Hera had held back all day, and right into the evening also. Seeing Astrid looking beautiful, and Nathan looking so handsome...both domineering and intense; it was intoxicating. She wanted to be around them. She'd purposely gone out of her way to speak with them, surprised at their formality. But of course, as others turned away, she had seen the slight glower in Astrid's eyes. Her smirk. Her chuckle.

They'd disappeared suddenly, and Hera couldn't help but wonder if they had gone to relieve themselves, and then a very tiny hope bubbled inside that...Perhaps she was also welcome to join them. It was a small hope, but she wanted it very real regardless.

Making her way to the house, she spotted Nathan on his way back too. She picked up her pace a little, biting her lip, nervousness already building.

"Mr Iver!" She called after him. She stepped up beside him, looking up, his eyes drawing her in. "I was looking all over for you and Mrs Iver...Its a lovely night, and beautiful out here...I was perhaps wondering if you and your wife wanted to uhm..."

She swallowed, looking away.

"Wanted to enjoy it? With me?"

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan stopped and looked down at her as she approached, his expression like ice. In fact he almost looked at her as if he did not know her. But finally he said, "Enjoy? With you?"

He stared at her a moment as he considered telling her to go to hell, or something similar. He had no mood for such things and he was in no mood for her and her foolishness! But finally he said, "What did you have in mind? Explain it out to me..."

He knew what she meant. But he was in a mood to make her feel uncomfortable. Astrid put him in a fowl mood. He did need a release of sorts. And now the cat had found a mouse apparently...
Hera blinked up at him. Perhaps...He was not going to make this easy, but she was already squirming.

"Well...I thought maybe I could please your wife for a bit. Maybe enjoy a cool shower or a soft bed...And then once you give your order, we could take a turn in serving you. Maybe force one of us to watch whilst you enjoyed one, maybe have both at the same time...I don't know I just thought..."

She trailed off, looking away, clearly embarrassed.

"Mr Iver...ever since that night I have had nothing but thoughts about you. The more I think, the more I wish that maybe the other man hadn't taken over..."

Played By: Vyreia
"Naturally..." said Nathan, a sly, condescending smile on his face.

He looked back at Hera. He felt almost nothing for the woman. All thoughts were distracted by Astrid and what she was doing. He could easily enjoy using her in the moment.

Nathan lifted a hand and brushed a lock of hair back from Hera's face as he said,

"I would have enjoyed that as well... You are quite the little sex kitten."

He glanced ahead to the light of the party far off in the distance. He thought of Ciceron there. The man had stood at the edge of a cliff... had actually hit him over his treatment of Hera.

Dropping his hand from Hera's face, the coldness returning at once, he said, "Find someone else to relieve your sexual frustrations on Hera. You will not get what you are seeking from me tonight. Take your pick from the world of men that surround you. It's time you moved on."
Hera's smile started to drop and she furrowed her brow.

"But no other man is like you...there is nobody out there like you. And Astrid is...just Something else." She shook her head. "Maybe not tonight then but...Why entice me so much just to push me away so suddenly. I thought you were going to teach me..."

Played By: Vyreia
"Shall I be blunt with you?" said Nathan, stepping into her space and looming over her,

"Astrid and I are the two most dangerous people you know. We can teach you yes. And we will seep into your pores like poison, obsess your mind, bring you under our control, keep you in a sweet agony of pleasure and arrested development. Your life will exist to serve and please us. And you will always be in danger. Why do I push you away?"

Nathan placed his hands heavily on her shoulders and said, "Because I care about your best interests sweet girl. Your brother married one of us and so you are like family."
Hera looked up at him, eyes wide, but pupils we're deep and dilated.

"Oh, Merlin I want that." She whispered, chest heaving. Perhaps it was just the lingering affect of the potion, but she felt entranced by him. "Ever since marrying Egan, I have been surrounded by danger...And the more that I delve into it, the more I want. You and Astrid give me exactly what I crave...And so what if Ciceron married an Iver. I was close to doing that too..."

She bit her lip.

"Forget Ciceron. I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions. I want to do this...I know you enjoy me. I know it. Show me everything; give me more in this life than sweet little Hera currently has."

Played By: Vyreia
"Of course I enjoy you," said Nathan, squeezing her shoulders tight. "I could take you now, here, easily!"

He looked intensely into her eye a moment, but then letting go of her he stepped away and said, "Astrid and I are... fighting at the moment. There would be no threesome to join. Not tonight and not for a very long time I fear. So as I said... find someone else. You can always thinking of me when you do..." he said with a mirthless laugh.
Hera pursed her lips. He could take her here, easily, he said! She took a long breath, looking out before flicking her eyes back to Nathan.

"You're fighting? Then...Maybe I can help? I know Astrid enjoys me...Perhaps if she can be tempted with a more feminine approach, things can be eased? If you wanted me to try, of course. Surely you wouldn't mind if I submitted to your wife's will to ease the stress of arguments?"

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan looked back at her, lips pursed a moment. He pictured Astrid, enjoying Hera, alone...

Just as she would do with women before he had married her...

"I would mind," he said bluntly.

If she wanted to ease some stress she could do it with her husband or no one at all!

He could see now... the down side to all of this meddling with potions and Hera. Perhaps Ciceron had a bit of a point.

Rubbing his forehead wearily he said, "Why not take your ex for a ride tonight? Or someone else. Be adventurous. You don't mind slumming a bit, right? You can take any of my security to bed tonight if you wish. Besides Cleary. He is gone back to England I believe."
"You would mind?" She spoke, burrowing her brow. Why would he mind? "You wouldn't...okay..."

She frowned, looking away down the beach. And then sighed.

"But none of them are you or Astrid...Why must every one make decisions for me." But then she sighed, folding her arms. "Perhaps after the argument is over...But I'm not just going to settle for anyone just because you aren't putting out. And even if I wanted to...none of them would give me what I need. Even Ramazanov at this point. Too concerned over feelings and implications! In fact the only one I would consider again isn't even here!" She complained.

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan looked out at the waves, rolling his eyes slightly as Hear spoke. She was so irritating! But then... everyone was tonight. But as she came to the end he looked at her curiously and said,

"And who would...? Oh.. Wait... Cleary? What the devil...? Seriously? You have a thing for...?" he looked at her closely, then said, "Sweet Merlin... you've slept with the man, haven't you? More then once! Hera, don't you have any standards? I see there is so much to teach you..."

Nathan shook his head, then said, "Quality Hera, quality. I wouldn't want you to marry him, but Ivan is a high enough quality when it comes to a bed partner. But Cleary? Should have been the last on the list. Lowest of the low."

He might have been a bit bias because of his wife.

"Any women who thinks he has something to offer should see a mental professional," he adde under his breath before saying, "I blame your parents. They made you rebellious. Tell me... how do I keep Ingrid from succumbing to a similar fate?"

He could see it now... Ingrid running off with the son of Caleb Pryer, or... oh God, Dice Rogan!

Nathan brought his hand to his mouth and barely held back a drive heave...
Hera's eyes blazed, clenching her hands.

"Hey! He has plenty to offer in the bedroom. Sure he's not of high class but...well, he wasn't the vanilla type I'd had before. I've only really have it vanilla with Ivan. Nathan..." She looked him in the face.

"I want something more! I want something new! I want to experience something different and Cleary gave me that, you capitalised on it. I've never even been with a woman before Astrid!"

Played By: Vyreia
Nathan blinked back at Hera, then said, "Ok.... your obsession with sex is starting to make you rude and tiresome. Can you not deviate your thoughts for one moment to answer my question?"

He needed to revers this potions affect on her at once! He couldn't hold a decent conversation with the woman!