[Dominican Republic] Sail

The night had finally calmed down. Nathan was off talking with Ciceron, Astrid was with her baby...all was well, right? No. She had heard the ruckus. She knew something was still unsettled, but she didn't know quite what yet.

Spotting Ivan across the gardens, she made her way over, her face stoic as she stepped beside him.

"That was interesting...how is Pryer after the hit? Shaken up?" She pursed her lips. " Have you heard from Cleary? Surely the Imperious has been taken off now, right?"

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Ivan glanced at Zara, then said, "Simon vas released from it and left with Mrs Iver. Things are still not good but... seems some sort of calm has come about. They left for England. I was going to have most leave in a bit. As for Pryer? Eh... he vill be fine. He has been dealing with Nathan's ways for very long time. Should have kept his mouth shut and trusted me to take care of issues."

Ivan took a deep breath and let it out slowly before saying, "Mrs Iver has reason to be angry and hurt. But she is reacting in very bad and dangerous ways I fear. I am torn about whether to tell you because you most know to do job... or not to because secret is suppose to not leave my lips."
Zara remained silent for a moment, and then gave a small nod.

"I understand...its your decision. But as you know, I can't work blindly. Perhaps there is a way to tell me without actually telling me the details. I don't know. But if you don't think it's necessary for safety or security..." She glanced up at him, lifting a brow.

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Ivan shook his head, staring out at the yard before saying, “This is how it all starts, everyone has someone they trust with secrets. Problem is it is always someone else. And soon everyone knows.”

Ivan rubbed his forehead wearily, then said, “You must swear you won’t tell anyone. If asked you don’t know. If figured out you know? Say you put two and two together. Did not hear from me. But... Dorian is Nathan’s son.”

He let the words sink in a moment, then said, “His wife is of course in a rage and tried to force him to chose between their marriage or getting rid of problem. There has been some reconciliation but... Nathan believes Dorian is in danger. And I agree.”
Zara pursed her lips. Hm, the only person she would tell was Ivan himself...

But at the words, she stared blankly, as thought barely hearing. And then, she closed her eyes, taking an incredibly deep breath.

"Fuck." She muttered under her breath. Slowly she began to nod. "I agree also. That boy will have a target on his chest for the rest of his life...Perhaps Viola may be targeted too, even if not to be killed."

She ran her hand through her hair.

"In that case...The Kingdom need double training and quickly. I need your dogs to help; get them uniform and in shape. Some of them have been slacking despite the new wage, so I need to enforce some tough routine. But we need them on par with yours, as if they are of the same origin."

It felt easier to talk to him now that she wasn't in that bikini...even with the looming memory of her admitting she only wore it for him. At least business was a safe topic, and this was certainly a good enough distraction.

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Ivan looked back at Zara curiously a moment, then said, "I... am afraid this is going to be even more complicated then that..."

He paused. It was really only hitting him now what this could all mean.

When Nathan took control of Watchdogs in a sense... he declared war. You need to remember, when Dice swore the Kingdom over to the Ivets, it was technically given to Mrs Iver, to be her own private army and do with as she saw fit. You may just end up in a very precarious situation here ..."
Ivan looked back at her a moment with raised brows, then said, "Well I suppose that is up to you. But I vould not advise it. Come up against me for real and you will be taken down."

There was an amused glint in his eyes. He was clearly joking. Or was he... maybe he was disguising the truth with a little amusement...

Folding his arms and looking off again he said, "Maybe you become trusted advisor to her and keep her from doing anything foolish, yes?"
Zara gave a small smile, but looked away, her smile starting to fade.

"I know you would. Don't tell the others I said that." She spoke quietly, clearing her throat and sniffing.

"I'm...really trying to avoid that though. I don't want to have to fight you with the same ferocity as I did Simon. I hope neither of the Ivers put us in that situation..." She swallowed. "We need to make it clear to the dogs and kingdom that despite having opposing forces, their main objective is always the same. They are one unit."

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She knew he would? Well that was nice to here... where was someone else as witness!

But as she spoke on he frowned, looked thoughtful, then finally said, “Then we just won’t do it. We will refuse if asked to. Very simply. Agreed?”

Looking at her then he said, “I already decided today. I am not going to fight with you any more. Zhat is why I stoped. I and done with that. Verbally, physically, mentally... no more fighting.”

Hopefully it was as easy as declaring it...
"Agreed." She said simply.

She took a breath as he announced his truce. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, and then slowly nodded.

"I'm sorry for the position I put you in, Ivan. I shouldn't have told you I loved you that night. I was very drunk..." She swallowed. "But...I won't deny how I feel about you. Whether you want to deny it, ignore it, reject it...It is what it is. I care about you, and I felt so embarrassed when you placed a mirror in front of me to see my own actions. I wore the bikini to give you a taste of your own medicine. I was so angry, and at the same time, I didn't want you to be angry at me anymore. I'm not going to stand here and reel off why I did what I did in the past. The reasons don't matter; I was wrong for what I decided to do to past relationships. I was cruel and cold. After the fight with Simon, I went to talk to him. He helped me to see that...well...although my feelings are genuine, I am a coward with them."

