Event Status: La Fratta Midsummer Party, July 30th - August 20th

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The party was finally here. After months of meticulous planning and trying to wrest control from her mother, Michelle's vision had come together so beautifully. Forgoing themes in the past, Michelle was determined to keep the party fresh for all of their usual attendees. The decorations recalled a midsummers night in a garden right out of Greek mythos - glass stems were made to look like fresh tree roots intertwining, spectral deer hopped between party goers in the courtyard and the gardens, and wine was poured from a goat's horn by devotees to Dionysos.

And, of course, there was what the hostess was wearing. Michelle always looked to push the envelope every year and this year was no different. However, it was her most daring outfit yet. Her entire dress might have been sheer or she might have even been nude. There was no way of telling for sure as she was covered in foliage, moss, and ivy. Her skin took on a bright violet hue. Horn-shaped branches seemed to grow straight out of her head and her long hair which had been dyed a bright teal.

A tree nymph was standing near the top of the courtyard to greet her guests for the evening.