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Alatariel, Active Player

Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
Walking alongside Elyse on the wet sand, she dug her toes into it with each step as she watched the waves roll in and then out, tickling her ankles as it went. She had walked this beach nearly every day since coming to Monterey nearly two weeks ago, but she had yet to do so with Elyse. Usually they would just walk a little, find a place to sit and then spend the time relaxing and swimming.

This evening was a little different, the sun was going down, casting a brilliant orange hue across the expanse before them and it seemed they didn't have a set destination in mind. They just walked until Elyse spoke and then Viktoria slowed to a stop. Through her dark tinted glasses, she gazed at the blonde woman who was walking in the water a little off to her left.

"You didn't," She replied as she licked her lips, "I like talking to you."
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Kay, Active Player

Location: Beach House, Monterey • Date: July 1985
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Warm Winds
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
"I do too, it's..." defining it would cheapen it so she let the rest of her sentence die with a swell of the ocean.

She turned towards the declining sun. Silence had never scared her. She valued it more than the futile platitudes people shared for fear of getting confronted by their own thoughts. But right now she wished she could find something to say. Viktoria's immobile figure next to her suddenly felt like an immutable yet undefined threat, something to set her off balance.