"I don't want to like you, Ivan. I find you utterly insufferable at times. Annoying as well. But...there it is. I enjoy sleeping with you. I enjoy drinking with you. I enjoy planning strategies with you. I enjoy joking with you. I enjoy you. And it's okay if you don't want an emotional coward like me, but I just thought you should know that despite me saying we could just have sex and be done with it...I seemed to have developed feelings for you. Just my luck, really."

Despite her words, her eyes remained staring forward.

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan was lookin at her by the end, quite curiously. Finally he said, "Never in thousands years did I think I vould hear such words from you Zara Shepard. Spasibo."

He then said, "I was... a bit angry at you. Not because you did anything by wrong by saying you loved me but... it just made me aware of my own feelings for you and how much they had grown. And of all people, I do not want to be hurt by you in that way. Knowing your history and everything you told me I could only think it would be a ticking time bomb. And wile I have entered into relationships before knowing they would not last... with you is different. I like you now more then I ever thought possible. And I could see the feelings growing." he sighed, then said, "And I could see spectacular heart break from it. And then I would lose you as a friend."

"Here's truth," he said, looking at her. "I liked Hera. But I never felt there was some overwhelming loss that I could not be her friend. Same with Marzia, Magdolina, Nicole... Slight sadness? Yes. But life goes on. If I could not talk to you like this?... It would just not be worth it," he said, looking away again. "I would rather just keep things as they are. Does that make me coward in your eyes?" he shrugged, then said, "I am ok with that." A slight smile coming to his face he said, "I have grow a thick skin over time when it comes to your insulting opinions. But I wanted you to know, I like you very much as well..."
Zara took a deep breath, letting the words sink into her skin. A part of her just wanted to throw herself at him regardless, another part wanted to simply nod and walk away from the situation. Neither of those were the right thing to do, and in the end, if she really wanted to keep Ivan by her side regardless of relationship status, she needed to show him the respect he deserved. Despite how painful it could seem.

"I never thought you would end up being so monumental in my life." She spoke, a slight smile on her face. "The things I have told you; things that I have never told anyone, not even my own grandmother. I can practically feel a past version of myself gritting her teeth and looking about ready to knock me out for foolishness." She laughed a little, and then shook her head. Her expression softened a little, and then she looked up to him.

"In every relationship I had after Felix, I jumped straight into the couple stage. We weren't together, and then suddenly we were. But with you...I feel like I've experienced you in every form. Hatred, friendly competition, lust, romance...but I think the most prime one was friendship. Despite the hurt that has come from that night I said those words, that night is still my favourite with you. We didn't have sex, we spoke shit, we didn't go anywhere spectacular. That night cemented everything I was too afraid to admit to myself; an overwhelming rush of emotions for you. I realised that I trusted you with my soul. I told you the darkest part of my past and you accepted it with ease...you told me your own secrets and I respected you so much for just being brave enough to say them, despite the macho persona you sometimes feel you have to hold. That night, I found emotional complexities within you, and within myself because of you. It was the beginning of my revaluation. What to I find the most precious in this world? Who am I? What do I want to be?"

"I don't want to be the stone cold ice bitch any more. I don't want to reject these people that I have grown fond of; I don't want to pretend that I am far better than I am anymore. I am talented, but I'm not untouchable. I am strong, but I still have cracks. And I have guarded my heart vehemently, but that doesn't mean I cannot open it to others. Your men deserve to know the respect they have earned from me. Pryer has come a long way since his first session with me. Reef has become an excellent third. Bowden has refused the pulls of darkness and is his mental peak. Glover is one heck of a woman and I am proud of her despite the way she encourages the men in rudeness. Zherdev is a brave young man and I know that at times it is hard for him to get motivated, but he has an incredible sense of morality. Cleary...Simon has grown into an exceptional assassin; but not only that, he has come to learn that being a lone wolf stops you from developing strong bonds and trust among your team."

"All of this is because of you. You took Watchdogs by the neck and taught them. I am proud of you. Relationship or no, I am completely and utterly enthralled by you. I..." She swallowed, looking away. "I never want to lose you. I will never push you for anything more, or shove you away for your decision. I want what is best for you, and I want to be here for you no matter what. I want you to be happy in everything, even if it hurts. And Merlin, will it hurt. But I want you to know...if you did choose me. If you did trust me with a chance, I...I won't fuck it up. I value you too much as a friend now...I...well, there it is. I should stop talking. I want you, but I want you to be happy more."

She turned away, biting her knuckle as she tried to get a hold of herself.

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan looked at her in silence a moment. He could not help but be moved. This woman... he never, ever, EVER thought he would here such things. She had always been so incredibly hard on him. She had even used the word hate more then once when speaking of him. And now...

He moved as though to speak, but closed his mouth once more. He could not trust her. How could he trust her?! she was a heart breaker. That was what she was. She cheated on her own finance, why would she not do that to him? Why would he even want to be with someone as difficult as Zara? Being a bit of a bitch at times was part of her personality. But then... maybe he needed someone who spoke her mind and didn't only ever tell him what he wanted to hear.

"Fuck it..." said Ivan, shaking his head. He then added, "Let's do this."
Zara snapped her eyes to him, staring. The world seemed to pause as she tried to comprehend his words. She has believed, completely, that he would gently let her down. Maybe say a few nice things but ultimately say he couldn't do it. But that didn't come out if his mouth at all...

"Lets...do it? You mean..." She furrowed her brows a little, taking a small breath. "You want to give us a shot?"

Played By: Vyreia