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 #28567  by Viktoria Klein
Viktoria stared at Elyse before rolling her eyes. Sometimes the blonde woman could be so very stubborn and her passive aggressive streak was just as bad. "Get dressed, I want to meet her." Standing up, she stripped out of her nightie and then made her away across the room to the en-suite. She stopped with her back to Elyse and called over her shoulder, "If you behave, maybe you'll get rewarded."

Truthfully, Viktoria felt quite a bit giddy about meeting Campbell Parker. She was a well known Public Relations Manager who had made a name for herself many years ago while working for Secretary Warren. She had steered that man through some nasty climates all while developing a reputation of her own. They called her the Black Widow, the Femme Fatale,but some how those names had never managed to become public knowledge. Neither had her dalliances with the fairer sex and apparently she liked them young or at least that's what Viktoria had been told, by none other than Elyse's assistant.
 #28568  by Elyse Nordstrom
Elyse sighed and rolled from her back. A few wand movements and her hair was dry, her clothes were ironed and a light layer of makeup had been applied on her features. Holding her reading glasses in her hand she looked at her reflection in the wide en-suite mirror. A simple pale blue shirt and a black pencil skirt would do.

"Ready?" She inquired before she left the en-suite.
 #28574  by Viktoria Klein
"gi jush 'eed ga mi'ute," Viktoria slurred around her toothbrush. She was already dressed in a olive green jump suit paired with simple black stilettos, her make-up had been meticulously applied, and her hair had been styled into soft waves down the right side of her head. She had however forgotten to brush her teeth.

She had probably dressed a little over the top, but she wanted to see just how much Parker was into her younger woman.

Spitting into the sink, she washed it out and then touched up her light pink lipstick, "Ready!" She called out and then followed Elyse out of the bedroom.
 #28575  by Elyse Nordstrom
Elyse closed the door behind them and led them downstairs. She observed carefully as Campbell's eyes caught them coming down the stairs.

The Congresswoman stopped before the kitchen island, put her hand on Viktoria's lower back and gestured in Campbell's general direction. "Viktoria, this is Campbell Parker, Miss Parker this is Viktoria Klein."
 #28589  by Campbell Parker
As soon as Elyse disappeared up the stairs, Campbell stood from where she sat perched at the kitchen island and made a beeline for the fireplace that was directly across from her in the open plan living area. Sat on the mantle were three individual picture frame. Two of them housed pictures of Elyse and Viktoria and the other housed a picture of what she assumed to be a young Elyse standing between her parents. The woman she assumed to be Elyse's mother looked very similar to the woman who had let her into the house not 30 minutes ago. The man on her left stood tall, and strong, the embodiment of power, and Campbell couldn't help but sneer at him. Jacob Nordstrom, American Ambassador to England, a man who had once told her she was less than the dirt beneath his shoe because she hadn't come from money from him and was a woman. He was dead now, she'd even attended his funeral out of some pitiful action of respect for the politician he was, but his words had always stuck with her. She had proven him wrong, but she'd never gained his respect.

Turning away, she moved around the room, taking in the small personal touches here and there. The open book on the coffee table, the scribbled designs on a plain notepad on the side table and the pair of maroon lace thongs peeking out from beneath the couch. She toed them with her leather boot, and then after grabbing a tissue from the floral box on the coffee table, she bent to pick the forgotten underwear up. She looked at them carefully with a detached gaze and then placed them neatly on the cushion.

Discarding the tissue into the garbage bin hidden beneath the sink, Campbell retook her set at the kitchen island and sipped at her coffee. It was a bit strong, but it was coffee and she'd certainly had worse. She was halfway done with it, having remained in her set for the rest of the time she was left alone, when Elyse finally emerged from the stairs in a sensibly paired skirt and blouse. For a woman engaging in a relationship with a designer, she certainly liked to play it safe.

Then there was the designer herself, Viktoria Klein who coming to stand next to Elyse was dressed in an olive jumpsuit that only she could pull off. Campbell owned a few items of clothing from her collection but the woman hadn't really been on her radar until recently. She'd done a lot of research on the brunette and had come to find her very interesting. Her relationship with a bureau agent was by far the most interesting thing about her, that and her pension for elicit drugs. The two definitely made quite the pair, and Campbell found herself feeling suddenly giddy.

"Ms. Klein," Campbell greeted as she stood from her set and made her way over to shake the German's hand. "I've heard a lot about you."
 #28699  by Viktoria Klein
Viktoria stared at the woman across from her almost gleefully. Watching Elyse be managed by someone who wasn’t her was going to be oh so fun. She shook her hand as she took in Campbell’s outfit, eyeing the leather blocked ankle boots and the leather pants that disappeared beneath a black cardigan that reached mid thigh. The cardigan covered a blue dress shirt, with the collar the only tell-tale sign it existed. It was quite the outfit, and paired with light gloss and stained cheeks, Campbell Parker gave off quite the impression. She definitely knew how to dress, even if not a single item of clothing in her costed more than a weeks salary. Sensible and stylish, something Viktoria was not. Expensive and stylish was more her MO.

