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[London] The Life You Claim

Vera Hadley, British Ministry of Magic

Magical ★ Wizengamot Administration Services • Ombudsperson
Location: Vera & Evelyn's Home • Date: 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Ligh Summer Rain

The pitter patter of rain scored their journey as the mother and son walked towards their home. Instead of jumping in the small puddles of rain forming on their path, Louis kept looking up at her suspiciously. While the change had been sudden and she had expected a certain amount of resistance, she had not expected her son to be so vocal about his opinion on the matter. He had not expressed dislike or disapproval, it was more akin to confusion. Why did his mother suddenly have a hair color that matched his?

When they finally arrived home, Louis quickly discarded his booths and yellow raincoat. Once they had neatly been placed in the mudroom closet he looked up at his mother as if awaiting instructions. "You can go play in the living room," she offered gently. Had she disrupted the little boy so much that he doubted their usual routine?

Once she was sure Louis had gotten himself occupied with his favorite train set, Vera went to the kitchen where she gathered the ingredients to prepare dinner.

Played By: Kay