The beach party had gone well. At least Aidan enjoyed it. The food was good. The drinks even better! And he had enough to make him bold... wile not so much to make him want to simply pass out when they returned to their beach house. It was a fine line.

After saying good night to Hera, Aidan went up to the room to find Viola. She was on their balcony, looking out towards the ocean, a wistful expression on her face.

She looked... really beautiful in the moon light... her dress from the evening still on... but un zipped about half way, as if she had started to undress but changed her mind.

At home he was so busy, watching after Dorian and all. But now?... he was definitely having thoughts...

Aidan cleared his throat, then said, “Nice party.... wasn’t it?”
Viola glanced over at him, lifting a sculptured brow and then offering a shrug before turning back to the view.

"It was alright. I've been to better...also been to worse, I suppose. I wish there had been more people instead of just us; it's a little boring with just family. And Astrid wouldn't stop staring at me like a hawk. But...either way, the food, the music, and the atmosphere was okay..."

She cleared her throat.

"You're clearly impressed with the new lifestyle, huh?"

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Aidan knitted his brow, then joining her on the balcony he said, “Can’t you ever just... I don’t know. Stop and enjoy life for a moment with out critiquing everything? The food was done by a famous chef. The alcohol was top shelf. The music was beautiful... Don’t you enjoy a change of pace? This is the first time I have ever even been on a beach holiday before. And it’s... well... it’s been beautiful really. I can hardly believe Dorian gets to grow up into all of this...”

He leaned against the railing a moment, looking her up and down, then looking out at the view he said, “You uhm... you look really beautiful tonight. Like really beautiful. I think a lot of men had their eyes on you...”
"I am enjoying life...I enjoy it by knowing I can do things better. I can pick a better chef and alcohol and music and location. It makes me enjoy it more because I know the competition. It's a dog eat dog world out here."

She was quiet a moment longer as he complimented her, and she glanced over.

"Well...good. It means that even after getting married, I'm not some side dish." She commented, lifting her chin. "The outfit I chose for you looks good. I hope you made a good impression."

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“I don’t know. I suppose...” he said quietly.

She would have know for herself if she had spent more time by his side.

Aidan slid a bit closer.

“You know I was thinking...” he said slowly, his finger brushing gently up and down her arm, “Uhm... well you know how we were interrupted the last time we were making out? With a birth? Haha... well... maybe we should pick up where we left off tonight...”

Why was his heart pounding? He felt so awkward. This was his own wife! By now he should be able to have sex with her whenever!
Viola blinked at him, disbelief spreading across her face. But really, could she be so surprised after so long without any attempt at contact?

"Errr..." She stepped back a little. "Well, that's a real nice thought you had but er...well, you've kind of had a bit to drink, right? So have I. I don't think it would feel very good, y'know? I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed if...you know...you can't get it up or keep it up or...finish too quickly. Alcohol has strange affects."

She gave a little smile, hoping he wouldn't comment on the fact that she used to have drunk hook ups all the time.

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“Yeah... it does.” Said Aidan. “And I had about the same amount in my system the night Dorian was conceived so...”

He looked up at Viola, then said with a shrug, “It’s not like you haven’t before... I mean.. didn’t you use to go home with guys from bars and such?”

This was the worst, and he felt like he was getting no wear fast...
Viola's face soured.

"Yeah, but no I'm married, so I don't do the whole 'drunk hook up' thing." She looked away again. Maybe not, but she definitely did do the 'sleeping with my husband's cousin' thing.

She shook her head, and then looked over to him.

"See, this is the thing with you. I know what you're doing, or...what you're trying to do. You're trying to get in bed with me, and you know what? I don't even blame you for trying. But let's just look at it objectively, shall we? You said I didn't have to if I didn't want to, but clearly you've been having thoughts about it. So instead of being an Iver man and being confident and charming and determined, you're over here with your meek little self and weak compliments. Alcohol isn't enough to just have me; even the guys from the bars didn't just shyly ask me to share a shandy. The only exceptions to the rule was Levi and you. And do you wanna know what's fun about those experiences? Because you both just looked at me like a sex goddess, mouth agape with awe as I straddled you. But that's not what I'm here for in the long run."

"I'm not gonna sleep with you if you keep coming at me with this nervous puppy dog look. I keep telling you that the thing that really turns me on is the intense look of sheer desire and passion, someone hunting me, wanting to chase me. I keep telling you that you have the potential to do that to me, but you keep digging your heels in the ground saying 'stop trying to change me, I'm not like them, let me be me blah blah blah blah'. Yeah? Well this is me, and I like to be chased and lusted after and if you can't do it, then you don't get it. So if you can't be bothered to put the effort in, I can't be bothered either!"

