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Mordecai Hestrache

Mordecai Hestrache, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Richard
OOC Account Name: (If you have not already registered one, we will set it up for you.)
Discord Username: riotttcore
How I found Vault 713: Google/a friend mentioning it
My Previous Roleplaying Experience: Have been on another harry potter forum site for nearly 10 years.
My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Severus Snape

NAME: Mordecai Hestrache
DATE OF BIRTH: June 17th 1979
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era
BIRTH COUNTRY: Northern Ireland
OCCUPATION: British Ministry of Magic - Department of Magical Law Enforcement - Auror

Concept: Mordecai, a young Auror currently abroad on a mission for the Ministry of Magic, strives to grow ever more powerful while straddling a thin line between the perceived good and bad, "evil" and "pure". He pushes himself to prove he has the strength to achieve any goal he puts before himself.
Other Eras & Jobs: Golden Era, mainly as a student, since he was roughly a year or two older than Harry. Would hope i could play him as a slytherin vs having to get him sorted into house since he is a slytherin every time i rp him. And maybe Legacy Era. Depending on how i play him during Reformation.

Appearance: A medium height man at roughly 5'10". His hair is always neatly trimmed and cropped medium length. His skin is pale
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Tends to keep to himself rather than hang out with people. Quiet and methodical. Comes across as uncaring and sometimes arrogant until you get to know him.

Backstory: Mordecai was born in a small village in Northern Ireland where his family had a farm where they raised nifflers. When he was 4 years old his family moved to Hungary after selling the farm and opening an apothecary. He attended Durmstrang Institue until he was 13 when his father and mother were killed by British Aurors while meeting with known associates of Lord Voldemort. He lived with his aunt and uncle in London and attended Hogwarts until he graduated. He was sorted into Slytherin and quickly excelled at potions, defense against the dark arts, and Transfiguration. Fought in the Battle of Hogwarts with a few students who returned when they heard the fighting had started.

After the end of Voldemort he joined the ministry of magic where he became an Auror and helped hunt down those who remained faithful to the Dark Lord.
Recent History: Currently spending his time split between London and America on both an official and unofficial capacity. Recently spent a few weeks in the American south tracking a British wizard fleeing from the ministry.
Current Goals: To leave the Auror department and travel around eastern Europe learning more Dark Magic and perfecting his potion making even more. Maybe retiring to become a professor at Hogwarts or Durmstrang.

Mental Strengths: Cunning and ambitious. A quick thinker who is adept at forming plans on the go in tense situations.
Mental Weaknesses: Has bouts of dark depressions.
Magical Strengths: Accomplished in the Dark Arts and anything involving Defense against the dark arts
Magical Weaknesses: Rubbish at Herbology and never cared much for astrology

Strongest Childhood Memory: His old lover slashing his arm with a curse during a nasty fight.
Secret They'll Never Tell: When he was 17 he murdered an old friend in a Scottish Moor to convince a Scottish wizard to teach him how to cast Avada Kedavra.

Pets: A raven named Hawthorne and a ball python named Salazar
Wand: Holly - 11" - Basilisk Scale
Boggart: The body of a child he saw murdered
Prized Possession: A thousand-year-old wand said to have belonged to an insane druid who lived alone in the woods and would commune with the dead
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Re: Mordecai Hestrache

TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper

Hey there Richard! Welcome to Vault! We're so glad to see you're diving right in with your first character, who, let me tell you, sounds super cool (especially that prized possession - WOW)!

There's just a couple of things we were hoping you could clear up before we can finish sorting Mordecai here:

  • First of all, could you please fill out the Concept and Other Eras information just underneath the character card? You can see a couple of examples of concepts here, here, and here, or by browsing through other sorted sheets. As for Other Eras & Job, if you're not looking to play Mordecai outside of Reformation then you can simply put a N/A there.
  • Along that note, I love how much detail you've put into your sheet! It's okay that you didn't answer Hobbies or Loyalties, but could you please remove those questions from the sheet?
  • Unfortunately, on Vault 713 characters cannot transfer to Hogwarts if they were not born in the UK. Perhaps Mordecai was born somewhere in the UK but moved back to Hungary in time for Durmstrang then moved back? Or if you really want him to be born in Hungary, maybe he transferred to Beauxbatons instead? Feel free to edit his sheet as you see fit.
  • Finally, what would you like your ooc acount to be called? Richard, Riotttcore, something else entirely? It's completely up to you!
Once you've made these small changes, reply to this thread and I or another Vaultkeeper will be happy to finish sorting you :) If you have any questions, feel free to use the Help Desk or the #Help channel on our Discord!

-Vaultkeeper TyrellRose

Re: Mordecai Hestrache

Mordecai Hestrache, Active Character

Hey there. Post edited. I changed the bit about being born in Hungary and edited out the hobbies etc. Also put in the other eras and jobs and just wanted some clarification. If i play him in golden era as well, do i have to still be sorted into a house or can i play him as a slytherin, since it's his backstory?
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Re: Mordecai Hestrache

Arsene, Vaultkeeper


Welcome to the Wizarding World, Mordecai!

I hope Mordecai didn't get too distracted by sweet tea and delicious gumbo while he was in the South! You might like to begin your story in Summer Treat, which takes place in London, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Mordecai is presented with a situation where he can capture his slippery wizard friend — but it's not necessarily legal and it could possibly jeopardize his job at the Ministry. Will he let the wizard escape again or is he willing to put his job on the line?

★ Mordecai receives a strange letter telling him that his parents were in fact innocent in the entire situation that led to their deaths. The thing is, he has no idea whom sent this letter or what to do with this information. Should he reach out to other aurors on the force or go alone on this one?

Before you jump in...
An OOC account has been created for you under the name 'Richard'. It is registered to the same email used for Mordecai's account.
You are welcome to change the OOC account name at any time using the Account Update Request form.