attention, so she had to piece together what she could from what the woman said to figure out what was going on so she could respond.

"That's... not fun," she said, taking a quick sip, "but I'm sure you can move past it and remain professional in the workplace, right?" A radio show host. That explained how talkative she was. "Wait. She?" It wasn't said in a malicious tone, but rather a curious one.
 #30321  by Felix Speyer
"I'm sure we will," Felix confirmed with a wavering smile. While she wished for that to be true, they had both said hurtful things, leading her to think that the tension between them may be to thick to mask. "Or at least we will do our best," she guaranteed before she washed down her doubts with another swig of beer.

Slightly confused by the precision being requested, she rose an eyebrow. "Yes," she confirmed the pronoun she had used. "I tend to forget how unusual we seem to some." Felix smiled gently.
 #30761  by Sophie Crawford
"Not unusual," Sophie replied, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, "but merely different. If I'm honest, I've never seen the fuss over it." It was quite possibly one of the most sensitive things she had said all day. Or all week.

"My fiance and I had a similar difference in opinion a couple of years ago." She hadn't thought about Landon in months, but she figured she would bring him up in an attempt to sympathize. The only problem was that they hadn't spoken since he had left her. Probably not the best example.
 #30787  by Felix Speyer
"You're engaged?" Felix smiled widely. "Congratulations," like a teenage girl getting ready to talk about her best friend's crush, she rested her chin onto her hands. "How did you two meet? How long have you been together? Clearly your disagreement with him did not last, mind telling me how you fixed it?" She asked in a quick interrogative cascade.
 #31035  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie frowned, crossing her arms in front of her. Her mistake. She hadn't been clear. That was rare for her.

"We met during my intern year, but that disagreement ended in our engagement being broken," she said, her voice strangely monotone. "I haven't seen him since he walked out on me." She even had the grace to feel slightly awkward about it all. "But it's fine. I don't think I was ready to be married, and now my job requires so much of my time." She shrugged. "Not a good example, I'm sorry to say."
 #31084  by Felix Speyer
"Oh..." She took another swig. Hearing that her companion had experienced a difference in opinion that had ended her relationship made her mood darken. Perhaps her relationship was over and she had yet to find the courage to address it.

"I'm sorry he walked out on you. That must have been hard." Though she seemed at peace with the outcome of their relationship, Felix empathized with her.
 #31529  by Felix Speyer
Felix was a woman fueled by enthusiasm. Every task, chore or project came with the same blazing energy. So much so that, at times, it felt as though everything was of the same importance.

She considered the question as she sipped on her drink. "I love making people happy," she shared. "I think the most important thing for me is that those around me are happy." She shrugged. "What about you?"
 #31543  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie watched the other woman while she thought. This was why she tried to stay away from emotions. Emotions were weird. Sophie was always of the mindset that it was better to approach life with a rational plan. Everything was rationalized. She had spent so much time rationalizing Landon that she hardly thought about him anymore.

When the other woman finally spoke, Sophie nodded slowly. "Then that should guide what you do about her. What will make her happy? And what will make you happy?" she asked, shrugging a shoulder. "For me, the most important thing is that I continue to learn and grow."
 #31556  by William Darlington
"And more importantly, would it make you happy if I bought you a drink?" The young man interjected before the woman could respond. "And what about you?" He turned to the other woman, extending the offer.

William had only been in the establishment for a few minutes when he had noticed the two women speaking. He had not even taken the time to order a drink for himself before he had approached them.
 #31563  by Sophie Crawford
All of a sudden a third voice, a male voice entered the fray and Sophie paused, her hand resting on the counter next to her empty glass. She didn't often talk to men outside of work. This was one of the reasons she tried to avoid girls' night, since her friends were always trying to get her to talk to this guy or that guy.

"I suppose... not having to spend the money would be nice, but I'm not usually one to accept drinks from people I hardly know," she finally said after a moment of hesitation, glancing at the other girl.
 #31608  by Felix Speyer
Sophie's questions were good ones. They definitely seemed to put things into perspective. Though she did not have time to answer them aloud, they enlightened her as to what she wanted out of her relationship.

Immediately filling in for Sophie's friends, Felix started acting as Sophie's wingwoman. "We would love a drink," she confirmed with an inviting smile.