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Simon lead the way, stepping outside onto the from steps. The street was quite empty. People did not tend to linger on it in the evening unless they were up to no good. But to Simon they were home.

Taking a seat on the steps, Simon looked out at the street a moment, watching a street lamp that flickered a bit before saying,

“I am trying to change. Actively. I am trying to me more honest with people, and not so self serving reckless. But it’s really hard to face and own up to ones self. You can lose people over it...” he said, thinking of Jodie. Going on then he said,

“Remember that night? When I said there were really only two kind of when that really wanted to be with a virgin? Either ones for religious or moral reasons? Or creeps? That are looking for some sort of expereince or notch on their belt? Well... I fit into the second category.”

“Not saying I wasn’t attracted to you,” he added quickly. “I really, really was. Still am. I did want to be your friend. I thought we were sort of alike. Outsiders.”

“But... you were also a conquest. I lied to myself, saying I was trying to help you and all. But it was selfish in the end. I should have looked out for you more. If I really wanted to help I could have talked to Reef. Given him some tips and advice.”

Simon shook his head, then looking at her said, “I’m trying to say I’m sorry Lily. I wasn’t a good friend or a good person to you.”

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Lily stared at him, not even bothering to hide the growing disgust on her face. She stood up, folding her arms as she faced away, looking down the street as she shook her head.

"I know." She spoke suddenly. "I figured it out a while ago. And I can't even truly blame you; I was stupid enough to believe the fantasy and manipulations. I wanted to believe it would be for the best, but that doesn't excuse what you did. You went out of your way to do what you did, to tempt me and ease me into it. I thought over that night over and over again, and it feels like everything you said was calculated to subtly install the idea into my head, maybe just so you felt like I had been the one to push. I don't know."

She frowned.

" I was trying to be good to you...I let you in my home and gave you shelter when you could have been put in danger. But everything...the way you spoke of my nightly activities, how we are alike, sleeping next to each other, you being knew I was too shy to put my foot down. I also wouldn't be surprised if the nightmare was fake too."

She shook her head and the looked to him, taking a breath.

"But your conquest failed. I was never a virgin with you. All of this was for nothing...i lied. J didn't need someone to take my virginity. I needed someone to help me recover after Marlowe...Marcus did that. Not you. You was a stepping stone to get there, and I shouldn't have even let you be that."

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As she spoke Simon looked away, staring at the ground between his feet.

Why did this have to suck so much? He bet Zara was having an easier time of it with her efforts to change and kill the status quo. She was probably in the throws of passion with Ivan at this very minute!

So she wasn't a virgin huh?... Simon just shrugged at the end, then said, "Glad to hear it. I didn't deserve it anyway."

The nightmare hadn't been a lie, but did it matter? Did that one little detail matter in the face of everything else? Not really...

"I learned a lot about the art of seduction..." Simon said slowly. "And used it for evil. I guess not all of us take trauma and turn it into good Lily."

He sighed, ran his fingers up through his hair, then said, "Will you forgive me?"

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Lily stared down at him.

"No." She said bluntly. "Because it wasn't just me you hurt, was it? You did this knowing the cost but you didn't care. You used me as a wall to hide behind, so that you didn't have to face the consequences."

She leaned down, looking into his eyes.

"I didn't tell Marcus because it's not my place to...But If you really, truly want to better'll tell him yourself. Telling me is easy, isn't it? I don't throw punches as hard."

She stood up again, shaking her head as she moved to step back inside. Maybe Robin was back...

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Lily swallowed, looking up and closing her eyes. She could feel the tears already.

"I know." She whispered. "But...I love him. I want there to be no secrets between us, even if he despises me forever. If I withhold information from him for the sole reason of make him be with me...then I'm being nothing but selfish again."

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Looking up at her still, Simon said, "What benefit is there to him knowing? It sounds nice on paper. You being honest. But honesty for what? To make you feel better? Or him? So that he has to be reminded every time he sees me? That he has to think about the fact that all those times you were together here I was just a few feet away? And look at the position he was already in today! Don't you realize I'm like his boss now? He needs to follow my orders, be respectful, all the rest... you want to put him into a position to get in trouble just because of your guilt?"

Standing up and looking at her he said, "The truth is only good if it serves a good purpose Lily. If all truth was equal why don't you go and describe in great detail what exactly we did that night, how it felt, how much you enjoyed it? Doesn't he deserve to know the truth?... Or is it best to leave some details out because not only are they not necessary… but it would hurt the other person to know?"

Simon paused, then said, "I know why you want me to tell him. It's because you feel it isn't fair. You and I both did something wrong, but you are the one made to suffer the most. You want to ruin any friendly feelings between Marcus and I. You hope he lays into me with his fists because that's what I deserve, right? In your opinion I'm not suffering enough."

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Lilly's hand swung up swiftly, her palm slapping Simon right across the cheek. It was firm, perhaps not hard enough to leave more than a red mark, but the intent had been made clear. She grit her teeth, glaring at him.

"You're a real piece of work, Simon. I can't even tell what is truth and what is a coy manipulation, with you. Everything you say us always dressed up nice and fancy to make it sound like the ideal. Isn't that how you got me into bed to begin with? Everything is a seduction, isn't it? Everything is formulated so that you don't have to suffer the consequences, isn't it?"

"You're right. I think you're getting off easy. But if you want to twist and turn events so that you can ignore the rot inside your chest, you go ahead and do that. I told him what I needed to, but I'm not the one claiming to be actively trying to better myself like you. If you think you've done all you could to make this right, then that's up to you."

She shrugged and turned away again.

