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 #510  by Jennifer Tillet
Location: Private resort • Date: December

She loved the Bahamas, she loved Tim, she even loved his fretting over whether or not the dog was going to be alright with his sister. And they had a couples massage, and an incredible place to themselves, and now she was stretched out under an umbrella reading a book and the sound of the ocean was so peaceful and everything was perfect.

Well, mostly perfect.

"Can we just stay here forever?" she sighed, putting her book down as she turned to face her boyfriend, the senator.

"I'm sure Lourdes can find someone to replace me. My job isn't that hard."
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 #511  by Tim Woodward
“I wish,” Tim replied, half asleep, as he rested his hand on her thigh, “but we can’t afford this forever.”

He was enjoying this so much. He missed Chip but he felt happy to know that Chip would be there when they got home. His sister might hate him and refuse to ever do anything for him again but he would have Chip. And Jen.

“We could try to make this a yearly tradition though, if you’d like.”
 #512  by Jennifer Tillet
"Please?" Jennifer smiled, turning to face him so she could see him better.

"It's perfect here. And I don't want to go back to the snow and the cold. And work. Ugh, who knew taking a break from work could be so nice?"

She shifted again, laying back with eyes shut and a sigh.

"I should become a senator. I hear they get to do this all the time."
 #513  by Tim Woodward
“Only the shitty ones do,” he remarked. He had not been on a vacation like this in a few years. The vast majority of his travel was for work. Sometimes he tacked on a personal day for shopping or sightseeing but he never got more than 24 hours to himself.

“But yes, you should become a senator. The people of North Carolina would be lucky to have you representing their interests.”

Probably. Her views on things like secrecy were…

Different. They were different.
 #514  by Jennifer Tillet
"You know what, though," the Press Secretary remarked, with a tone suggesting something had only just occurred to her. She picked up her drink, the kind with a little umbrella in it, and took a sip before explaining herself.

"Right now, I have a better office than yours. I mean, I know you never get to see it, but it's nice. And how often does the little food cart with the good fries come to your department? I should probably just stay where I am. Just to play it safe. Also, we should get more drinks."
 #516  by Tim Woodward
“What a minute. You have me eating quinoa burgers for lunch while you’re chowing down on french fries? That's it. I am getting the lobster tails with butter at dinner tonight. All the butter. And a basket of french fries. No sharing.”
 #518  by Tim Woodward
“I was surviving off of bags of chips from the vending machine just fine you know.”

He gave her a hard time about her healthy food choices but he really did appreciate her looking after him. He was able to cope without her but he was a bad cook and generally hated thinking about food any time other than right before he ate it. He did feel better now that he was not eating grease at every meal.

“You better send me some of those fries. Ours just has tater tots and I don’t understand it.”
 #519  by Jennifer Tillet
"I will see what I can do."

Jennifer used her best press secretary voice for a moment, but she was smiling soon after.

"We should do something fun," she added after awhile. "It would be a shame to have all these amenities available and then just spend the whole time reading. Though I am loving the uninterrupted relaxation time."
 #520  by Tim Woodward
He propped himself up on his elbow and took his sunglasses off to look at her.

“What do you suggest? Parasailing? Snorkeling? There is some sort of zipline somewhere. I read about it on the plane.”

He was perfectly content just sitting here at the beach all day. It was dreadfully cold and snowy back home. This was a literal paradise. But if she wanted to do something else, he would do it.
 #521  by Jennifer Tillet
Truthfully, Jennifer didn't mind doing just this. Laying around, enjoying the sun. Enjoying time with her boyfriend.

She hated that word. She was too old for boyfriends. Partner sounded too weird, though.

"Snorkeling," she smiled after a moment, "I want to swim with all the fish. And dolphins."

This was too perfect. Nothing was about to go wrong, was it?
 #522  by Tim Woodward
“Snorkeling it is,” he replied as he put his sunglasses on, “I can book it for tomorrow when we get back to the room.”

He laid back on his beach towel and let out a relaxed sigh.

“Would you like a pina colada? I think I’m going to order one.”

He never drank shit like that. It was always wine, beer, or something dark on the ice. They were on vacation though and it was more appropriate. Also they were heavy handed with the rum at the beachside bar.
 #524  by Jennifer Tillet
"Tomorrow?" Jennifer scowled, though it was really more of a good natured pout, as she turned sideways to face him and rested her cheek in her hand with her head propped up on her hand.

"I mean, I won't say no to another drink, but I guess I was thinking we might go today."
 #530  by Tim Woodward
"We have plans today," he casually replied knowing she knew nothing about their plans. He really did not have plans either. Well, he had a loosely formed plan that he decided he would go with. He knew none of the details. It was a vague idea. He would figure it out while they waited for their pina coladas.

He summoned the cabana boy and ordered two more drinks for them. He shifted on his beach towel a little as he worked out his plan.