With that, she turned away, arms folded.

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Aidan blushed and looked away, starring out into the dark.

Yep... this was what he had traded Cecil for. This was his life...

He thought for a moment of Cecile’s face and shining smile, then he turned to look at Viola and said, “You know, you have that unique ability to make a man feel hurt, humiliated, insignificant, and incompetent all in one go. Not to mention, I don’t feel turned on by you any more right now, so... thank you for that.”

Aidan turned, leaning back against the balcony railing as he said, “You are right. I said you didn’t have to if you didn’t want to. But I suppose since you were making out with me that day I thought maybe you would be willing to once to sort of consummate the marriage, but fine. Whatever.”

Aidan rolled his eyes, then said,

“What are the plans for tomorrow? Are their more wedding related activities?”
"You sould always feel turned on by me. It's a fact of life. It's not my fault if you're not willing to even try turn me on in return...or would you really rather I just lay back and take it? Would that make you happy? No? Then put the effort in."

She leaned against the banister, looking out over the beach.

"I don't know. Apparently some people are planning on going to the spa; there's a bunch of couple spa days here...not that you'd care..." She muttered toward the end, looking away.

But really...all she could think about was Gavin. She wanted him to be here with her. She missed him.

Perhaps for more than just his body...

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"No I'm not really interested in that..." Said Aidan. "I really don't have any muscle issues or back issues or whatever..."

Aiden had never had a massage in his life. Definitely not a professional one. So he really didn't understand the point unless you were in some sort of serious need.

Plus... The idea of some stranger rubbing their hands all over his body made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I suppose you don't actually need to go as a couple," said Aiden. "So you could just go by yourself if you want to..." he started to say, but then looking back over at Viola, and making a face, of irritation he said,

"You know?... I don't know why you think I would be interested in trying to seduce someone who doesn't have the faintest interest in me at all, and really doesn't do it for you at all because you got your little thrill of the moment already..."

Aidan was getting really irritated now as he said, "... But that if I really wanted to I should put in maximum effort to try and make this tolerable for you. I got to stand on my head and become your trained monkey because otherwise why would you care? But you know here's the thing Vi... maybe that does it for some guys? But that's not me. I don't get aroused at the thought of trying to pursue someone who's not interested in me. I've never done that. Maybe it's weird to you and your world but I've literally never started going after a woman that I knew did not like me. A definitely not after she mocked and belittled me and put me in a position where even trying would feel horribly uncomfortable. I mean if you had any interest in me pursuing you or chasseing you? You could have put all that in a much nicer way instead of being such a jackass about it."

That's right! He called Viola a jackass...
Viola ignored the notion about the spa. Duh, of course she would go on her own, it wasn't like she needed his permission!

But the moment he uttered the name, she snapped her eyes up and started rounding on him, stepping into his space, both amusement and anger in her eyes.

"Now listen here, little man. The prime reason why you should be chasing you is easy. I'm better than you and I'm way out of your league. How much lower would you like me to bend to make you feel welcome, hm? I downsized my home, am sharing my reputation and riches, hang off your arm at parties, and I pushed a mini version of you out. So, you can stick the name calling and self catering ideas right up your arse. You dont have a right to sleep with me just because you got a ring on my finger. Because you may be my husband on paper, but you aren't my husband in my heart or soul yet, so if I say I want to be properly wooed over, then that's what I want. Half-arsed attempts aren't going to work here. Got it?"

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"Yeah?" said Aidan. "And I have n interest in pursuing women that try to get men's interest by mocking and shaming them. End of story."

Pushing away from the balcony he said, "You know...? I tried to do everything to make you as happy and comfortable as possible. I even said if you were going to sleep with other men to just not let me know about it. I said you didn't have to sleep with me, I have been trying to change my ways, my hair, my clothing, my manners... And I have watch Dorian and taken care of him since the moment he was born and never said a word about the fact you have been going out and partying and leaving all the hard work to me with out so much as a thank you. And then when I try to compliment you and suggest maybe you would have an interest in sleeping with you? You make fun of me and ridicule me. And the sad thing is... You don't even get it. You are that delusional. You think I deserve nothing because I'm Aidan, and you are Viola."

And with that he stalked off. He decided he would go walk out on the beach. Maybe he wouldn't come back that night! Who knew! But he was tired of Viola and her thoughtlessness...
"Yeah?! We'll why don't you just go find some cheap whore to have a grand time with whilst you're at it! Clearly you just have something you wanna get out your system and now you're pissy because I have standards!" She squealed after him before crossing her arms and facing out to the horizon.

Stupid aidan and his reasonable points!

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