"Congratulations on your new position."

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The slap stung! But he had seen it coming... wait... no he hadn't. She had telegraphed her move like the armature that she was, and he had seen it, but hadn't registered it properly. Because Simon never expected sweet Lilly to actually slap him!

She didn't have the strength to carry any real damage, but hurt so much more than it should have. It was as if it wracked through his entire body, ending in a ball of pain in his chest. It was a very, heavy, emotional pain...

Simon just stared at her, stunned as she spoke. He wasn't trying to manipulate her. He really did feel telling Marcus was only pointless and hurtful, and he wanted her to see that! He wanted her to see that because he wanted her to forgive him! but she never would if she felt he was holding out for selfish reasons. She would always look on him as not being sincere! He just wanted there to be peace between them.

He didn't mean to be such a calculating piece of shit...

The slap just felt as if it had come from every woman he had ever thoughtlessly hurt.

Suddenly he felt tears prick at the corners of his eyes. Simon never shed tears! A feeling like panic washed over him! So great was his aversion to such things that it caused a physical reaction in him as his body attempted to run from the situation. He was going to be sick!

Thank god she was already turning away. Simon brought his hand to his mouth, then quickly turned and made his way between The Blood Moon and the building next to it, already dry heaving. But he didn't care. Throwing up was better than tears...

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When Lily entered again, she saw Robin sat drinking a new pint. She looked a little...haggered? Lily wasn't sure, but when Robin caught sight of her, she plastered on that wide grin.

"Heya, Nymphie! You want another screwdriver?" she gestured to the nearly empty vodka and orange on the bar top.

Lily gave a little smile, but shook her head. She...really shouldn't be using Rob for her problems...

"Uhmmm...I was just thinking. I think I want to be alone tonight. I might go for a run, do some knitting...that sort of thing..."

"Oh...oh, okay! No problem. You want me to bring Pippin over or?"

Lily shook her head. "'s okay. You enjoy your night; I need to do some thinking..."

She downed the last of her remaining drink, and then turned to leave again, despite Robin standing as though to stop her.

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Marcus waited until Robin had left, then turning to Caleb with a quirked brow he said, "Really? Robin Glover? this isn't all some weird, elaborate prank? Do you have any idea how shocked I am...?"

"I know, I know..." said Caleb, holding up his hands. "She's not my usual type. Just say it. I was as shocked as you. Honestly it was sort of creeping up on me from the beginning. I was so taken with her and how easy it was to be around her. How fun she was! Easy going! And when we were all hazing her she was just so cool about everything. It usually takes months for a new recruit to be welcomed into the inner circle, but I liked her by the end of the evening. And yes, there might have been a little rebound and desire to escape. Viola was acting like a horrible little bitch to me and all my friends and Robin was like some angel. when she sang that night at the talent show?"

Caleb's face beamed for a moment in memory, then said, "My heart ached for her. I couldn't even begin to fight it."

"All the way back then huh?" said Reef, still trying to understand. IT was just so odd... he never saw it growing and the idea was thrown on him so fast.

"Basically, yeah," said Caleb.

"And you love her?" said Reef incredulously.

"Well... that was a little impulsive on my part," said Caleb. "I probably should have told her that over a romantic dinner or something but... yeah. I really think I do."

Marcus shook his head, then said, "Even if you aren't fired... and who am I kidding, Ivan isn't going to fire you… you are still going to get in trouble. You realize how complicated everything is right now? Everything needs to be running smooth, perfect, everyone is so on edge. Anytime she is given the time off she requests it could be seen as favoritism because she is dating you. What if we wanted to give her a promotion? Well now if we do she might not be as respected in it because it could be assumed she got it because of you instead of earning it. Ever think of that?"

"Uhm.. no..." said Caleb, looking quite unhappy at the thought. Marcus did have a point. "But she is well liked. I don't think anyone would really care if she got some sort of little promotion... Everyone in Watchdogs is cool."

Marcus crossed his arms, then said, "Oh really? Kind of like how we were all so cool about Kyle being promoted? Even though we liked him well enough before that? I remember you in particular just being thrilled with that. you were exceptional respectful of him and his orders."

Caleb blushed at once, then said, "Alright... I get it. I screwed up. At the same time I can't say I wish I hadn't. She basically saved my life Reef. but whatever Ivan says I'll take. and I'm sorry we put you in this position."

Marcus sighed, then said, "Alright... you can go. I've said all I have to say. And I wish you both well. someone should be lucky in love around here."

He might have had a little bitterness in his tone...

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"Thanks," said Caleb, smiling a bit. "Thank you."

He turned then and left, making his way out into the room. Spotting Robin he grinned, then started to make a bee line for her... then caught sight of Lily, sitting there with Robin. she looked upset still..

Caleb stopped in his tracks. Damn it! He wanted to talk to Robin about... about everything! they just declared their love for one another in front of Reef!

But then.. wasn't her compassion and sympathy for others part of why he loved her? She made him want to be a better person.

He slowed down his pace down shoving his hands in his pockets as he did. Catching Robin's eye he gave her an awkward smile and shrugged. He felt weirdly shy after bursting out with "But I love her!" only a little wile before.
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Robin hummed as she watched Lily leave. "Well, you know where I am if you need me!" She called after her.

She hoped Lily would be okay...

As Robin caught sight of Caleb, she smiled a little, though glanced around to see if Marcus was about. Clearing her throat, she took steps toward him.

"You alright, Cal? How was the chat with boss man?" She gave a coy smirk. "Lemme guess. 'Why her? She isn't your type at all! I don't get it!'?"

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