“All good things I hope,” Viktoria chuckled in response as she finished her head-toe glance, “I’ve also heard a great deal about you. We—“ She looked at Elyse quickly before turning back, “Are very grateful that you agreed to come on board. Aren’t we Elyse?”
 #28710  by Elyse Nordstrom
"We are," she confirmed through the generous amount of money she had promised the brunette already testified to that sentiment.

"I am afraid the kitchen table will have to do as far as meeting arrangements," the congresswoman gestured towards the large surface surrounded by 8 chairs. "Have you eaten breakfast Ms. Parker?" She asked pointedly, as her wand moved towards the fridge.
 #28855  by Campbell Parker
"I have," Campbell lied. She had never been much of a breakfast person, but she did like to have at least one cup of coffee before leaving the house.

Looking at the dinner table, she eyed it before pointing at the coffee table sat between the sofa and two arm chairs, "Why don't we sit there instead. I don't want this to feel like something formal. I am just here today to get to know you. The both of you." She pinned Viktoria with a look. "I need to see who you are as people if I am to guide you during the campaign."
 #28944  by Elyse Nordstrom
With a few wand movements, she prepared an eggwhite omelet with spinach. Once the food was laid into her plate she brought it to the dining room table. "We will start here if you don't mind." What did Campbell expect? That she would put her breakfast plate on her knees?

"Tell us, Miss Parker. What is there that you don't already know?" Because of course, she would have researched them extensively.
 #28954  by Campbell Parker
Looking between the ridged, cold blonde woman who sat at the dinning table and the cheerful, cheeky woman who was pouring herself a cup of coffee. The two couldn't be more different, but it seemed like the media had identified them correctly, though you would have to be a fool to believe that that's all there was to the two.

"Alright then," She replied, conceding to Elyse and taking a seat at the dining table. Placing her hands palm down, one on top of the other in front of her, she looked across at the blonde congresswoman, "Well aside from everything that's been printed in nearly every news publishing platform within the United States? Hmm, let me see," She pretended to think for a moment, pursing her lips and surveying the room before finally letting her gaze land on Elyse again.

"Well there is the fact that on your 24th anniversary Elyse, you spent it in Netherlands with Viktoria rather than with your husband." She raised her brow at the woman, "I believe you stayed in a town called, Amersfoort. Am I correct?"
 #28982  by Elyse Nordstrom
"Please," she agreed to the coffee Viktoria was offering.

With impeccable posture and manners, she ate small bites of her healthy breakfast. Impassive as Campbell displayed one of the secres she had uncovered while researching them, she swallowed the bite she had been chewing.

She looked at Viktoria with a knowing smile, it was only a prelude to the hellish reveals that would be bestowed upon them during the campaign. "The villa with the upstairs pool wasn't it, darling?" She asked casually.

She wouldn't explain herself to Campbell Parker. She wouldn't explain that the week before their anniversary her husband and keeled over and had let a lesser congressman become the party whip. The disdain she had felt towards him had made it impossible for her to spend time with him until he fixed his failure. Spending their anniversary with Viktoria had been an additional punishment for him, but a remedy for her.
 #29050  by Viktoria Klein
Viktoria cocked her head to the side, "Yes, I believe it was," She replied while staring wide eyed at the English witch. Their trip to Holland had been a secret one. They hadn't breathed a word of it to anyone and they'd made sure that they used fake names when booking the vacation home. They had been very careful, but apparently not careful enough for this woman to bring up something from nearly ten years ago.

"How did you find out about that?" She asked Campbell.
 #29051  by Campbell Parker
She shrugged her shoulders lightly, "There's always one thing people who engage in illicit affairs have in common; they all think they're being careful, that nobody knows, and for the most part, at least in your case, that's true, but if you look close enough, people always leave traces, even the most cautious ones." Campbell eyed Elyse carefully, "That's what makes me so good at my job, I always know where to look."
 #29056  by Elyse Nordstrom
Campbell was the best. That's why Elyse had hired her. She didn't appreciate that the woman was making a show of her talents by using Elyse's weaknesses, but it was hard to argue against her statement.

Elyse took a sip of coffee and ate the last bite of her breakfast. She sent her plate towards the bench and as promised made her way to the living room.

As Campbell had surmised Elyse immediately noticed the pair of underwear that had been left on the cushion. Determined to keep her remorseless attitude, she took the undergarment. as it hung from her finger, she spoke to its owner. "We seem to have forgotten something behind last night."