[Dominican Republic] And...?

A light breeze blew from the ocean. Far down the beach the light from the party twinkled. But there was no time to party...

Nathan looked back at Ciceron, a question clearly on his face. He gave his second an brief account of what had transpired after he left, and now... he just looked back at the man before saying,

“I am not sure your advice had quite the desired affect... or were you perhaps trying to sabotage my own marriage because yours was in the dumps...?”

Nathan spoke sarcastically of course. He knew Ciceron would not be so foolish, or so petty. But still... his irritation at the world was at an all time high.
Ciceron looked out, trying to avoid direct eye contact with Nathan, but it was inevitable in the end.

"Well, not all of my advice can be perfect, or even useful. All I knew was that it was too risky for you to have a vow; believe me. I have one with Egan and it's the most berating, embarrassing situation there is. It's not worth it. So...yes, she's mad for a few days, maybe a week or two - but you don't have a life long bond that can result in death." He shrugged. "Small sacrifices."

Played By: Vyreia
“Yes I suppose you are right...” said Nathan with a sigh. “But now what? Do you think perhaps she just needs to calm down, cool off, realize she is wrong?”

He frowned, then said, “This is miserable. Here at a wedding... beautiful, romantic location... and my wife is going home. It will be the most uncomfortably irritating nights...”

Looking at Ciceron then he said, “And how are you getting on? Still not sleeping with Danica?”
"There will be other beautiful and romantic locations. It's not like you two scraped and saved for this, is it? You two can have time to relax, chill out, and then book a seven week cruise; you can even spend every single night ticking off every country you've taken her in." He gave a little smile, and then shrugged. "It won't be so bad. Perhaps you both need some time alone..."

"As for Dani and I? No...Still not sleeping together. Even if I wanted to...she offered doing me a favour but obviously I had to turn her down. But she's getting restless. I told her I'd think about it, but I really...it's not...it's getting quite dire now. The only thing I can think of is if I fulfil her and then call it a night, but I know she will press for more after what happened..."

Played By: Vyreia
“You want to make her happy even when you can’t enjoy any of it?” Nathan raised his brow, then said, “Well that is next level devotion there. Did you try those potions I mixed up for you? Still nothing? Consulted a healer? It’s not exactly an area I spent much time on studying myself...”

Walking a little then he said, “If you would rather I simply not speak of it I can.. but eventually something needs to be figured out...”
"What? No! Of course I don't want to make her happy...at least not right now. But I do want her to stop pestering me when I'm trying to pester myself."

He ran his hand through his hair, shaking his head.

"I tried the potions and it didn't really work for me. And Merlin, man! A healer!?" Ciceron shook his head. "I can't go to a healer. If anyone sees me then I'll be a laughing stock. You're trained medically, aren't you? You know! So that's all I need. We just need to find something that works..."

Played By: Vyreia
“Well if you aren’t willing to listen to my advice...” said Nathan, lifting a brow. “I told you it was most likely psychological amd that one good affair might do the trick. Do it for her if you can’t do it for yourself. Your wife deserves you back to normal Ron,” Nathan ended with a smirk.
"Nathan." Ciceron said with a warning look. "I don't want to sleep with anyone else. If I do, my leverage is gone...I do want to get back to normal but there has to be another way. If it was you, what would you do? You'd cheat so easy?"

Played By: Vyreia
“Yes,” said Nathan, looking at Ciceron as if he had asked something absurd. “Likely the very night I found out. And I would make sure it hurt her. A trusted friend, bitter enemy... or maybe make her watch. Revenge is therapeutic and she would have been the one who brought it on herself, so it’s hardly in the class of cheating. It’s almost as if she gave you permission.”

“How else does one even the scales?”
Nathan shrugged, then said, "No... But we were talking about me, not you. And if Astrid blatantly cheated? Well, I don't think she would respect me unless I did it back. Of course she also might not respect me if I did... but for sure she wouldn't if I didn't. So there you have it."

It was clearly stellar logic.

"I am just trying to fix your little problem," said Nathan. "I am really not concerned with Danica and her feelings at the moment. But if not that then you need to swallow your pride and see a healer... "
Nathan rolled his eyes, then said, “You really think male erectile dysfunction was one of my concentrations? But very well. If that is what you want I will give you a thoroughexamination and physical when we get to England. And don’t think I won’t make it awkward. Happy? Let’s move on.”

Nathan turned and began to walk down the beach, saying as he did, “I don’t know how this will end Ron... but I can not give into her. If I do what am I? Would you? In my situation, what would you do? You had a son yourself did you not? Even if he was never born... I fear she means to see him dead. She tried to contract the death of her own bastard brother because he was in the way. I thought she was quite efficient if not a bit brutal... I never thought of it has a warning for the future. Yet the more I protect Dorian the more I am acknowledging to her with every act that he is indeed my son...”
Cicerons face soured. "I never asked for a thorough...ugh...Whatever, we will deal with it when we get back to England."

At Nathan's words, Ciceron pursed his lips.

"I had a daughter. But if she was here and I was still married to Dani? I wouldn't kill my child for her. My blood is my blood, and yes perhaps my daughter would be a bit of a secret but...I would sent her to my parents in Greece. Perhaps have her go to a completely different school, have her looked after and out of immediate danger. I think a big problem is how close the child is to Astrid. Dorian is here, right under her nose mocking her. You didn't do anything wrong but...I understand her difficult. She wants your attention entirely on her own child, completely not distracted. Maybe make even more effort for Ingrid, arrange for Dorian to be sent to a different school to her. But I don't think giving into Astrid's permanent solutions will help...Because when Viola eventually has another child she will feel power over that situation too. You have to make her understand that you are not the primary decision maker for Dorian, and you are only interested in her and Ingrid. Astrid wants a son, right? So...give her a son...maybe that will make her feel more powerful."

Played By: Vyreia
"Mmm.. yes, I will get right on it..." Nathan said, side-eyeing Ciceron. "Yes, I think perhaps tonight I will put a son in her."

The sarcasm was evident, but suddenly Nathan had a curious look on his face. He paused, then looking at Ciceron thoughtfully he said, " Yes... I see what you mean. There has been enough of this nonsense. I am her husband and I have a right to be with my wife. No more of this refusing me , and shunningme. Are we men or are we mice?"

Apparently... there was a great deal of subtext in Ciceron's words...