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 #28622  by Nathan Iver
Nathan sighed, rolled his eyes, then said, "You... and my wife. Are impossibly prudent in this matter. I can't even begin to understand."

He clicked his tongue, shook his head, then said, "What leverage? She cheated on you. That gives you ever right! Once you are in the wrong you don't have the right to tell the other they can not get even by doing the same. In fact you can't even get angry if they do worse! What is it we tell children? Never hit first, but if someone hits you you be sure to hit back twice as hard so they learn not to touch you again."

That's what all parents taught, right?

"Same thing,' said Nathan with confidence. "Some times two wrong do make a right. Besides... I didn't say you have to tell her. She doesn't have any shape shifting spies that work for her..."
 #28623  by Ciceron York
Ciceron scowled.

"Right, but let's go back to when I stated I hypothetically loved her." He gave an expectant look before turning away. "It's just not of interest to me regardless. But what is of interest is getting revenge on this mongrel and then getting on with this plan to make Danica want me."
 #28627  by Nathan Iver
"She does want you," said Nathan. "She just doesn't know how much." And with that he placed his hand on the door and opened it, stepping inside to see Wesley in his usual place and picking at his teeth with a sharpened bone.

"Hello Hunter..." said Nathan with a smile. "You have a visitor..."

He motioned with his head towards Ciceron as he ended, looking back and forth between the man and vampire to catch the reactions.
 #28629  by Ciceron York
Ciceron stepped in, taking a deep breath as he looked over to Hunter. He lifted his chin after quickly composing himself.

"Hunter. It's been a while since we have come face to face. Finally feeling at home in your cage, are you? Good." He commented, taking a few steps in before halting.Carefully, he began to slide his gloves off his hands, revealing one hand of flesh, and one of metal. "It appears we have some things to discuss."
 #28631  by Hunter Nox
Hunter was in his usual position on his handcrafted throne, indeed picking at his teeth. As the door opened, he assume it was going to be his next delivery of metal-casting supplies. Being in a small room for so long was boring, so he might as well do something fun like making weapons and art! Ah. but apparently not. Instead, seeing Nathan and Ciceron, Hunter's expression darkened. He already knew what this was about.

As Ciceron spoke, Hunter had to force himself not to roll his eyes. Oh, he was going with the guise of cunning and composure, was he? Pft! Hunter saw straight through it. Steadily, he brought his feet down, and began to stand to face Ciceron.

"Do we? I have very little to say. But I have heard you are somewhat unhappy with me. Understandably." He shrugged. "Where would you like me? On my knees? Perhaps bent over the rack? Of course, if you prefer to be a power-bottom, I shan't judge. We all reap pleasures in unique ways." He smirked.
 #28633  by Nathan Iver
Nathan's brows shot up at Wesley's words. What the devil?! Didn't the vampire know how precarious this situation was?! Nathan was very carefuly trying to keep him alive!

It was only his annoyence at this fact that kept him from chuckling at the vampires life comment.

Taking out his wand, Nathan said calmly,

"You might want to lock up that smart mouthed tougue of yours Hunter... Especially when you hear the verdict. We are not here for a one and done."

Nathan brandished jis wand, causing a light, sickly green flame to appear on the end.

" it has come to my attention," said Nathan, "That I need to entrust certain responsibilities too... more people. People I trust. I have become distracted with growing responsibilities, my wife, my newborn daughter... Sometimes things get out of hand when I'm distracted. And so going forward, it will not only be myself and Astrid that have control over you Hunter."

Pointing the flame in the direction of Ciceron he said, "Take it in your hand."

It would only hurt for a moment until it faded into the other man's flesh. But it would then give him control over Hunter's collar. He had already explained on the walk how exactly she could implemented
 #28634  by Ciceron York
Ciceron felt his eye twitch at the comment from Hunter. He was glaring daggers at the man, but he restrained himself, knowing what was coming. At Nathan's words, Ciceron slowly began to relax, a smirk coming to his face as it disappeared from Hunter's. He promptly help out his hand.

The burn was very present on his palm and would likely leave a mark for a while. It sizzled on his skin, but Ciceron barely flinched. As it sank in, he inhaled deeply, feeling the sudden burst of power rush through his veins for a few seconds before bringing out his wand and pointing it at Hunter.

"Yes, your knees will be adequate."

And with that, he activated the collar.
 #28635  by Hunter Nox
As Nathan began to speak, Hunter's expression began to shift and tighten. That's not what he wanted to hear at all! He had expected a telling off, or a few punches, or something! But full and ultimate power over the collar!? Did Nathan change his mind and suddenly want him dead?

"Now, hold on a moment, let's not get too-"

But he was cut off by his own yell of pain, hands snatching up to grip at the collar. The pain rippled through his muscles, tore through his flesh, pulsed through his bones. Knees seemed to crumble and he indeed landed on them with a heavy thud. He grit his teeth hard, so hard that he had not noticed one of his sharp fangs digging right into his lip and drawing blood. He desperately pulled at the collar despite knowing it was unrelenting, and squeezed his eyes shut.

This was a longer duration than anything Nathan or Astrid had done. His body wasn't used to this, and it quivered under the strain.

"Enough! Stop!" He yelled, his back starting to curl under, as though his body wanted to coil up to null the pain. Inadvertently bowing toward Ciceron. "I apologise!" He suddenly yelled out.

And then it stopped. The excruciating pain ceased, and Hunter's muscles loosened immediately, perhaps too quickly since his curled body released. His forehead hit the floor, sweat dripping from the bad of his hairline as he tried to steady his staggered breaths. He really wished his hands would stop shaking.

"I understand." He murmured against the stone floor.
 #28637  by Nathan Iver
Nathan watched the exchange non pulsed. He expected Ciceron to be harsh with it, but when Wesley gave his apology, then said he understood, Nathan smiled, then said,

"Ah... I am glad to hear it. I think we both are. This is how things will be from now on I am afraid. And as I am now a family man You will likely even see Mr York coming out here to deliver my orders for you as well. So a contrite attitude going forward is best."

He glanced at Ciceron, hoping the experience was therapeutic.
 #28641  by Ciceron York
Ciceron took a long, even breath. Hunter was slowly rebuilding strength to sit up, but was still refusing to look up, and Nathan seemed satisfied at the result. A calmness swept over Ciceron. It felt good to have complete power and not need feel the need to exercise it.

"Yes..." Ciceron spoke up. "Things are going to be different."

Clearing his throat, he looked to Nathan.

"I believe I should go back to attend to my wife."